Like Yourself And Your Body


To have a positive body image means you like yourself and your body. You feel comfortable in what you wear and do not put others down for their appearance. Its about liking what you see, its about being authentic and its about loving yourself for who you are, inside and out. Some people may opt for Coolsculpting or surgery to obtain this positive image of themselves; however, there are many other ways too to be happy with who you are that doesn’t require extreme measures. 

Eating healthy foods and exercising regularly is the best way to have a positive body image.


Your diet affects your mood, so it’s essential to eat healthy food to feel good about yourself. Consuming large amounts of junk food makes people sluggish, tired, and lethargic. They may not want to go out because they do not like how they look compared to when they eat healthy, nutritious foods.

If you eat less junk food and more fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and whole grains, you will benefit in many ways. You will have more energy to exercise and be comfortable in your skin. 

Also you need water. Hydration is so incredibly important in how you feel.


Besides nourishing your body with good food choices, exercising is essential to have a positive body image. Working out releases endorphins, which make people feel good about themselves and their bodies. If you can’t fit in a workout, even going for a walk every day will help improve the way you feel about yourself.


No matter what you do, though, there is no reason to put others down or compare yourself to them. No one has the same body type, and there is no standard size of a body. Everyone’s shape and size are different, so it’s important not to fit in a mold of what society says is beautiful. Many people may appear “perfect” but suffer from low self-esteem because their looks do not meet other people’s standards.


Do not worry about how others may perceive you, but instead focus on your happiness by eating healthier and exercising more often. When you feel good about how you look, it will reflect in all aspects of your life. Your positive body image will transfer to work, school, friendships, relationships, and every element in between.

Positive Body Image

If you do not have a positive body image, or want to improve upon it, here are some exercises that can help build your confidence:

  • Look at yourself in the mirror and say one thing you like about your appearance. Make this a daily routine if necessary.
  • Wear clothes that compliment your figure and make you feel happy and confident.
  • Practice smiling at yourself for a few minutes each day. Concentrate on the way your mouth forms and how it makes you feel.

Do not allow unhappy feelings of your appearance to hinder you from living life to its fullest potential. There are many ways to build confidence, so try out new things and do what you enjoy to feel good about yourself.

If you want to know more about improving your body image, see your doctor or a therapist. Plastic surgery should only be considered after all other means of positive change have been explored. You can make changes in your life to feel better about how you look.


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