• Valentines Day Decor- Love Trees

    Do your kids love Valentines Day? My middle daughter claims that it is her favorite holiday of the year; more than Christmas or her birthday. She wants to do everything heart the moment that it turns February 1st. Trying to come up with crafts for her to complete that won’t make a huge mess; and, be something that she can do on her own is often a challenge. So when I came across this AMAZING heart tree over at EasyPeasyandFun, I knew it was right up her alley. It is so simple, not messy, and ALL the girls loved making them. We did step it up a notch and framed them to hang up for the holiday, but really that was just because we had extra frames lying around the house.  

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  • 5 Best 4th of July Crafts

    Can you believe that the 4th of July is coming up so fast? Yea me neither. Where did the year go, and how is it possible that it is July already? It is here though, no matter how quickly it snuck up on us. For me though, I love this time of year. There is something about the long days, the heat of summer, watermelon, fireworks, sticky fingers and the smell of the grill going. Long lazy days, with nothing to do and no place to go. (Don’t you miss being a kid where you actually got the summer off? I know that I do.) What are your favorite parts of summer?

    But this also brings kids stuck at home when it is too hot to play outside. Boredom often brings out whiny crabby attitudes. Add the heat to that, and it can be a recipe for disaster ruining your long lazy day. So here is my roundup of some best crafts for your kids this holiday weekend

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  • St Patty’s Day- Simple Button Bracelets

    St. Patty's Day Button Bracelet

    Are you looking for something fun for your kids to do to with the St. Patty’s Day theme? Something that is fun, easy, and best of all quick? Then these St. Patty’s Day Bracelets are just the thing for your family to do. They are so easy to put together that even my four year old made one for her and then one for her BFF. (Cause every four year old has a BFF)

  • Gift Giving Made Easy- DIY Snowmen

    DIY- Snowmen

    OMG how cute are these little snowmen! Everyone seemed to love my DIY Turkeys, (Click here for that amazingly cute post) so I thought that we needed to do something for winter. And who doesn’t love snowmen? This is the perfect little gift for the snowman lover in your family. Plus they were so simple that even my 4 year old made on completely on her own! 

  • Gift Giving Made Easy- Oil Diffuser Necklace

    Welcome to the Gift Giving Made Easy Series

    Last week we had super fun Turkeys made from socks. They were so easy to make, and turned out simply adorable. You can check them out here if you missed it.

    Oil Diffuser Necklace

    This week is brought to you by The Hippie Hobby. To be completely honest, I had an entirely different craft planned this week (don’t worry we just shifted it around so you won’t miss out on that awesome crafty gift); but when The Hippie Hobby box arrived, I could not wait to put together this month’s craft.

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  • Cute Turkey ThanksGiving Craft


    OMG my girls and I (and even daddy) had so much fun making these. Plus, they turned out so cute and were incredibly easy to make; even my four year old was able to make one. They would make a perfect hostess gift for who is hosting Thanksgiving Dinner.

    Everyone has seen snowman sock crafts (oh you haven’t no worries, tune in in December for those. As a little preview they are way easier to make then the turkeys), so this is a little twist on those.

    Turkey Thanksgiving Craft

    Gather up everything that you will need:

    1. Socks (preferably brown or fall colors) Women’s and Children’s work the best. Mens tend to be a bit large.
    2. Rice
    3. Feathers
    4. Orange Felt
    5. Rubber Bands
    6. Glue
    7. Scissors
    8. Orange ribbon
    9. Straight Pins (with heads)
    10. Optional- Essential Oils (we like lavender)


    Step 1– You will need to cut the sock just above the heel. Put the piece with the toe aside for now.


    Step 2– You will need to turn the sock inside out, using one of your rubber bands tie up the side that you cut. Make sure that it is tight, you don’t want rice falling out. Once all tight, turn your sock right side out again.


    Step 3– Fill the sock with rice, to make it easier I put my sock inside a mason jar. When it is about half way full put a few drops of the essential oil in, if you choose.


    Step 4– Once you have your sock all full of rice, tie up the top using a rubber band.


    Step 5– About a third of the way down, use the last rubber band and gently tie off. Only tie the rubber band once or twice, if you tie it to tight you will end up with a bobble head turkey.


    Step 6– Cut off a strip of the orange ribbon, and tie as a scarf covering the rubber band. Use a straight pin to hold in place.


    Step 7– Using the straight pins, add eyes. Cut a small piece of orange felt into a triangle and glue on for mouth.


    Step 8– Now is a good time to cut out the feet and back out of the orange felt. I like to cut out/make a stencil for the parts before trying to cut on the felt. Winging it is not my strong suit.


    Step 9– It is easy to add the feet now before you add the hat and feathers. You can either glue the feet on or use some pins to hold them in place. I used both.


    Step 10- You will add glue to the back. Make sure that you cover most of it as the feathers will be attaching to it. I tried to use Mod Podge, but straight school glue actually worked much better. With a whole lot less mess.


    Step 11- Add feathers. You will want to place these into a fan shape. With my dark brown socks, I liked the contrast of white/tan feathers, but you can use any color that suits your fancy.


    Step 12- You will add more glue to the exposed feather base. This is what will be adhering to the back side of your turkey. If you tend to be a little glue happy, it will seep out and leave you with dried glue around the feathers.


    Step 13– Gently press the backing with the feathers against the back of your turkey. With the glue still being wet (or I guess you could wait for it to dry, but who wants to do that), the feathers will shift and move around. You can reposition them to if they press on weird. Now, also we found that they tend to push away from the turkey when it is still wet, we solved this by placing a few pins on it to help hold it together while it dries.


    Step 14- Woo Hoo almost done. You are going to grab the unused toe part of the sock and roll up the cut side to make a little hat. It can be a floppy hipster kind of hat, or a tighter beanie kind; totally up to you. Once you have rolled your hat, place it gently on the head of the turkey.


    And there you go! Cute, simple turkeys made out of socks.


    What did you think of this turkey, Thanksgiving, craft? Is it something that you give a try on or pass? What about letting your kids put them together while you are busy making the main turkey? Let me know what your thoughts are.


  • Gift Giving Made Easy- DIY Coasters

    Welcome to the “Gift Giving Made Easy” Series

    So I thought that I would do something a little different this holiday season (and yes the holiday season starts after Halloween). Every Friday from now till Christmas, I will post a super simple craft that will be great for a present, or something that your kids can make and give out to grandparents/aunts/uncles/family friends and so on. My goal will be that each craft will only cost between $5.00 and $10.00 or have items that you would already have at home.

    DIY Coasters

    Week 1- Gift Giving Made Easy- 
    DIY Coasters

    Coasters, they are one of those items that you must have if you are going to keep your coffee table looking nice for any period of time. But they can get awfully expensive, for what you get. How about a custom-made, set of six, for only $5.00 and twenty minutes. Yup, I made all 6 in 20 minutes (including the cutting).

    What you need:

    1. Tile Squares (you can get these at Home Depot for $0.14 a piece)
    2. Scrap Book Paper (if you don’t have some of this lying around, you can get them at Jo-Ann’s for $.77)
    3. Scissors
    4. Paint Brush
    5. Mod Podge (LOVE this stuff. Again if you don’t have any you can pick some up at Jo-Ann’s. I would recommend waiting till you have a 40% off coupon for it. Without it is $7.99 a bottle)

    That’s it. Super simple, mostly with stuff that you already have around the house. Gotta love that.


    Step 1– Gather supplies. Nothing is more frustrating than halfway through, realizing that you need something or worse you don’t have it. I am speaking from experience, as noted by my missing paintbrush.


    Step 2- Cut the scrap-book paper to the size you would like on the coaster. I choose just to have a center “runner” down the middle of mine. But you can frame it, have diagonal lines, anything that would you like to have.

    Step 3- Wipe off tile squares. Coming from Home Depot, they tend to be a bit dusty and dirty. Just take a wet paper towel and wipe them off.


    Step 4- Using the paint brush, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge to the back of the scrap-book paper.

    Step 5- Place it gently on the tile where you want it.

    Step 6- (I seemed to forget to take a picture of this step, but hopefully it is pretty self explanatory.) Apply a little pressure, and push down the paper and push out any air bubbles that are trapped. Trust me, you want to get them out now, cause it is much harder later.


    Step 7- Apply a layer of Mod Podge to the entire tile square. Paying special attention to the edges of the scrap-book paper. Make sure to get all edges covered so they lay flat. Make sure that all your brush strokes are going in one direction.

    Step 8- Wait to dry


    Step 9- Apply another layer of Mod Podge to the entire tile square. This time, rotate the tile 90 degrees so your brush strokes are perpendicular to the first. This will give you full coverage over the square.


    Step 10- Your done! Just wait for it all to dry completely. I always give it over night, but it certainly dries much faster then that.

    There you have it. Super simple, quick and cheap coasters. Now you could get all fancy and apply some felt to the back of them, but you don’t have to. Tie up with a pretty bow and they are ready to gift to whom ever you deem worthy.

    Have you guys tried making coasters before? How have you done it? Are these something that you would hand out?

  • The Hippie Hobby


    Do you love subscription services? Lets be honest we all do. Whether it is magazines, beauty subscriptions, or even just a catalog. We all getting getting something fun in the mail. It’s like have a little present delivered straight to your door, just because you are awesome enough to get presents every month, or every other.

    I have been known to get my monthly magazines, and my beauty bags (see here for my latest Ipsy review). But I have never heard about crafting monthly boxes. Have you? Mind blown here. Well The Hippie Hobby was amazing enough to contact me about their new hobby/crafting subscription. (Be sure to check out their website here, and don’t just jump and run. There will be a coupon down below to use on your first box.)


    They ship you the cutest box, everything is in a mossy green and cream colors. Which are so perfect with their brand. Absolutely everything that you will need for the craft come with it. No worries, that you will get this amazing box and not be able to complete it.

    Our box came with the craft “Hip Lips” Lip Balm. OMG, my house full of girls may have squealed a little bit when we opened this up. This is one of those crafts that we have wanted to do for a while, but lets be honest, it can get expensive to do. And trying to find all the parts is hard to do. Thanks to this amazing box we will be able to do it!! YEA!!!


    What was included:

    • Sunflower Oil
    • Organic Shea Butter
    • Beeswax
    • Peppermint and Sweet Orange Essential Oil
    • 4- Lip Balm Tubes; 4 Lip Balm Pots
    • Hair Tie (I love that they included this, even though every house with girls has these)
    • Even labels to make your lip balms all cute
    • Step by Step directions on how to complete the craft.


    I love that these directions not only have the steps to complete them, but pictures to go along with them. Even I was able to follow along and create an amazing lipgloss. (And I have posted about my Pinterest fails before, so you all know that these crafty things are not a natural thing for me).

    Okay so if all of this was not amazing enough. There is more. Are you ready for it? They also included a bonus craft!! Yup you read that right. In this box, there are two crafts to be done. How fun. AND… they included step by step directions to go along with it as well!


    This is by far one of the best boxes that I have seen. They paid attention to every single detail. They went above and beyond on the craft (and the bonus craft). Their packaging is cute, practical and perfectly on par. Overall, I am beyond impressed with this subscription service. It is an every other service, making not be overwhelming for busy moms. And at only $23.95 every other month it is a total steal. This box along, if you would have gone to a craft store to buy all the parts, you would easily spend that or more; plus the time in the store with kiddos to entertain.

    Give this a try! And because they are awesome, here is a coupon just for you guys GIRLSNIGHT. Enter it when you check out for 10% off.

    What are your thoughts? Is this a box that you would enjoy? What are your thoughts on the price point? Let me know if you sign up and what your thoughts are.


  • Introducing- Nicky’s Potions & Lotions


    I am so excited to introduce you to an amazing girl that is whipping all kinds of amazing products, right in her own kitchen!! The joys of Twitter, cause without it I would have never saw her tweet that made me smile and caught my attention enough to have me click over to her blog. One glance over there you can tell that she is such a genuinely happy positive person, who loves doing what she does. She is so passionate for her craft, and dedicates most of what she does to her mom. How sweet is that? I was able to ask her a few questions, check out her answers and there is no way that you won’t love her just as much as I do.

    Kat- What made you get into making your own beauty and skin care products?
    Nicky- I got started making handmade beauty products by discovering coconut oil. A friend of mine mentioned that she was using it as a moisturizer for her infant, that started the wheels turning. I picked up a jar of cocoa butter and a Pryex measuring cup and started to experiment. Once I realized how fulfilling it is to make your own product, I was hooked.

    Kat- What inspires you to make new products?
    Nicky– My inspiration for new products comes from everyday items. I believe there is a natural, organic, preservative-free alternative to almost everything on the market. I enjoy replacing my favorite products with my own alternative. The more I experiment, the more I want to make. My test group (friends and family) love with I experiment. 🙂

    Kat- When did you start making your own product?
    Nicky– I have been making the basics for about 10 years now. I started with aromatherapy and salt scrubs. I started experimenting with recipes  for the more advanced products, like deodorant, about two years ago. Experimenting is really fun in itself. At one time I had 7 failed moisturizing scrub bars in my shower at once. And there were a lot of “almost perfect” lip balms and face scrubs that I enjoyed before they were perfected.

    Kat– What is one thing that you want people to know?
    Nicky– Hmmm.. One thing that I think that I would want people to know is I only use all natural preservatives in my products. Everything is natural and organic. I keep my base ingredients to pure oils and butter with long shelf lives so the only additive that I need is Vitamin E oil. The idea of knowing exactly what is going into the products that I use, is what made me start making them for myself.

    And my favorite:
    Kat- Who is your biggest role model?
    Nicky– My biggest role model would be my mother. She was constantly crafting growing up. Everything from jewelry to oil painting. She was always encouraging me to try different creative outlets.

    See all of us crafting, creating, blogging mama, it does pay off, the kids do pay attention and it helps them later in life. She was so kind as to send me full size samples of her product and they are AMAZING. Better then a lot what I have spent a lot of money on, and they are a fraction of the price. Take a moment and check out her site store. My opinion is that she has the best product on the market for a fraction of the price. Be sure to tune in next week as we talk about each of her items, and what my thoughts on them were. You don’t want to miss it.



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