Kids and Chores

We all want our kids to do chores. Have them done without nagging. How about having your kids do them without a fuss? And lets be honest…. do them correctly. And then you wonder, do you give your kids to much? Do you have to pay for them, or should they do them since they are part of the family? Always so much guilt around this. So lets talk about how to do them.

Okay lets tackle the biggest question first. Do you pay them for the chores? Kara and I talked about this in depth on our Family Room Chat over on FaceBook. (If you missed it you can check it out here) We came to the conclusion that for our families, we are choosing not to pay for chores. That chores are part of being in the family. You help out and pitched in. There isĀ  no monetary gain for helping our family. So then, what are chores for?

We talked about chores being good for a variety of reasons.

The two main ones being:

  1. Learning to help out, without a reward. You knows those people that are always there for you. The ones that help and are involved with charities. They give of themselves. How they are the always giving of themselves, without asking for anything in return. Those are the types of people that we are trying to raise. It starts at home. It starts at home, learning to help out parents and siblings without “keeping score”. Or wanting to get something for helping out. Kids that learn to foster the ability give; turn into adults that give back to their community.
  2. The next one was, we are wanting to raise self sufficient adults. Adults that know how to take care of themselves. Adults that can cook a meal, clean a bathroom, do their laundry. You are doing your kids no favors but not allowing them to learn these skills. How many kids go off to college and not know how to do these things? By having your kids help take care of the home that they live in, they will become adults who can take care of themselves.

We found that those are the two biggest reasons to have kids do chores, and work around the house. But what can they actually do.

This will be based on their ages. Small kids can certainly pick up and put away their own toys. Older teens should be able to take care of any chore around the house. It is up to you to decide when you feel that your kids are old enough and mature enough to handle the deep scrubbing of the house. But by starting young, they will be will willing to help.

Reasons to start chores young:

  1. Toddlers still want to “help” you
  2. Young kids still want to please you
  3. Lets not forget, they are excited about making games out of picking up
  4. They don’t turn up their nose when you ask them to do items

In case you missed it this week, here is the link to our Family Room Chat with Kara and Kat


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So tell me what chores do your kids do? Do you pay them? Do they get an allowance? Let me know what happens in your house.


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