Monday MakeUp: November Ipsy Review

November Ipsy

Alright, so I am just going to jump right into the November Ipsy Review. This was such an AMAZING bag! Really everything was spot on and even three (that is right, not one, not two, but three) FULL SIZED products!! Plus the actual makeup bag was off the chart. We really got our monies worth this month. 

If you haven’t heard about this amazing monthly service here are the cliff notes version. It is a monthly makeup/beauty subscription. You receive four to five samples of lots of different brands. On occasion you even receive full-sized products! Which covers the cost of the bag alone. Also, there are times (like this month) where you get beauty tools (brushes, nail clippers, tweezers and so on). Plus every month has a reusable makeup/cosmetic bag, which is what is fought over here at my house. Between myself and three girls in the house these bags have caused more than one fight and they always get used. LOVE the bags, and in my opinion; they are what sets this subscription apart from the rest. All of this for only $10 a month. The value of each bag is normally well above that. For more information click


In the Bag-

  • Coolway Strong Hold Spray ~ While not completely a hair spray, it is not completely not one. This product seems to have a big of identity crisis going on. You can use it on wet hair; then blow dry and style. Or, you can use it on dry hair when you are done as a hair spray. For me it just made my hair a matted sticky mess if I used it wet. As a hairspray it worked fairly well. Not my favorite product, but in a pinch it was a good spray (after you blow dry and style)
  • SmashBox Full Exposure Mascara ~  One of my favorite things to get in the bags is mascara. I go through so much of the stuff, that when I get one in a bag it automatically makes me like the bag that much more. And you can’t go wrong with SmashBox. While I have received this before (not a common thing to get a repeat product) I was thrilled. Great mascara, not full size but enough to use for most of the month.
  • Absolute Nano Liner – Black Liquid Eye Liner ~ FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! Really I like getting a full sized product, cause who doesn’t? Right? This liner is very pen like in style. No brushes to dip or go dry. It glides on very easily and smoothly. Plus it leaves a very thin line, so you don’t have to worry about applying to much. Great product.
  • Trestique Lip Crayon in Fig ~ Another FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! The packaging of these this brand is just to cute. Really the first time I got something (I have received their eye crayons before), I thought that the top/cap fell off then actually tried to search for said cap. Before I realized it was designed that way. Love this shade, and the formula is fantastic. Another great find here.
  • China Glaze – Nail Polish in Soft Sienna Silk ~ One more FULL SIZED PRODUCT!! So it has been stated that I love getting mascara, the other item that I love getting is nail polish. Really over here we wear a wide variety of colors, so they all work for us. China Glaze is a great brand of it. The color is a coppery metallic which is well loved over here! Another spot on item for us.
  • Now comes the highly anticipated bag. For us it makes or breaks the month’s product and this month did not disappoint. We had some hard bargain deals going on to determine the new owner of this bag. I love the material, it is not the normal plastic, but a flexible poly-blend. It has nice dimensions, not really skinny and not to long. The best part, it is galaxy themed! Lots of blues, pinks showing off galaxies and covered in stars. Both the front and the back have the design. I would have loved this month for the bag alone. Really pretty.

For more information click HERE

So what are your thoughts. Would you have been happy to receive this bag? Is the reusable makeup bag something that would seal getting a subscription or do you not care about those? Let me know your thoughts!



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