5 Activities to Keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Summer vacation is here again which means that the kids need to be entertained. As much as we would all love to provide personal entertainment for our children 24/7, sometimes we need to keep them amused so we can do something. Many people are still working from home, which means finding a balance between parenting and working. Here are some activities to help keep the kids busy while you get some work done.


Depending on how you feel about dirt, a mud kitchen may or may not be fun. But, this isn’t about you, this is about keeping the kids busy. The thing about kids is that they like to dig. It’s an unfortunate fact that we often overlook which results in the death of our flowers. If you want a way to keep all of those plants that you just bought safe, a mud kitchen could be the answer. Unfortunately, it does mean that they will get filthy and will need a bath at the end of the day, but it is worth it for the hours of peace that it brings.


Art may not have the same appeal as playing on their tablet but it is one of those things that they can get into. From a developmental point of view, spending time colouring can help develop fine motor skills and helps with concentration. The benefits of coloring have been talked about for years, including the rise of adult coloring books. Activity packs are available from companies like https://www.pennydellpuzzles.com/coloring/ so you will never be short for books again.

Board games

This one isn’t for the young ones but older kids might enjoy playing some board games. There are probably some old board games in the back of a cupboard collecting dust. The only issue will be trying to talk them into trying them. Many young adults understand the importance of not spending all of their time online, so this might not be the fight that you think it will be.

Set up a sports area

Kids of all ages want to move their bodies, so why not set up a sports area for them to stretch their legs? This doesn’t need to be a complicated set-up, a few toy buckets with the outdoor and sports equipment within their sight might be enough to tempt them into playing in the garden for a while. A few tennis rackets, some different balls, and a few water guns are a great starting point.

Paints and chalks

This is another art based activity but this is one to be done outside. If you have a driveway, a patio, or even the side of your house, let the kids loose with water based paints or chalk. They will have hours of fun drawing, coloring in bricks, and filling the space with color. The best thing about this? At the end of the day, you simply wash it away with the hose and they have a blank canvas for the next day.

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