• Tips for Choosing a Good High School: A Guide for Parents


    Choosing an excellent high school for your child can be a daunting task. This is because there are so many factors to consider, including the school’s location, its reputation among other parents and students, and what type of coursework is offered.

    We typically think about the school’s reputation regarding academics, but that is only one small part of what goes into a good education. Of course, academic performance and scores are important considerations, but you should also consider how well-rounded the entire educational experience will be for your child there.

    Will they have access to extracurricular activities? Are clubs available? What kind of diversity does the student body represent? Is this an inclusive environment where everyone has equal opportunity in terms of resources or treatment by faculty members? How much homework is expected from students on average every night/weekend?

    These factors shouldn’t be overlooked as they all connect back to academic success! Ultimately, making sure these two things align – picking a high school with excellent academics and a welcoming environment – is the best way to ensure your child will receive a good education.

  • What Color Will Best Suit Your Hair?

    When it comes to making big changes to your aesthetic, there are few that have quite as much impact as a change to your hair color. Whether you’re looking to keep the grays away, or you’re not too fond of your natural shade or you simply want a different look, changing your hair color is an easy way to transform your style. However, what color should your hair be? There are so many choices, from the natural to the bright and bold, and here are a few ways that you can narrow those choices down.

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