How To Get Your Children Excited About The Prospect Of A New Baby

So you’re pregnant? Congratulations! If your children haven’t reacted as well to the news as you had hoped, it can be disheartening. From their point of view everything as they know it is about to change, and Mummy and Daddy’s attention is going to be diverted elsewhere. But all isn’t lost! There are a number of ways in which you can calm any anxieties your children may have about the new arrival and encourage them to be just as excited as you are!

Get them involved in the naming of your baby

One of the most exciting things when waiting for the arrival of your baby is thinking of names you’d like, so why not get your children involved too? Whether you’re choosing to find out the gender of your baby or not, you could get your children to write down names they like and put them in a hat to draw out together as a family. You may choose to use their choice of name as a first name, or even a middle name for your new babyc. This will help your children feel more involved and excited about having a new brother or sister.

Play gender reveal party games

If you’re planning on finding out the gender of your baby, gender reveal games are a great way of including your children in the exciting process of having a baby. You may have seen gender reveal parties on social media, so why not host your own? Serve delicious food your children will enjoy and play some guessing games about the sex of your baby!

Talk to them about what to expect

Your children may not be as enthusiastic about your new baby because they have anxieties and fears about what to expect. Perhaps they feel they won’t have any attention and they aren’t special anymore. Obviously you know this is far from the truth, but some simple reassurance about the new baby and how things will change, but not your attention or love for them will make the world of difference. Talking to them about what you’ll need from them will make them feel grown up and play an important role in the arrival of your baby.

Give them a budget to buy the new baby something from them

Once your children feel special about becoming an older brother or sister to your new baby, why not give them the chance to buy something special for the baby? Set a budget you can afford for each of your children and allow them to pick out something, whether it be a toy for when the baby is older, a teddy bear, a special blanket, or even a piece of clothing, your children will feel much more involved and most importantly, excited about the new baby! This is what we did with each of the new babies, the older kids can then bring the gift to the baby at the hospital or when they meet the new baby for the first time. 


It can be a difficult process bringing your children around to the idea of a new member of the family, but it’s important to remember that children are very resilient, and once they meet the new baby and realise they are still just as important, they will soon come around.


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