Top Tips For Raising Teens


Teenagers are challenging but it can also be a fun time in both of your lives. Your kids are getting older and wiser and it may be easier to connect with them on a different level.

However, they might also be feeling confused or frustrated and in their own world. Raising teens isn’t easy but there are top tips that can help ensure a successful journey and outcome. Remember to always be respectful and approachable so you can create a deeper bond with your teen and build trust in your relationship.

Know Their Whereabouts

You don’t want your teen running off anywhere they choose and doing as they please. They’re still a child and it’s okay to want to know their whereabouts and who they’re hanging around with. One idea is to use a family tracking app to collect all this information. You can review this guide to get more information and figure out some of the best apps to use. Don’t be afraid to ask your teen questions so you can get the answers you need to keep them safe.

Listen Attentively

It’s also wise that you not always do all the talking when interacting with your teen. Instead, be a good listener and listen attentively when they’re engaging with you. Put your phone down or away and look them in the eyes and give them your full attention. You’ll have more rewarding conversations this way and distractions won’t cause you to miss important details or information they’re sharing with you. Be ready to offer advice but only if they welcome it and ask for it. Otherwise, simply listening may be enough.

Set Clear & Firm Rules

Remember that you’re the parent and person in charge of the household and your kids. Set clear and firm rules and make sure you clearly communicate these to your teen. Confirm they understand what you expect of them and hold them accountable for following them. Have consequences for not adhering to your rules and follow through with them. Be consistent so that you set the right tone and they don’t try to test your patience.

Delegate Responsibilities to Them

Your teen is growing up and will do better in life when they learn about responsibility. Therefore, delegate chores and tasks to them (even from a young age) and put them in charge of a few to-dos around the house. It’s a great way to make them feel like a part of the family and that they’re contributing to running the household. They may not always like it but it’ll be teaching them important life skills they’ll need and use one day in the future.


These top tips for raising teens will help you have more success with this endeavor and ensure you can maintain a close relationship with your child even as they grow up. Do your best and don’t be too hard on yourself as you learn and grow as a parent. Learn from your mistakes and remember that it may not be easy but it is possible to get through this challenging stage in both of your lives.

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