Are My Aging Parents Safe At Home?

As you grow older, you begin to realize that your parents may need more support to get on with their day-to-day lives. Do you remember your favorite self-help book that got you through pregnancy and the start of motherhood? There are plenty of similar books to help you understand your elders’ needs. While it might not have the solution to everything, it can give you enough to start addressing the important questions with your parents. Growing old requires planning as your parents’ health becomes weaker. Not everyone gets old in the same way. So, a guidebook can make sense of the situation for you. Is it safe to let your parents live in their old home in their silver years? The answer is more complex than you think. 

They are still independent

First of all, many seniors remain strong and sharp under their white hair. They have no intention of moving out of their beloved home, and they don’t need to. Independent adults want to maintain their independence and freedom, regardless of their age. The same principle applies to your parents. If they have no health concerns, it would be counterproductive to suggest moving out. Maintaining their independence is precisely what keeps them mentally and physically healthy. However, you can recommend smart tech gadgets that will enhance their day-to-day lives while giving you peace of mind. A Personal Emergency Response System (PERS for short) is a device that can be worn by your parents and can send a signal at the press of a button. This can be useful for accidental falls on a slippery floor, for example. The introduction of a house-cleaning robot can also save a lot of hassle, keeping your parents free to enjoy their day without worrying about picking up anything that spills on the floor. 

Independent seniors are also quick to notice minor changes in their independence. They might choose to move into independent living accommodations, which allow them to remain active while someone else worries about all housekeeping and chores. 

They are worried about coping alone

Perhaps your parents are still lucid about their frailing health. They might be worried about balance issues or losing muscle strength, or perhaps they have to cope with a long-term illness. If this is the case, you can make it easier for them by adjusting their environment to their needs. Seniors who feel comfortable and emotionally safe at home are reluctant to move out. But the addition of ramps and modified structures can keep their home accessible and manageable. You can also arrange for in-home caregiver services to help with health concerns. Most experts recommend this approach for older adults whose health condition is unlikely to deteriorate rapidly. However, it can be dangerous for aging parents who may already struggle with dementia onset. 

They want to live within a community

The village concept is a community living arrangement for seniors who are concerned about loneliness and social isolation. The village is specifically designed to encourage seniors to socialize and become active members of a community. Developed to enable people to grow old safely at home while managing concierge service on their behalf. For instance, the village office can negotiate group discounts from contractors and local businesses, so members receive the best service at the best price. However, this option is best suited for healthy seniors who want to make friends and join activities. Someone with failing health would be best served in a specialized nursing home. One of the most common issues about villages is cost: As the village can keep rent low, seniors who need to move out to receive further assistance often face a high cost increase.


They need medical assistance

When your parents need constant medical supervision and assistance, they should consider a nursing home. Nursing homes ensure 24/7 access to trained doctors and nurses who can help your parents to stay comfortable in old age. Are nursing homes safe? Yes, however, you want to make sure to research the place before making your choice. Some homes have low-quality standards, for instance. It’s also worth arranging a visit to meet the staff and the residents. You want people you can trust to look after your parents. Too many families need to contact a nursing home abuse attorney as a result of a poorly selected nursing home. Do your homework for the safety of your parents. 


Which is the best place for your aging parents? There is no simple answer. Healthy and active seniors choose to stay at home for as long as possible with minor adjustments to their interior and lifestyle. Others prefer to live inside a local community, as independent residents in a village, or dependent patients in a nursing home. Risks exist within each solution, but you can avoid them as long as you keep your eyes open!


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