Raising Grateful Kids

What is something that you are wanting for your kids? How can we promote happiness to our kids? What can we (as parents) do to cultivate positivity in our children. Is this something that we can even do? The simple answer is YES!!! You can 100% raise children that are happy, that are grateful, that are positive people. And its not as hard as you would think. That being said, your children will copy what you do. So for your kids to be grateful, they will need to see you as a grateful person.

I have found that to be the hardest part. With all this craziness that is going on in then world right now, it is easy to get all caught up in the madness. Even without the current crisis, just daily life can speed by. It is easy to wrapped up in the “To-Do Lists”; the bills that need to get paid; the grumpy co-worker that you have to deal with. So before you can expect your children to be naturally grateful, you have to practice that. They will copy what they see, you are their role model.

So what can we do to become more grateful:

  • Start a gratitude journal. This is something that people really struggle with. Whether they are to “busy” or think it is silly. People just don’t start this. Let me tell you, this is something so easy. It takes a few moments each morning. It will change how you start your day, and the outlook for your entire day. What I do, is each morning before I get out of bed, I write down three things that I am going to be grateful for that day. They can be little things, they can be big things. Any three items that you are wanting to spend time that day being grateful for. (This morning for me ~ Hot Water! I love hot water, whether it is for my morning tea or a good bath at the end of the day. There is something so soothing for me about hot water)
  • Life is busy, and mornings trying to get kids out the door for school is chaotic. I get that. But helping your kids start the day with gratefulness is a step that you can take. Asking them to think for a moment about what are they grateful for. While you are not asking them to start a journal, just a conversation with them will have a huge impact. It is always surprising about kids come up with, and then you can always follow up with questions about why they are grateful for it.
  • Slowing down and really enjoying a moment with your kids. This can be big things, this can be going on a walk and pointing out nature around them, this can be just enjoying watching them get their homework done. But really spending a moment to really be present in what is going on with your kids.
  • For my kids, the biggest thing that we have started to incorporate into our day is what the “Favorite Part of the Day”. It is a part that the kids look forward to every day. Its part of our tucking in process, even though we don’t tuck in our teen any more; we still ask her what her favorite part of the day was. It ends the day on a positive note. No matter how bad the day was there is always something good. Always something positive that happened. It is important to start a habit of always finding the good in situations. Silver linings are there in any and every situation, you just have to find them.

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