4 Useful Resources For Homeschooling


Homeschooling your kid can be plenty of fun, and at the same time it can be incredibly challenging. The key to success is establishing a routine that works for both you and your child. When you’re teaching your child at home you’ll need the right resources to support their learning. You’ve probably already got your favorite materials, but it can be good to try new tools every now and then. These four handy resources can support your child in a number of ways.


1 . Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a free educational app, with plenty of activities for students in Class 1-12. The app includes tests, exercises and videos for science, maths, history and more. All of the app content follows the CBSE or NCERT syllabus. Khan Academy has plenty of useful features including:


  • Unit tests and practice activities for exam preparation.
  • Personalized recommendations to support progress.
  • Learn offline or online.
  • Save content using the bookmark.
  • Track your child’s progress.
  • Features for teachers to set homework.


Khan Academy content is available in English as well as Hinglish, meaning ‘bilingual Hindi and English.’ If you are looking for learning resources for English language learners, Saddleback has plenty of books for ell students.


  1. Homeschool Helper 


Homeschool Helper is an excellent resource for homeschooling parents. You can use the app to organize your child’s homeschooling schedule and curriculum. The key features of the homeschooling app include.


  • A calendar to monitor subjects and schedule.
  • A place to store your child’s curriculum
  • Add scans and photos to your child’s portfolio.
  • Set targets to progress.
  • Track multiple students if you need to.


  1. Reading Eggs 


Reading Eggs is an award winning learning programme that helps kids learn to read. The program includes reading games, guided lessons, and digital story books. There are plenty of fun activities to improve your child’s reading ability. There are several different programs to choose from, including:


  • Ages 2-4: Junior Reading Eggs focuses on phonemic awareness, videos, and ‘read out loud’ books.
  • Ages 3-7: This program covers sight words, comprehension, vocab, spelling and phonics.
  • 5-10: The Fast Phonics program helps struggling students to develop their phonics skills.
  • 7-13: The Reading Eggspress program helps kids build on their learning journey, as they begin to read for enjoyment.
  • Mathseeds: The maths program helps young kids to practice their numeracy skills, beginning with patterns, shapes, measurement, and more.


  1. Stop, Breathe Think


Homeschooling can be a challenge for some children, to calm your child’s anxieties, the ‘Stop, Breathe Think’ app has some great activities. The app offers meditation and mindfulness, to help kids learn how to calm down and relax. Children can use emojis to explain their feelings, and access sticker rewards. The app has so many neat features, including:


  • Mindfulness exercises for different situations.
  • Meditations including different themes.
  • Sleep stories to drift off.
  • Video animations and games.
  • Rewards to motivate your child.


There are plenty of homeschooling resources online, to support your teaching. When you’re developing a homeschooling program for your child it’s also important to include physical activities. Whether it’s drama activities or sports, ensure that your child gets a varied learning experience.


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