3 Fun Activities To Help Your Toddler’s Development

When your child is a toddler, life is never dull! Encouraging language, cognitive development and fine motor skills is all about play, connecting with the senses and learning about the world. To boost your toddler’s development and have a little fun, why not try some of these great activities. 

Natural Treasure Hunt

Wrap your toddler up warm and take them on a natural treasure hunt. Find a quiet spot of woodland and trees and take a basket. Collect leaves, flowers, twigs, feathers or coloured stones (being mindful of sizes and ensuring that they don’t put anything in their mouths). Gloves can be useful to protect the hands from germs or rough textures. Talk to your toddler about the colours and names of each object. Such activities can develop their fine motor skills and allow them to feel a connection with the natural word. You can also help them to learn some new vocabulary. Use the objects to make a nice collage when you get back home. These days so many games are focused on technology and so remaining connected to the outdoors is beneficial to promote positive mental health from an early age. It’s a good idea to educate your child about the natural world as much as possible; from cute animals to natural foods and the importance of trees. 

Pull The Wagon

Old cardboard boxes can make the best toys; you can turn them into anything if you just use your imagination. An old shoebox will do if you don’t have anything bigger. Have your toddler help you to draw on some wheels and decorate the wagon. Attach a string so that they can pull it along as they please. Encourage your child to put objects into the wagon to transport them from A to B. These objects could be anything from teddies to crayons. Games like these can allow your child to develop logical thinking skills and use everyday objects to problem solve. When it comes to cognitive thinking, nutrition is largely essential for development. From nutrition-rich toddler formula to plenty of fruit and vegetables; make sure that your toddler is getting as many vitamins as possible.

What Did Teddy Say?

Sit in a circle with your toddler, their favourite teddy and a friend or two if they have a playdate. Take the teddy and pretend that it is whispering something into your ear. Have your child ask ‘what did Teddy say?’ You then have to make up a phase that the teddy whispered to you and tell this to your child. Allow your child to have a turn and encourage them to imagine what the teddy could be whispering. Such a game allows them to use their imagination to think up different pretend answers. Depending on your child’s language ability, they may answer with a noise, one word, a phrase or a full sentence. Ensure that you model enough examples for them first so that they understand. For example, ‘Teddy said she’s hungry’ or, ‘Teddy said she wants to sing.’ The more answers that you model the more that your child will get the hang of the game and expand their own imagination. 


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