MakeUp Monday: October Ipsy Review

October Ipsy

Well Hello Monday!! Anyone else ready to just go back to bed and ask for a weekend redo? We had a great weekend, don’t get me wrong, but where did it go? It seemed like it was Friday, then a blur and now here we are at Monday ready for another whole week. Anyway, let’s get down to another AMAZING Ipsy bag. October Ipsy was a fantastic little bag (and a bag that my girls fought over). Plus the lip gloss/liquid lipstick is a perfect pink for Valentine’s Day this weekend. So while a little late getting this out, time wise it works out perfectly.

If you haven’t heard about this amazing monthly service here are the cliff notes version. It is a monthly makeup/beauty subscription. You receive four to five samples of lots of different brands. (While not in the bag) On occasion you even receive full-sized products! Which covers the cost of the bag alone. Also, there are times (like this month) where you get beauty tools (brushes, nail clippers, tweezers and so on). Plus every month has a reusable makeup/cosmetic bag, which is what is fought over here at my house. Between myself and three girls in the house these bags have caused more than one fight and they always get used. Some have been so cute, my girls use them at clutches; they are small enough to organize some of our purses; they have become holders for toys. You name it and these little bags have done it. LOVE them. All of this for only $10 a month. The value of each bag is normally well above that. For more information click here.

So what was in the October bag:

  • Emite MakeUp Tweezers– I am loving these hot pink tweezers. They are a professional grade, so they are great on eyebrows. And if you already have tweezers, these are amazing for splinters or pulling out anything else that may get stuck in your skin. They have a strong grip, that can hold anything without breaking it.
  • Meet Matt(e) Hugh in Committed– This is a matte lip gloss. Yup you read that right, once applied it is completely matte. There is a ton of pigment. It is much more like a liquid lipstick over a gloss. It is pretty heavy and feels a little thick. But the color is great. Nude pink would best describe it, perfect for Valentines Day coming up.
  • Mica Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze– Personally Bronze is not a color that looks great on me. It is one of those shades that makes me look tired. Not what we are going for when spending the time to do our makeup. But it looks amazing on Tink’s light skin and blue eyes. Over here, we find cream eyeshadow hard to apply; so we use it as an eyeliner and it works wonderfully. Plus it stays put all day!
  • Avene Moisture Mask- This was amazing. While the sample is small (only two uses) it was very nice. It left my skin feeling refreshed and not at all dry or tight. What a find here.
  • Ayres Hand Cream in Pampas Sunrise– My skin is so dry and tight all the time that lotion or creams are a must. But I can’t stand any oily, greasy, think feeling stuff on my hands. That means my poor hands are often neglected and chapped. It is not pretty. This hand cream was a heavenly. It absorbs almost instantly on my hands. It is nice and light; lasts forever. And best part leaves my hands soft (not like the 90-year-old woman hands that they normally are) Straight into my purse with this.
  • Saving the best for last the Bag– This bag reminded so much of the 80’s metallic gold on one side and black vinyl on the other. While not my favorite bag, the kids liked it.

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 What are your thoughts? Are these samples worth spending the $10 (including shipping) a month for? Do any of you subscribe to Ipsy? I want to hear your thoughts.

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