4 Decisions You Should Always Let Your Child Make On Their Own

Helping your kids learn to be independent is so important. As they get older, you need to give them more freedom to make their own decisions so they can develop their own personality and become independent. Unfortunately, a lot of parents struggle with this and it’s a difficult balance to strike. Obviously, you can’t just let your kids do whatever they like but you also can’t make all of their decisions for them. So, what can you do?

The trick is to let them make decisions that don’t have too much impact but still feel important to them. These are some of the decisions you should always let your child make on their own. 

What To Eat At A Restaurant

This is a particularly good decision for your kid to make because it’s so easy. Just pick a restaurant and let them order whatever they feel like eating. A lot of parents think they know best and choose for their child because they don’t want them to pick something they don’t like. But it doesn’t really matter either way and letting them have their own say in what they eat makes them feel important and helps them be more adventurous with food and make healthier choices.

How To Decorate Their Bedroom

This is a really fun decision for kids to make and it can make a huge difference to your child’s bedroom. They might not be absolutely right about every choice but you need to give them the chance to express their personality in their own space. It’s all part of letting them be more independent and work out who they are as people. You have a say over how the rest of the house is decorated, so your child should get to decide how their own space looks. Find some cool kids beds and help them pick out wallpaper or colours. Get some posters and other decorative items up too. Having a dedicated space that reflects their own personality is so important for a child’s development. 

What Extracurricular Activities To Get Involved In

Extracurricular activities like sports are great for your child but it’s important to let them make their own decisions about what they want to do. Many pushy parents will decide for their child but this only leads to more problems. Your child might not like tennis or tae kwon do and forcing them to go against their will only gets in the way of making friends and having fun. But if you let them pick what they want to do, they will be more engaged with it. 

What Books To Read

Books are really important for kids and they need to learn to love them. But it’s also important that they make their own decisions about what kinds of books they read. If you pick out books for your child, they will feel like they don’t have a choice and this can affect how much they enjoy reading later on in life. So, let them pick their own favourites from the library by letting them browse through different genres. You can also ask their teacher for some suggestions if you’re struggling with finding the right book for your kid.

Letting your child make these simple decisions about their own life is the best way to help them learn to be independent. 



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