• How To Help Your Children Settle In At School

    When your children finally start attending school, it can be a nerve-wracking experience for both of you. Your child is likely very frightened to spend so much time away from you and their family, and likely doesn’t understand the purpose of such an activity unless you take the time to explain your reasons. It’s vital that you can take extra steps to help your children settle in at school, as their first impressions can have a long lasting impact on the way that they view education as a whole. Fortunately, this guide contains a number of innovative ideas that you can pursue to inspire and encourage your kids to love their school, and it’s never been easier to get started today. So, if you’re interested in finding out more, then read on!

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  • Keeping Your Home Safe When You Homeschool Your Kids

    If you are homeschooling your children, this means that they are going to be at home practically 24/7 unless they are out somewhere with friends. You need to ensure that the home is completely safe and secure for them to be in if this is the case. Of course, your home should be as safe as possible anyway, but it’s even more important if everyone is home throughout the day. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you should be doing in order to keep your home safe. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

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  • How To Make Learning Fun

    Whether your children are homeschooled or attend their education in person, taking some time and effort to enhance their learning environment will make their school days brighter. Try one or all of these creative options.

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  • Normal Teenager Behavior Or Mental Health Problem

    Being a teenager is such a difficult time. You’re going through so many changes and your emotions are all over the place. So, it’s only natural for teenagers to have mood swings and get upset sometimes, and all teenagers will act out from time to time. However, mental health problems are becoming more common in teenagers and it’s important that you are able to spot the signs.

    So many parents miss the signs of mental health issues because they put it down to normal teenage behavior and they don’t know how to distinguish between behavior they should be worried about and the things that all teenagers do. 

    If you are struggling to read your teenager, these are some of the behaviors you should be worried about.

  • 5 Essentials For Family-Friendly Vacations

    After the stressful time families have had during the pandemic, it’s time to book a well-deserved vacation. If you are still thinking of Disneyworld or family resorts for your first post-covid holiday, you might want to think again. There are so many exciting options that can be kid-friendly without feeling dull. We mentioned some new destinations in a previous article, such as sailing around the Bahamas or visiting France. If you’ve been inspired, you’re probably comparing prices to book the best relaxing vacation for the family. Yet, you might want to pack accordingly. Indeed, the typical kid-friendly holiday luggage includes games, sunscreen SPF lotions, an array of snacks, comfortable clothes and shoes, and essential travel documentation. But you want to bring your vacation planning to the next level to keep your family safe and happy. Here are 5 family-friendly essentials you want to prepare ahead of departure.

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  • Stressed Because You’re Struggling With Your Studies

    Do you need a bit of extra help with your homework? Most people seem to find themselves in this position! After all, we all have our good subjects and then those that we struggle with. If you are finding homework difficult, online help is the ideal solution. Not only can it be beneficial, but also it can be a much more enjoyable learning session as well. Keep on reading to discover a bit more about it…

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  • Unique Family Vacations for You and the Kids

    When you think of family-friendly vacations, you might think of theme parks, beach resorts, or various activities that are designed around kids. However, family vacations don’t all have to take place in “family-friendly” resorts and accommodation. There are ways to enjoy a vacation as a family without centering everything around the kids or sending them off in a kids club while you get on with adult things. If you’re looking for unique family vacation ideas that everyone can enjoy together, you have a whole range of options to consider. Take a look at some of the ideas below

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  • Feeling Involved In Your Child’s Education

    As a parent, it’s your prerogative to be involved in your child’s education. But for a lot of parents, that can feel very hard to do. Even when you’re home schooling, you can often feel like there’s a disconnect with your children’s studies and your role as both their loving parent and their responsible teacher. 

    It can be hard to get the kids engaged after the ‘school day’ is officially over, and you can often wonder if you’re making the right amount of progress with their education. And we want to squash these kinds of worries before they really take over! So what should you do? 

    Have a Daily Catch Up

    When your children have finished up in the home school classroom for the day, make sure to sit down with them for about 20 minutes afterwards and talk about how it all went. But remember, you’re no longer teacher in this moment!

    Now you’re a parent again, and your children should be able to notice that. As such, they’ll be more likely to open up and be honest! And you’ll be able to have a constructive conversation about how your efforts are taking off. 

    Use At-Home Online Access Tools

    Why not allow a bit more crossover within your home school environment? Sure, you’ve got a ‘classroom’ somewhere in your house where the bulk of learning takes place, but being more flexible with your learning tools is never a bad thing. And one of the best areas for fostering this attitude is the online world. 

    Of course, it’s a good idea to limit your kids’ screen time. But if you also teach them that the online world can be both an educational AND fun place, you may find both you and your kids becoming more engaged. 

    Indeed, programs like ABCmouse are a great jumping off point for families to get involved as one, thanks to just how accessible the online tasks, games, and reports are for both adults and kids alike. And it’s just nice to be able to crowd around something together, like you would a film or a good book! 

    Don’t Let the School Day End 

    Of course, the school day needs to end at some point! It’s not fair to keep your kids locked inside the classroom all day long, but it is fair to allow educational activities to cross over into normal family life. 

    This is especially true of the weekend; don’t let your kids spend 48 hours without thinking about school. Instead, introduce them to some fun yet educational activities that make total sense within the home. 

    Healthy baking, for example. Or PE lessons outside that aren’t structured, but your children get taught about their body limits and how to keep fit. And hey, a simple kick about in the garden can accomplish that! 

    If you don’t feel involved in your child’s education, take some time to think about why. Then, try some new activities that get the whole family involved. 

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  • 4 Decisions You Should Always Let Your Child Make On Their Own

    Helping your kids learn to be independent is so important. As they get older, you need to give them more freedom to make their own decisions so they can develop their own personality and become independent. Unfortunately, a lot of parents struggle with this and it’s a difficult balance to strike. Obviously, you can’t just let your kids do whatever they like but you also can’t make all of their decisions for them. So, what can you do?

    The trick is to let them make decisions that don’t have too much impact but still feel important to them. These are some of the decisions you should always let your child make on their own. 

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  • 7 Ways to Prepare for a Baby

    Whether you are pregnant already or are trying to conceive, you will be well aware that your life is about to completely change. From the moment you see that positive result on your pregnancy test, you are, in effect, already a Mother. You change your lifestyle immediately, and you are already thinking about the new arrival above everything else. Your priorities change as well as a lot of other things in order to accommodate the baby. No matter who you are, the baby becomes the prime focus, and you and your partner are on the back burner. If this is your first child, you will be going through a whole range of emotions, from wondering what it is actually like, having your very own baby, to worrying that everything will be okay. If you already have children, you may be worried about how your other children will take the news. All you can do is take every day as it comes and prepare as best as you can. To help you, here are a few things to think about:

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