Gift Giving Made Easy- DIY Penguin


Are your kids out of school next week? Looking for something easy and fun to do with them. Then why not try this adorable little penguin? My little ones loved how cute this turned out. Personally I LOVE penguins (some may call it an obsession but they are just to cute not to have a thing for).

All you need is a few supplies. Chances are you already have these lying around the house:

  • Black Sock
  • Fuzzy Sock
  • Rice
  • Scissors
  • Rubber Bands
  • Pins
  • Glue
  • White Felt
  • Orange Fabric Paint


Step 1- Fill the black sock with rice. Now from the other times that I have made sock animals, I have learned that this step can be a bit messy. I put it in a big gallon ziplock bag, and when we were done just zipped up the bag and poof mess was gone.


Step 2- Once your sock if filled, use one of the rubber band to tie of and close the top. You want this to be tight, so you don’t lose any rice. Then use a second rubber band about two-thirds of the way down, to loosely make a head.


Step 3- You are going to want to cut out the stomach and face from the white felt. The stomach is an oval, depending on the size of the sock will depend on the size of the oval. The face is a heart shape; and again the size of the sock will depend on the size of the sock.


Step 4- Glue those cut out to the sock. We tried a lot of different glues, the best one, Elmer’s school glue. The liquid kind, not the glue stick kind.


Step 5- You are going to cut the sock just below the heel. This will make the scarf and hat. Cut a strip from the sock and tie around the neck making a scarf. Then using two push pins, make the eyes.


Step 6- Using the toe part of the fuzzy sock, cuff where you cut it and place it over the head. Viola a hat.


Step 7- The only thing left is to use the orange fabric paint to make a beak.

And there you go. How easy is that? Don’t forget to check out the snowmen if you are looking for something else to make over the holidays.


What do you think about these little sock creations? What would you like to make this winter season?  Let me know your thoughts on them.

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