Valentines Day Decor- Love Trees

Do your kids love Valentines Day? My middle daughter claims that it is her favorite holiday of the year; more than Christmas or her birthday. She wants to do everything heart the moment that it turns February 1st. Trying to come up with crafts for her to complete that won’t make a huge mess; and, be something that she can do on her own is often a challenge. So when I came across this AMAZING heart tree over at EasyPeasyandFun, I knew it was right up her alley. It is so simple, not messy, and ALL the girls loved making them. We did step it up a notch and framed them to hang up for the holiday, but really that was just because we had extra frames lying around the house.  

All you need:

  • Two Pieces of Paper
  • Black Marker
  • Red/Pink Ink Pad
  • Frame (Optional)
  • Fingers 🙂

I bet you have most of that lying around the house too.

Steps to Complete

  1. Create Stencil

    • Fold one piece of paper in half
    • Cut out heart
    • Tape heart stencil on other piece of paper
  2. Stamp in Stencil

    • Press Clean(ish) finger into ink
    • Stamp all throughout the inside of the heart stencil
  3. Take Stencil off of Sheet

  4. Draw Tree Inside of Heart with the Black Marker

That’s it!! It is relatively mess free. It keeps the kids busy and happy (cause who doesn’t love to finger paint). Doesn’t get any easier than this. Be sure to check out EasyPeasyandFun for even more ideas and some amazing crafts. She has sooo many fun (and really easy) things to do over there.

Let me know how they turned out for you.

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