Monday MakeUp: December Ipsy Review

December Ipsy

Monday Makeup on Wednesday… Cause that is how my week is rolling so far. Actually it has been a good week, the kids have been very into their school work. Which is wonderful, but my attention has been over that direction. Please forgive the tardiness of this post. But I am sure that many of you would understand. So without any further delay; here is my December Ipsy Review (I am catching up). 

December was an AMAZING Ipsy month. Really the products (minus one), were top-notch AND there was even Tarte in there. Which is one of my personal favorite brands. If you haven’t heard about this amazing monthly service here are the cliff notes version. It is a monthly makeup/beauty subscription. You receive four to five samples of lots of different brands. On occasion you even receive full-sized products! Which covers the cost of the bag alone. Plus every month has a reusable makeup/cosmetic bag, which is what is fought over here at my house. Between myself and three girls in the house these bags have caused more than one fight and they always get used. LOVE the bags, and in my opinion; they are what sets this subscription apart from the rest. All of this for only $10 a month. The value of each bag is normally well above that. For more information click:


So what was in this months bag:

  • Model Co Lipliner ~ Lets start with the least favorite item in the bag. While I actually like the brand Model Co, and have several of their lipsticks, this liner is not a color that I would ever wear. Even the girls said no to wearing it. It is a bright pink. We didn’t even open it.
  • Pacifica Lipstick ~ If you like picking brands that are animal friendly then this would be for you. It is a great vegan product. Lots of color, a great pinky nude color, one swipe application, plus it moisturizes too. The only down fall is that it has an odd smell. Not really bad, just different then I am used to. I do use it when I am out and about, the packaging is perfect for my purse.
  • Aveeno Lotion ~ Best lotion ever. If you have never tried this product then you must go to the store and grab some now. It is an oatmeal based lotion, that leaves your skin feeling great, without any greasy residue. It is my normal go to lotion and I was thrilled to get this little portable bottle.
  • Mark Anthony Hydrating Coconut Oil Hair Mask ~ Well that was a mouthful. Really Marc Anthony has an amazing hair product line. And this certainly does not disappoint. It is a once a week hair mask that you apply in the shower after shampooing, leave in for 5-7 minutes and rinse out. My hair was so soft, manageable and silky after using it.
  • Tarte Smooth Operator ~ I have learned that there are two types of makeup users. Those that LOVE finishing powder and those that HATE finishing powder. Personally I love it. Since I don’t wear foundation (often), this give me a little help with fine lines. It is a great light diffusing powder, plus it helps set my under eye concealer on those days when you don’t get enough sleep. This was by far my favorite item in the bag. I love Tarte.
  • The Bag ~ And to the very coveted bag, this one was adorable. While not fought over like the November bag (click here to see that one), it was adorable. Shiny red, almost quilted looking. It makes for a great clutch when you are needing a little pop of color. Plus it was a great size. I loved the clamshell shape of this one.

Overall this was a great month. Minus the lip liner, everything was used and loved. So what are your thoughts? Is this a bag that you would be interested in getting every month. For $10 do you think that it is worth it? Do you Ipsy? If you are wanting more information click here.



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