St Patty’s Day- Simple Button Bracelets

St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

Are you looking for something fun for your kids to do to with the St. Patty’s Day theme? Something that is fun, easy, and best of all quick? Then these St. Patty’s Day Bracelets are just the thing for your family to do. They are so easy to put together that even my four year old made one for her and then one for her BFF. (Cause every four year old has a BFF)

You will only need a few items to get these completed:

  • Embroidery Thread in a Green Color
  • White Buttons
  • Green Ribbon
  • Tape (Optional ~ But Very Helpful)

St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

I grabbed one of those mixed bags of white buttons from the craft store, and while it was a cheaper option, it has been a pain to sort out the buttons. Maybe it is just my perfectionist tendencies popping out, but I wanted all the buttons of my bracelet to match. The kids not so much, they didn’t really care if the buttons were all the same size, or the same design.

St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

Then once I had them sorted, I laid them out in the order that I wanted to string them. While the girls ones looked adorable being a mismatch of buttons; and honestly more like something that you would get a whimsy happy store. Mine though, I wanted something more symmetrical.

St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

After you have everything laid out the way that you are wanting, go ahead and string them together. I did a simple over/under style. But you can get as fancy as you are wanting. (My four year old left them at this stage) Now to make things way easier you can use a needle and thread the string that way. Or you can tape up one of the ends. Personally, I went with the tape route, I didn’t trust my kids with a sewing needle. But the call is for you to make.

St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

All that is left is to thread in some ribbon. We couldn’t choose between a solid green with white stitching or a green with white polka dots. It is that easy. Plus then you are wearing something green, you won’t have to worry about being pinched.

What are your thoughts here? Do you like button bracelets? What about mixing the ribbon in with them? Is this something that you would wear for St. Patty’s Day? Let me know your thoughts on them.



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