5 Essentials For Family-Friendly Vacations

After the stressful time families have had during the pandemic, it’s time to book a well-deserved vacation. If you are still thinking of Disneyworld or family resorts for your first post-covid holiday, you might want to think again. There are so many exciting options that can be kid-friendly without feeling dull. We mentioned some new destinations in a previous article, such as sailing around the Bahamas or visiting France. If you’ve been inspired, you’re probably comparing prices to book the best relaxing vacation for the family. Yet, you might want to pack accordingly. Indeed, the typical kid-friendly holiday luggage includes games, sunscreen SPF lotions, an array of snacks, comfortable clothes and shoes, and essential travel documentation. But you want to bring your vacation planning to the next level to keep your family safe and happy. Here are 5 family-friendly essentials you want to prepare ahead of departure.

No road trip without a reliable vehicle

Are you planning a road trip to one of the national parks for the holiday? Glacier National Park in Montana is a favorite for accessible hiking, for instance. Yet, in the meantime, you want to ensure you can take your family safely to your destination. It’s not a bad idea to get your car checked, especially if you haven’t used it much during the pandemic. If you are worried that your vehicle may not be safe anymore, it might be necessary to invest in a new car, using a platform such as Edmunds to compare prices and options. 

Vitamins and probiotics

Long-distance trips can affect your digestion. Indeed, you might be stuck in a sitting position for a long time, which can disrupt the digestive tract. Additionally, people on holiday often overeat because they want to try all the local specialties, which puts your stomach under a lot of pressure. As you might be busy during the day or simply sitting through a long-haul flight, you could find it hard to drink enough water. So, it can be helpful to pack from vitamins and probiotics to ensure your family can maintain digestive health throughout the holiday. 

Cheap mobile phones

The last thing you want is to lose or break your phone on holiday. Unfortunately, visiting high tourist areas or going on a sporty vacation can have unpleasant consequences. Tourists are more likely to have their smartphones stolen as they take pictures or selfies, for instance. Losing your phone means losing precious confidential data too. So, to avoid any issue, you may want to invest in a cheap holiday phone, which can do everything you need. Leave your smartphone at your hotel, and explore with a relaxed mind. 

A phrasebook

Not everyone is a fluent English speaker. While most tourist areas will have some level of English, you can struggle in remote areas. That’s where the good old phrasebook can be a life-saver. A phrasebook contains all the essential words to address an emergency, such as medical assistance or theft.

Gentle cleaning wipes

Long-haul flights can last over 8 hours. Sitting on a plane for such a long time is uncomfortable. Besides, you still have a long journey to get to your destination even after landing. The last thing you want is to feel sweaty and smelly during the journey. You can buy baby cleaning wipes to keep you fresh and clean, even when you’re on a long journey. 

Are you ready to plan your next family vacation? Hopefully, these simple tips can help you have a wonderful time together. 



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