3 Parenting Tips When Your Kids Use A Lot Of Tech

Kids are going to be tech crazy these days – it’s just a sign of the times. Many of you weren’t born with technology thrust into your hands, so it’s a bit disconcerting seeing very young children playing with tablets and smartphones. However, it’s perfectly normal, and you’d have been the same if these devices were around in your day!

Still, it’s hard to know how to act when your kids are always using tech products. You’re aware that it’s good for them as it helps them develop skills and learn how to use technology. At the same time, you also understand there are risks to be worried about, and that playing on tech devices all day isn’t a great idea. So, here are some parenting tips to help you take control of the situation:

Set parental controls on every device

Make sure all of your tech devices have parental control settings applied and turned on. Effectively, this lets you control what your children can do or see. It’s especially important for the internet, blocking them from potentially harmful websites. But, you can also use parental controls to restrict what they watch on Netflix, or determine what apps they can or can’t access. Basically, you’re lowering the risks they face when using tech, meaning there’s more chance they will use it for good. 

Restrict their screen time

A tough thing to police, but a necessary one nonetheless. Try your best to restrict your child’s screen time by setting limits on how long they can use devices. This is particularly important at night, where the blue light from screens can impact a child’s vision and make it harder for them to fall asleep. Realistically, your child shouldn’t spend more than a few hours a day behind a screen. A good idea is to set alarms on your phone that alert you when it’s time to turn the screens off. As a result, you can keep your kids in line and let them know when it’s time to stop playing. 

Teach them the 60/60 rule

Have you ever heard of this rule before? Ironically, it’s something most people aren’t even aware of, yet it’s crucial if your kids are playing with tech devices all the time. In fact, it’s especially important if they’re playing sounds through headphones. This rule revolves around the idea of noise-induced hearing loss and how to prevent it. Experts suggest that you should never listen to music or sounds through headphones at higher than 60% for more than 60 minutes at a time. Teach your children this, encouraging them to get into the habit of turning their volume down. As such, this can protect their ears and prevent long-term irreversible hearing loss. 

As a modern parent, it can feel hard to deal with kids and their tech devices. You don’t want to seem old-fashioned and force them to never use these devices, but you also can’t give them complete and utter freedom. The three tips in this post are useful as they minimize risks and help you keep your kid’s device time under control. 


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