What Color Will Best Suit Your Hair?

When it comes to making big changes to your aesthetic, there are few that have quite as much impact as a change to your hair color. Whether you’re looking to keep the grays away, or you’re not too fond of your natural shade or you simply want a different look, changing your hair color is an easy way to transform your style. However, what color should your hair be? There are so many choices, from the natural to the bright and bold, and here are a few ways that you can narrow those choices down.

Set a goal first and foremost

Rather than trying to pick a color from every single shade of hair that’s on the market, you should think about what the goal for your hair is, first and foremost. Do you want to make it darker? Then you can eliminate every light option. The same goes if you want to make it lighter. If you simply want to cover up greys, then finding a tone that is close to your natural color with a color picker might be the best option.

Your natural hair color

Think of your natural hair color as the base that you are going to be painting over. It will limit your choices to some degree so you have to know how much you’re willing to do work to get away from it. If you’re looking to stick to natural dyes or simple dyes you can scrub in without any other products, then you want to stick within a couple of shades of your natural hair, so it’s worth taking the time to find out what your shade is and what other colors are in its vicinity. If you’re willing to bleach your hair, then you can go a lot further and try out pretty much any color that you like, allowing you a little more freedom.

Your skin tone

When you know what your goals are and how far you’re willing to go, then it’s just about choosing the hair dye that best suits you and your look. To that end, it’s always a good idea to start with your own natural beauty. Choosing a hair dye that fits your complexion can be a great way to go and your skin tone can be a big help. Regardless of your skin tone, you can still go red, black, brown, or blonde as you want, and you can see 55 red hair color ideas to try for every skin tone. However, you mostly want to pay attention to whether you have what is called a “warm” skin tone or a “cold” skin tone to help you figure out where you should try to land in each shade.

Your eye color

Going by much the same logic, you might not want to stick to just your skin tone, but you can use your eye color for inspiration as well. After all, the right set of bangs or a fringe can help your eyes pop to great effect. If you have warm hazel or brown eyes, then you might want more of a compliment than contrast, with browns and deep reds being particularly effective. There are some contrasts that work very well for colored eyes, as well. For instance, chestnut, honey, and green eyes work really well with red hair, while blue eyes tend to pop even more with blonde hair.

Trying out some of the trends

Of course, you likely don’t have to be told that you don’t simply have to dye your hair one shade, either. You can work with your stylist to achieve quite the mix of colors, too. Talk to your stylist about different ways to highlight and mix colors in your hair. Aside from simple straight highlights, there are styles that are becoming more popular like the balayage, which achieves a sort of gradient effect that sees your hair moving from one color seamlessly into another. Then there are specific types of effects you can achieve like the sombre look, which is a lighter shade at the end which goes into a darker shade as you get closer to the root. Take a look at some of the different blends you can go for.

Going bright and bold

The majority of women are going to try and aim for a color that looks relatively natural, but more and more are opting for choices that go a little further out there, allowing them to express themselves and to add a whole new appeal to their look. If you’re going to dye your hair blue or some other bright and bold color, then you had better be ready to commit to it. Aside from having to bleach your hair to achieve these kinds of colors, they also tend to take a lot longer to fade back out, meaning you’re going to be either maintaining them for a while or switching to a different, equally bright color at some point in the future.

How much care is it going to take?

No matter what color you’re going to dye your hair, it’s going to require some TLC to keep it look at its very best. You might want to choose your color based on how much work it’s going to be, however. If you’re using natural and basic dyes, then you might not need to use too much more than the usual products you would, otherwise. However, there are plenty of dye-protect shampoos and conditioners on the market that can help you keep the color in there for longer, as well. For heavier dyes, you might want to wash your hair a little less frequently in general as it will wash out a little with each and every wash.

With the tips above, you have hopefully been able to find the perfect shade for your hair. The great thing about changing the color of your hair is that it’s a temporary change. You can always try different shades in the future.

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