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Are you back to school? After the holidays it is always hard for us to get back into the groove. It seems that we start back up awfully slow. And now we are at Sunday, and I have nothing planned for the school week. (Shhhh don’t tell the kids that I am so unorganized) Not only do I have nothing planned, it is snowing outside; so instead of sitting at my desk planning the school week. I am outside playing with the kids in the snow. Hello to the rescue!

Have you homeschool moms tried this site yet? It is such a life saver for days that you need to get some schoolwork done, but haven’t had a moment to plan something. Or even just need something quick and easy to occupy the kids for a moment, they have tons of stuff. has just about everything that you are looking for, in all kinds of subjects. They have amazing free worksheets for preschool through 5th grade. Subjects cover fine arts, math, foreign language, reading, writing, science, social studies, and many more. They have mazes, word searches, cross words, word tracing and so much more!

There are even online games if your kids need something more engaging. They have full lesson plans too (for the days that you just can’t school). While they have so many free options, these amazing benefits are in a monthly membership. As low as as….. $5.00 a month. Yes you read that correctly, for just $5.00 a month you get all of these amazing printables, lesson plans, games, songs, stories and so much more!!!! Less than a Starbucks run.

Now that my kids are in from the snow, they are needing something to occupy their time while I wipe up the mess of melted snow all over my entry. I pop over, print out a quick maze and they are busy with something so I can get something done. ALL FOR FREE!!! Go ahead and click below for a fun printable for your little ones!! If you click the link you can download this for a full size print. And be sure to jump over to for even more fun.


Bring the outdoors in with this creepy crawly bug maze your little ones are sure to love. For more creative preschool activities, go to!

Let me know what you are looking for when you need a printable. What grades do you need the most help with? For me it is always my girls 3rd grade. For whatever reason I find it hard to move from little kid schooling to more formal schooling. Let me know your thoughts here!



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