4 Tips For Looking After Farm Animals When You’re a Beginner

Some people are happy enough to keep cats and dogs on their property. But you? You’re looking for something a little different. It can be highly fun and rewarding to bring a farm animal into your life, no matter whether you’ve just got one animal in your backyard or you have many over an acre or more. But of course, if you decide to bring a farm animal into your world, then you’ll need to accept that it will be more challenging than adopting a cat. In this blog, we’re going to look at some tried and tested tips that’ll help to make the process much more smooth.

We have certainly been expanding the Ryan Farm here. If you have been reading for the last year, you can tell that we have added: Chickens, Rabbits and Alpacas!! (Along with the new greenhouse for all the veggies so the raccoons won’t get back into the veggie patch this year). Here are the tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. Hopefully, they will help you out if you are getting started.

A Little Research…

Adopting a farm animal would be much more difficult if you didn’t have access to information. Thankfully, this isn’t the case! You’re lucky to be living during the age of the internet, which can provide more or less everything you need to know about whatever animal it is you’re thinking of bringing into your life. It is, of course, a good idea to research the animal before you commit. If you’re considering a few different animals, then this research can help you to decide which is the right one for you.

Invest in High-Quality Infrastructure

You’re going to need some specialist equipment for the farm animal that you bring into your world. One mistake that some people make is getting any old equipment; but remember, they won’t all be created equally. And when you’re dealing with an animal that will act differently from the other pets you’ve had in your life (such as cats and dogs), then investing in a low-quality item could turn out to be problematic. It’s best to talk with other farm animal owners to see what they’d recommend. They may even have some equipment that you can have. 

Get Into a Routine

You’ll find that a farm animal will take up a lot of your time when you first bring them into your life. That’s because you’re still getting used to everything, and also, you’ll probably be having fun. However, on a longer-term basis, it’ll be better, for your time at least, if you have a solid routine that streamlines everything. Look for hay for sale that can be delivered, automate feeding, and divide the duties between you and the other stakeholders in the household. This type of organization will ensure that you always feel on top of things.

Locate an Expert 

If you have a problem with a cat or dog, then you don’t need to look very far for help. There’ll be another dog owner on your street, and the vet will definitely have the expertise to handle whatever is wrong with them. When you have a farm animal, things won’t be quite so easy. Quite the opposite. Because they are relatively “niche” animals, it’s important that you locate a professional that knows how to work with whatever type of animal you have. If you have a problem, you’ll know who to call! 

Know The Risks

Keeping animals on the farm also comes with risks. Livestock can die without warning, spread disease to humans, and cause injury because of their sheer size. Smart farmers always insure against losses.

Dogs are also potentially a problem. Statistics show that 50 percent of dog bite victims are children. Pups are prone to attacking children if they feel under threat or they are from certain breeds. If you have potentially violent animals on your farm, keep them away from children under 12 as they can be deadly. If a dog is known to be violent or attacks, have it destroyed. 

Hopefully this has been helpful to you!!

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