How To Keep Your Home In Tip Top Shape (While Raising Kids)


Whether you’ve always been hyper-organized or didn’t really mind the sight of a few dishes in the sink, once you’ve had kids you may begin to ask yourself, is there such a thing as a clean house after all? With a to-do list that is never-ending, home maintenance probably falls at the bottom of your schedule, and there isn’t always enough time in the day to get everything done. 

However, there are still things you can do to keep your home in top shape while raising a family – you just have to be a bit more creative in your approach. Here’s how you can get started!

  • Understand that organization is key if you are trying to keep on top of mess and clutter. Having a system in place for where and how things are stored can help you fall into a quick and easy cleaning routine – whether you are cleaning the whole house top to bottom or organizing your kid’s closet


  • Work towards fixing maintenance issues sooner rather than later, as this only allows the problem to escalate – costing you more money, time, and stress further down the line. For example, if your pipes aren’t connected to a sewage network or malfunction, this presents you with a severe health risk. As a result, you could install a septic tank from arnolds septic


  • Get the whole family involved in the cleaning process by allocating out specific chores to each member of the household. You can even find a way to make them more fun for your kids by turning them into a contest. For example, the person who works their way through the chores the fastest could choose what you have for dinner on a certain night. 


  • Set aside a little bit of time each day to focus on cleaning. Though this may seem a little boring, performing one or two tasks a day stops mess from building up, making it harder to keep track of overall. 


  • Find small ways to make cleaning a little more fun. For example, every time you’re about to bust out the hoover, why not turn up your favorite music and dance and sing while you’re doing it? The sounds of the hoover will probably even block out the noise, so you don’t have to subject the neighbors to your singing either. 


  • Deep clean your property at least once a year. This involves a more thorough, in-depth cleaning of the space, including the areas that might get forgotten when you are doing your usual cleaning. For example, this could involve cleaning out under your stairs. 


  • Keep clutter to the minimum by letting go of objects or clothes you no longer use or need. Usually, a good rule is that you haven’t used them in six months and don’t think they will be useful with the next three – then it’s time for them to go. Decluttering your space will help your home look clean and organized – and could also be an excellent way for you to earn a little money if you chose to resell them. 


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