The S Word… ShapeWare


Lets talk about ShapeWare. I know I know, it is a touchy subject and one that no mom wants to admit to actually using. Because, well we are all perfect and never actually need help to hold things in, or push things up, or anything like that. Plus, they are so uncomfortable, who actually wants to wear them? Well, this post is about to get real; lets face it, there are times where a little extra help (especially after Thanksgiving but before the big company holiday party) to make sure that dress looks the absolute best on you. 

I am right there with you, we all have that Spanx sitting in the back of our closet that NEVER gets used. Why? Because it is horrible to wear. What if I were to tell you that there is a new, better shapeware in town. One that makes you look all smooth and slim. Gives you that hourglass figure and still be able to breathe (and eat). And one that you can wear everyday. Yup, there is. Leonisa is that company.

When I got their package, I was very worried. Putting it out there, I do not like wearing this sort of under garments (hehe under garments). I just deal with the bit of bulge from my bra line, or let me mommy pouch hang out under my dress. After trying these, not any more. These guys are a life changer. Here is what they sent me.

Perfect Everyday Posture Corrector Brashapeware-posture-bra

This is my new every day, running around with the kids, bra. Now, it takes a little getting use to; and it certainly doesn’t help add a size, push up the girls or give you massive cleavage. But it does help your posture, which makes you look more attractive, younger and more confident. Plus, because of the wide straps, how low it goes on the back, and how close it is to your under arm; there is no back fat issue (am I the only one that fights that?), there are no weird rolls around the side of your arm, and it smooths out your side boob (again am I the only one who deals with this?). The first time I wore it, I was not a huge fan. The shape is so different from any other bra that I wore that it felt odd. But after day 2, it felt fine. And by day 3 (which happened to be Thanksgiving) everyone was commenting on how great I was looking and noticed that I was standing up straight. Totally worth the investment. Next up:

HD BodySuitshapeware-body-suit

OMG this is a little miracle in a bag. Where do I start? I love that it comes with straps that hold the whole thing up. Don’t worry these are completely removable if you need. It give an amazing hourglass shape. TMI warning: it completely lifts up the butt; making it look way perkier then my normal flat mom-butt. It holds in all my mommy pouch. Yet, I can still dance, breathe and eat in it. Once you get into it, it is way more comfortable the any other shapeware that I have ever tried. The only downside, is it is so hard to get into. You sit and pull it up, then stand up, wiggle, wiggle, jump, jump. My girls laughed at me getting into it. While it has an opening “gusset”, I would not want to be wearing this when I had to pee.

Who else has worn any short of shapeware? What are your thoughts about it? Do you wear it daily or only on special occasions?



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