7 “Me Time” Ideas for Busy Moms

7 Me Time Ideas For Busy Moms

Do you ever see those moms, the ones with their makeup on, the ones that are all put together, and seeming to have everything under control? Then when you jokingly ask them what their secret is they tell you that they get weekly pedicures, or go get a massage. And then they have the nerve to tell you that you need to be sure that you are taking time for yourself too. They tell you that you need “Me Time”?

What even is Me Time? Between needing to get the kids fed, laundry, dishes (from feeding said kids), a house to clean, pets to take care of (because the kids never actually take care of them), errands that need ran, grocery that need bought AND put away. Who are these mythical moms with extra time to have special “Me Time” time in their busy days? To put it simply, it can be you. 

I know I know what you are thinking, “Kat you are hilarious, there is simply no way that I can squeeze any more time into my day.” Well science has me backed up here when I tell you that that you can actually take some time (not hours or a full weekend, which may be nice); and that by taking this time you will actually become a better mom. Not as stressed, have a better grounding, be more patient. All things that as a mom we need to do. So here are my

7 “Me Time” Ideas for Busy Moms:


  • Hid in the Bathroom With Chocolate (don’t worry no one is judging)
    • This is my go to me time. It is so quick and easy, plus I feel a little naughty for eating chocolate and not sharing it. I actually have hid some dark chocolate (because they say that a little dark chocolate is actually good for you) in my medicine cabinet for this exact reason. Close the door, lock it if you have one, lay in the bath tub or sit on the tile; I have found that the cool helps me settle my mood, and indulge yourself. The kids will be just fine for the five minutes that you need to take your medicine. 
  • Meditate
    • This one takes a bit more practice than just eating chocolate. Doable though. It is one that I have been trying to put into my day since my youngest was born. Some days it has amazing benefits, and some days the kids interrupt me with a hundred questions. It is a work in progress but worth it. I find that on days that I can get in even just a few moments of slowing down and watching my breath, that I am much calmer, have a better head on my shoulders and can tackle more of the issues that pop up being a mom of three. There is also some scientific evidence that mediation helps the brain refocus, the intentional slowing down of our thoughts, being in the present really grounds us. Now I would love to meditate for hours on end, but hey that is just not going to happen. Even two to five minutes will greatly improve your mood.
  • Take a bath
    • There is nothing better then a bath at the end of the day. It can be fancy with bubbles, candles and music; but it does not have to be. My advice for getting a bath in is: don’t wait till the house gets picked up and the dishes are done. Because then you are going to be too tired to get it done. Put the kids to bed, make sure that doors are locked and get in the tub. The dishes can wait, the house can be messy; but your sanity needs attention when you can.
  • Crochet/Knit/Embroider/Color
    • This is one of those things that took me a long (let me repeat long) time to do and be okay with doing. There is something about sitting on the couch with something for my hands to do that calms me. It does not have to be anything hugely important, or even something that you are really good at. Just something that you can learn to do and then create. It also needs to be easy enough that you can pick up work on and put down. No setting up time or clean up time. Plus this works great with littler kids, where you can put on their favorite movie get them all set up and then have an hour to work with your hands while still sitting there watching Moana for the one hundredth time.
  • Bake Something (and tell your kids that you will share if they leave you alone)
    • I don’t like being in the kitchen, but baking cookies or brownies is doable. If you have some older kids, you can tell them that if they leave you alone then they can have some as soon as it comes out of the oven. Whats even better, taking your computer/tablet into the kitchen with you and watching your favorite show while your treats are baking. I tend to turn on Gilmore Girls, I know that it is an old show now, but listening to them chatter away while I am mixing batter is a little me time that is perfection.
  • Go Try a New Coffee Shop
    • If you are needing to get out of the house and have that physical break from the house, go to a new coffee shop or back to your favorite coffee shop. For me, I now have a teenage daughter to leave at home and “babysit” her siblings for me to make a quick run. But if you still have babies, put them in the car and visit one that has a drive through. For me, my babies would fall asleep the moment that I put them in the car, then I would do the drive through while drinking my cup in the parking lot. I was out of the house, the kids were asleep and I got some quiet time for just me. 
  • Go For A Walk 
    • There is something about going for a walk. Being able to feel the sun, having nowhere to go, plus it is good for you. You are getting some exercise in, those endorphins flowing, without having to actually go to a gym. Again if you have babies, put them in a stroller and take them with you. I know some of you mamas are super mamas and will talk to your little one while doing this, but me.. I have been known to put in my headphones and walk without making small talk with a person that will not talk back to you. This is okay, I promise they will survive if you don’t engage them. You feel good thanks to the exercise, and adding this to your daily routine you will be looking good too. Win-Win in my book.
  • Read a Book Without Pictures
    • I promise you that they still exist. I know that you are doubting me at this moment. You are so busy reading “just one more” story at bedtime about dragons full of color and silly talking animals, that you don’t believe me that there are still books left in the world without these attributes. But there are and they are fabulous. Take a moment to find one that YOU want to read. It can be romance, adventure, paranormal, it doesn’t matter, as long as you enjoy it.
  • Okay so I know that I said that this article was 7 “Me Time” Ideas, but here is number 8… Mix Up a Few of These 
    • Wait! What? Yes you can mix them up. Try reading the book while in the bath. Or walk to the coffee shop. Why not mediate while the cookies are baking? See where I am going with this?

There are lots of ways to get some “Me Time” in in your day, if you really look for ways to do that. These little moments, start to turn into minutes, then into habits, and then one day you notice that you are able to get in some “Me Time” in your everyday life. It takes some time, and some forgiveness of yourself (because we all feel guilty when we are taking time for us, before doing the dishes). But, before you know you are going to be a pro at sneaking in some moments every day just for you. And that will have a HUGE positive impact on everyone that you are in charge of taking care of.

What are some of your “Me Time” activities? What do you do to ensure that you are able to get in “Me Time” in your day?


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