Writers Gonna Write – 3 Important Things Every Writer Needs To Know


We all have at least one book inside us, or at least that is what ‘they’ say anyway. However, there is a big difference between those of us that carry our written masterpieces with us, and those of us that bite the bullet and commit to the process of getting them down on paper. Of course, this process is often challenging. Yet, it can be cathartic and rewarding as well, you can even make the journey a little easier by arming yourself with the advice below.


You will have doubts about your work – get it written anyway 

Doubt is a perfectly normal part of writing, or indeed any artistic pursuit. The goal of creating your piece is not to wait until the doubt has subsided but to push through, even when those negative voices in your head are screaming at you! Yes, at times it will be tough, but it is the only way to get the words in your mind out and onto paper. 

Don’t let yourself get sidetracked with editing as you go either, as this can be a wonderful and fatal distraction, and an awful time waster too. Instead, get those words down and practice editing after as a discrete activity. After all, you can always improve what you have written, but a blank page is no good to anyone. 


Get to grips with the publishing process 

Writers gonna write! Yet, getting the words on paper is not the only part of the process you need to be familiar with. Indeed, once you have committed your book to paper, the journey to publication has only just begun. 

The next stage is to find a publisher that is willing to distribute your work. There are several options to consider here that will depend on the type of manuscript you have on offer. For example, for a non-fiction book, you will need to locate a publisher that specializes in this area. You will also find that many require your manuscript to go through something like this Nova Science Publishers review, where peers are asked to assess the scientific method used in your research to check it up to scratch. Some publishers even offer an open peer review process now, which is different from the old system in that the author and reviewers are told ahead of time about each other. 

However, for a novel or the like, you will need to either locate an interesting publisher or go down the self-published route. Indeed, the advent of ebooks and platforms such as Amazon that allow authors to self-publish makes this a great deal easier. Although, you may still want to get some help with converting your book into the correct format, and creating the art and front and back cover. 


Define your target audience – like any other product 

Last, of all, those with literary sensibilities may not want to hear this, but for your book to be successful, just like any other product, it needs to be created with a specific target audience in mind. 

To that end, before you begin the writing process you will need to think carefully about who will read your book? Consider their age, gender, and economic status. Often religion, ethnicity, and location will be relevant too. Take some time to get to know your audience as well as their wants and needs, and the manuscript you produce will be all the better for it. 



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