Confessions of the Perfect Mom….
That is my blog.

To the outside world, I am the perfect mom. (Hence the name of my blog) Every group has one, that one mom that has it all together. In my group, I am that mom. I am lucky enough to stay at home with my girls, which I choose to home school. I have dinner on the table when my love comes home from work (on the days that I have to cook dinner). I can craft/create all kinds of different things. And lets not forget, that I am just about always put together; complete with make up on and hair done.

But lets be honest… There is no such thing as perfect. So, this blog started as a “what is going on behind the behind the perfect mom face” look into our lives. A peak behind the curtain, because who doesn’t like seeing the “perfect mom” have a Pinterest fail? As I wrote though, I rediscovered my love of makeup and books. The parts of me that are truly me, after being a wife and a mom (both titles that I cherish and love being), are on here. This is my little space to just be Kat.

Our family is complete with: three very well behaved little girls, (Tink our oldest, Belle the middle, and of coarse Baby the… well baby); a wonderful Daddy that can put together a picture perfect princess party at the drop of a hat, a rambunctious puppy and of coarse our cat who gets lost in the mix some where in there.

Want more of the parenting side of my life? Then be sure to check out my book: Confessions of the Perfect Mom: Baby and Toddler Years. It is a fun, quick, witty read all about those first few years of being a mom. Everything that every mom goes through, all the stories that we share: labor/delivery (cause you have to get those babies out some how), diapers, potty training, temper tantrums and so on. No matter how well behaved kids seem, we all have had those moments.

So here is my blog about what really is going on behind that “Perfect Mom”. The one you know,



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