Stuck Inside….. With the Kids


Are you currently being stuck indoors? Keeping kids home and they are starting to go stir crazy? Practicing social distancing, but running out ideas to keep them occupied. Well here is an amazing and free website full of all kinds of ideas for you and the kiddos. The kids that created this have uploaded so many fantastic resources that the world is putting together for this crisis. Everything from virtual museum tours, to art class, to karate links. You name it and they have something for you linked up.

You want to hear astronauts reading to you from space? Done

You want to see famous chiefs doing cooking demos? Done

You want to see some of the world best zoos? Done

Shoot, you want a tour of Buckingham Palace? Done

There are really so many links, in all kind of areas. The site is super easy to navigate, and all the links are free.




What are some of the things that you are doing to stay busy during this time? How are your kids all holding up? Let me know



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