Need a New Hobby, Try Writing

There’s an old saying which said that everyone has a book in them. It might be that you just want to get better at writing so you can launch your own blog, or write for someone else’s blog. As far as hobbies go, writing is a pretty good one to get stuck into and you don’t have to put pressure on yourself by writing a book at first either, do it at your own pace. It doesn’t cost anything to get started and can be quite lucrative if you approach it in the right way. Here are some tips to get you started.

Writing is something that takes time and practice, at least if you want to write to a decent level. To get this practice you need to write somewhere comfortable, and you need to be able to do so with no distractions. This means ensuring your eyes don’t get tired. You might want to avoid stores but getting the right glasses is important. Then you need to find somewhere. It might be the desk from which you usually work from or you might want to differentiate the two by working somewhere a little more comfortable in your home like from the sofa or kitchen table. Experiment for the best chance of success. It might be that you like writing from coffee shops or outside in the sunshine. Once you find what makes you the most productive, you won’t look back

The Nuts And Bolts

Before you start looking at some of the more complex plot structures and writing techniques, its best to start out with the nuts and bolts of writing. Shrunk and White has always been a great place to start and really puts syntax and grammar into perspective…a book touted as a must have for all writers by greats such as Stephen King. It’ll help you write no matter what kind of writing you’re doing, from journalism, to writing a book right the way to non fiction or blog posts. The book is a little old but it’s still great at outlining the basics. There are some more modern ones which focus on the same kind of instruction, but in all honesty they’ve used Shrunk and White as a by guide to get started. 

Doing It Yourself

A lot of people these days are going down the self publishing route. This is especially the case for those who own their own websites or blogs. However, even those writing traditional books are going this way and some pretty big writers have got started by publishing themselves. Amazon is the king here and while the self publishing system is pretty straight forward, getting sales isn’t. Getting great reviews is a must, and it’s pretty tough to do so. There are different techniques for finding reviewers but it depends how much time and effort you’ve got to put into it. Publishing on Amazon is pretty easy; you just need to know how to make it a success. If you’re happy with it being a slow burner, then carry on. 


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