How To Improve Your Teenager’s Mental Health

As a parent, you probably know how important your child’s well-being is, and you take active steps to ensure that they are always in good shape. But how often do you pay attention to their mental health? Statistics show that 1 in 6 children has a mental illness annually. While it might not be entirely possible to prevent some mental issues from occurring, there are some crucial steps you can take to ensure that your child is mentally healthy. 

Teach them stress management


While you might want to shield your child from many harmful things, one thing you cannot stop them from experiencing is stress. Stress is a normal part of everyday life, and you must teach your teenager about stress and how they can adopt measures to manage their stress better. With the right skills, your child will be capable of juggling school work, exploring their teen years, and managing various relationships better.


Encourage them to unwind whenever they feel tense and help them find effective stress-relief activities. Such activities include journaling, playing sports, or painting. 

Seek professional help


Even though there are a lot of teens with mental disorders or conditions, just a few of them receive professional care and treatment. There’s no shame in getting your child’s help, especially if you’ve noticed signs of any mental health challenges. When scouting for help, be sure to look for therapists or psychologists trained in dealing with young adults. This would ensure that your child gets the professional help they need. Depending on your child’s condition, professionals may recommend various treatment options like rapid resolution therapy, medication, psychotherapy, and self-help planning. To help your teenager feel comfortable, you can take this opportunity to have family therapy sessions. Family sessions will help your teen feel less isolated, and it can be an eyeopener for both parents and other children who might be struggling. 

Help them improve their self-esteem


As a teenager, your child may be dealing with several emotions. A common one is an insecurity, causing them to look down on themselves. Therefore, it is important to teach your child how to be proud of who they are. While you can’t fully help them develop their self-esteem, you can set the foundation for them to grow. You can start by giving them genuine praises and compliments when they accomplish goals or even their efforts. Let them see that you are proud of them, whether they succeed. Doing this would help them see themselves in a better light and considerably improve their mental health. 


You must also provide them with opportunities to learn how to be more independent. Teach them how to make their favorite snacks, and, if they are older, learn how to cook meals whenever you are unable to do so. When they can do things without grown-up assistance, it helps them feel good about themselves. 


When raising a teenager, you must always adopt a more proactive approach to their health and wellness. If you see any worrying signs, you can speak with the other adults in their lives, such as their teachers and doctors. When you identify any problems early, you can better create a much healthier environment for your child.



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