Fun Things to Celebrate in March

Hello March!!

There are so many amazingly fun things to celebrate in March. It is so much more than just another month. There is the start of spring; there is St Patrick’s Day; and lets not forget Barbie’s Birthday!!!

March is one of the most underrated months in my opinion. We are just so ready to be done with winter, and ready for spring. That March just gets overlooked. Even though technically Spring starts in March; it is still quite chilly (and windy) that it doesn’t really feel like spring.

Paper and Glam has a way to change all that. They made this amazing checklist of ways to celebrate March! So much fun. My daughters love the idea of having a mint themed spa day; complete with mint manis and pedis. And we got to combine two items on this checklist in one swoop! Can’t beat that. Grab your free Printable 

March 2019 Seasonal Living Lists by Paper & Glam

On top of this amazing checklist, here are some unknown holidays that you can celebrate:

March 1 ~ National Pig Day

March 2 ~ Dr Suess Birthday

March 4 ~ International Pancake day

March 7 ~ National Middle Name Day

March 9 ~ Barbie’s Birthday

March 10 ~ Mario Day

March 14 ~ Pi Day

March 15 ~ Ides of March

March 18 ~ Awkward Moment Day

March 20 ~ First Day of Spring

March 21 ~ National Puppy Day

March 22 ~ National Goof Off Day

If you have a Target around you, then they celebrate a lot of these holidays with free crafts/toys/giveaways. Always a reason to make a Target run. My kiddos are big into these oddball holidays and are making lots of plans on how to celebrate them. How are you celebrating these holidays?

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