Quick Easy Family Friendly Meals

Quick Easy Family Friendly Meals….. I Promise

It’s a new year.

  • Did you resolve to eat more meals at home?
  • Cook more of your families dinners?
  • Eat healthier by not eating all the grease of fast food?
  • Now come to realize that you have a picky eater? That you don’t like cooking? Or even have the time to cook dinner every night?

Oh my you are certainly speaking my language there. I certainly want to cook these amazing, full, warm, filling dinners for my family. There are these pictures in my head of kids sitting nicely at the table, while I serve these meals in heels and pearls. Complete with salads, veggies, a few sides and a big main dish. Kids (and husband) eat everything without complaint.

Then I wake up and realize that (1) I don’t like to cook or spend hours in my kitchen; (2) I don’t have the time to cook these types of meals; with 4 kids now I need a dump and go meal and (3) my kids are picky eaters. The picture in my mind only happens on very special occasions and sometimes big holidays (aka Thanksgiving and Christmas). But I do want to have hearty, healthy meals that the kids will actually eat.

Hello Instant Pot!! Did you get one of these magical appliances for Christmas? I am addicted to them. (Small confession, I have 3 now. All different sizes, and all for different things.) It is by far the best the best gift I have ever gotten for my kitchen.

Here are some of my favorite dinner dump and go instant pot meals for my family:

Italian Chicken

Seriously this is my most go to dinner meal. It is so easy. Throw it on some rice or pasta and your done. Can’t go wrong at all. And ALL my kids eat it! Find the recipe here

Apple BBQ Ribs

These are amazing!!! They fall off the bone, tender juicy and taste amazing. Even my husband who is not a fan of ribs eats these. Tie in with a little applesauce and some corn on the cob; easy meal on the table. Grab the recipe here.

Chicken and Dumplings

This personally is my favorite cold weather meal of all time. There is nothing better than a nice, big, hot bowl of this. She makes hers a bit more awesome than I do mine. I just dump everything in and hit go. Hers probably tastes better, but easier is better for me lol. Get the whole recipe here.

Chicken and Rice Burrito Bowls

This is another one of those meals we eat way more than I really want to admit. It is just so good and easy to make. Once again though her recipe is far more complicated than mine. Just dump and go, it still turns out great; I promise. Grab the recipe here.

Pot Roast

This is another one of my personal favorites!!! So easy to get it going and on the table. Even my kids who don’t eat red meat gobble this one up. Be sure to bookmark this recipe, find it here.

All of these really are quick, easy family friendly meals that you can pop into the Instant Pot, walk away and have great meals on the table for dinner. Let me know what your favorite meals are. Or better yet drop a comment with a link to it!! 



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