How To Make Learning Fun

Whether your children are homeschooled or attend their education in person, taking some time and effort to enhance their learning environment will make their school days brighter. Try one or all of these creative options.

Label the classroom

For students, especially younger ones, having items clearly labeled throughout their classroom will aid them in both locating and putting things away. When there are expectations in place for where to find things kids will be more self-sufficient, thus making your life, as the teacher, much easier. You will have more time to spend educating and nurturing young minds and hearts, and less time will be spent showing them where things are.

Use decorative trolley labels perfect for your classroom to identify a variety of things based on your needs. You can use them to label days of the week or individual students’ names. Trolley labels can identify action items for you, such as “Notes”, “To Grade”, special notes for substitute teachers, student guides, and the list goes on.  

Other areas of your classroom can benefit from labels, as well. Helpful places to add labels are where art and additional school supplies or cleaning items are located. If you have younger grades in your classroom, try placing name labels next to the clock, door, and other things that are commonly used to aid your students in learning to read and spell.

Create special areas.


  • Reading

All students seem to enjoy compartmentalized learning areas. They, especially, gravitate towards comfortable reading corners or nooks. Regardless of their reading level and ability, sitting in a cozy space with soft pillows and good lighting is a great way to engage the written word. 

Utilize the first tip and label the reading genres from board books to graphic novels to historical fiction and the like. Next, place colorful bean bags and cushions around the space in strategic locations to invite students in to read.

If you homeschool, encourage your kids to bring in their blankets and special stuffies to cuddle with and read to. At school, you can have special reading days where kids bring their small blankets and stuffies.

  • Art

Another area you can create for students to enjoy is an art space. Fill it with age-appropriate supplies and a smock or large shirt to prevent messes on regular clothing.

Add labels for all of the creative supplies they will need, such as paint, paper, brushes, etc. Give ample space to hang or store the students’ artwork so it can dry without the worry of having to shift it around for another activity.

If you have enough space, consider investing in some unique storage frames to display the ever-rotating gallery of artwork. When students observe their creations on display for everyone to see and enjoy, it gives them an empowered sense of pride and accomplishment.

A fun way to enhance artistic learning is to introduce a draw-along art project such as the one featured in this video.

Take some time today to reassess your classroom, homeschool, and individual learning spaces. Label the areas for easy understanding, organization, and access. Place inviting items into the room and start making learning more fun for everyone.

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