Owning Alpacas

Life always takes us in unexpected directions. It can certainly be an adventure, and is something that you have to be flexible with. There is a saying, “You plan…. God Laughs”. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, that is a saying that rings true to us. This is yet another example of how we “planned” and the universe kicked us in the butt saying “nope, not gonna wait. Life happens now.” And we went from your pretty typical small town people to “almost” farm life overnight. With the addition of two little boy alpacas. Now I know the question on your mind…. Do alpacas make great pets?

My husband and I have chatted off and on (more joking then realistic), about owning alpacas for quite a while. He loves them, and they are super cool animals. Plus they are one of the few animals that we can own (within the city limits) that will pay for themselves. Since this was something that we were starting to consider; we made friends with our local alpaca ranch, making it very clear that we were just “thinking” about owning two. IF we choose to go this route, we would be AT A MINIMUM two years out from owning them. Having small children, we were not quite ready to handle owning such large animals. Plus with them there is so much to learn…… All the things that you don’t know that you don’t know.

They were kind about this, knowing that these would be pet animals. Not full time fiber producers or breeding stock. Accepted that we were a ways out, but would always invite us to the Alpaca events. Answering way to many questions about all things alpacas. We even camped out there spending the night with the alpacas. It has been a great friendship. But the call came. They just got in two boys, these boys were suppose to be amazing fiber animals. They were the perfect natural colors that the ranch was needing. However, they were way to small and already full grown. At only 90 pounds, they won’t produce the amount that the ranch needs; and with them being so small they can’t breed them. They would make perfect pets.

So while we are “waiting” to own some of these cute goofy animals. Life had different plans for us. Here we are now, with two adorable, fluffy, slightly odd alpacas.

We have learned a few things. Here is the short list of things learned. Each of these will be a more detailed post…… at some point.

Lessons from the Alpacas

  1. If they don’t want to do what you are wanting them to do they will “cush”. Basically they will lay down and there is nothing that you can do to make them get up…. until they want to.
  2. They will tolerate you petting them…… if you have snacks. Lots and lots of snacks.
  3. They will over eat said snacks, and not eat their hay if you allow them to.
  4. If you are bringer of said snacks, they will chase you around the yard, till you give it to them.
  5. They are happy creatures, easy to take care and easier to love.

All in all, a welcome addition to our little home. What pets do you all have? Or thinking about getting? Or dreaming about getting but would never actually get?


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