What Really Needs to be on Your Baby Registry


We just had baby #4!!

Yes you read that right, baby #4

Okay we not just had. But baby is less than a year old, so I am still allowed to “just had”. Right?? Sure we will go with that. Now that all being said, having four babies, I have had four baby showers. While some believe that the shower is a way to welcome a new mommy into motherhood, thus only having one. I personally believe that the shower is a celebration to welcome the new baby. So, I have had a shower for each of babies. Having four showers, means four registries. Lets talk about what you really need on that registry. This is geared more for first time moms, but moms of more than one will certainly benefit too.

Now after my third daughter, my husband and I thought that we were done. Moving into a new house, we got rid of ALL the baby stuff. To be honest, we loved that this home had no baby gear laying around. There was no stuff to try to find room for or store when we were done. It was quite nice. Then after joking about having another for over a year, we chose to go for it. We aren’t getting any younger right?? And before we knew it we were pregnant with our first boy. (Which my husband was very relieved not to be having another girl) Time to make another registry and I felt like a first time mom again. I had done this before, but never with a boy. And it had been 14 years since I had to make one from scratch.

Here were the must need items that I put on my registry:

  • Diapers~

    • You can’t have to many of these. It is not a fun or cute gift, but they are really expensive (those little packages add up). I was so lucky to have so many friends buy us Costco sized boxes of diapers, that we didn’t have to buy any till my little dude was almost 5 months. It was awesome. Best part, they were all different brands, so we got to find out what worked best for us; without the expense of having to buy all the different brands. HUGE win
  • Wipes ~

    • Again not fun or cute; but you will go through way more than you think you will. They come in so handy for all things baby and many many things not baby related (IE- pulling chewing gum off the side of your car when your child thinks they can spit it out of the window while the car is moving. Just saying). Again these packs add up, so any that you can get as a gift is worth their weight in gold.
  • Baby Carrier ~

    • There will be times that you need to leave the house, and don’t want to lug a stroller around. Or there will be times that your baby refuses to be put down even around the house and you will need your arms to still get stuff done. A baby carrier is a must. For when my baby was a newborn (till about 4 months) I used a Moby Wrap, it was great to make it as snug as he needed to be. He was all wrapped up, snug and secure; great wrap. Then after that we moved to the Lille Baby Complete All Seasons Carrier. It has been AMAZING!! He loves it, it is so nice on my back; I don’t hurt after carrying him for hours on end.
  • Nursing Cover (if you plan on breastfeeding) ~

    • This is a personal choice; breast or bottle. Personally I think that fed is best; no judgement here. For me, I chose to breastfeed 3 out of 4 of my kiddos. With my two daughters that nursed, I always needed a cover. It was me that felt weird by just being out in the open. Now my little dude won’t eat under the darn thing to save my life. But I am happy that I have it for the times where I am needing to cut distractions while attempting to feed him while he is latching. All in all you can’t go wrong having one on hand.
  • White Noise Machine ~

    • This is a LIFE saver!!! Let me say it: EVERYONE NEEDS ONE!! In our house, we have three other kids, two dogs, a cat and a husband who does not know how in the world to be quiet. Mix that with the fact that little guy’s room is right under the garage, it is never quiet for him to sleep. To the rescue: the white noise machine. He likes the ocean sounds the best. Get one, any one; and crank that baby up. It is pure magic.
  • Crib Sheets ~

    • Again you can’t really have to many of these. There are going to be late night leaky diapers and the last thing that you want is to be up with baby waiting for a load of laundry. Plus, since you can’t have anything in the crib, it is a nice way to make the cr
  • Bath Seat/Tub/How you plan to bathe baby ~

    • You are going to have to bathe the baby. It is a scary, slippery thing; but baby needs to take a bath. So put however you want to do this on the registry. Also, be sure to put on whatever brand of soap you are wanting to use on it.
  • Big Ticket Items ~

    • So I am putting this on here, and unless you have some really generous friends you probably won’t receive these. But many places where you place your registry have completion discounts. Meaning that if you have unpurchased items left, you will get a big coupon right before you are due. I used Amazon, and there was a 20% off discount about 6 weeks before you are due. And that adds up if you need some bigger ticket items
      • High Chair – You won’t need this right away, but you will. So why not use a discount for it?
      • Car Seat – Can’t leave the hospital without one; so be sure to get one.
      • Swing – Some babies love it, some not so much. Amazon will let you return it if yours ends up hating it. But it is really nice to have a safe place to set baby when you need to pee. Just saying
      • Play Pin/Pack and Play – We don’t use ours a ton, but they are so nice to have. It makes a portable bed, makes a basinet if you don’t have a separate one, the changing station that comes on some is nice to have another place to change diapers, some come with removable bouncers. Again can’t go wrong having one on hand.

This was my must have registry. What was on yours? Did I miss anything?


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