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  • Tips To Help Create A Fuss-Free Garden

    A fuss-free garden is often what many people will want when it comes to their home. Not everyone is interested in gardening and so it’s a good idea to try and design a space outdoors that works for what you can do and spend your time on. There’s no point in trying to do something that is just going to involve a lot of hassle on your part. Here are some helpful tips to help create a fuss-free garden.

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  • 4 Tips For Looking After Farm Animals When You’re a Beginner

    Some people are happy enough to keep cats and dogs on their property. But you? You’re looking for something a little different. It can be highly fun and rewarding to bring a farm animal into your life, no matter whether you’ve just got one animal in your backyard or you have many over an acre or more. But of course, if you decide to bring a farm animal into your world, then you’ll need to accept that it will be more challenging than adopting a cat. In this blog, we’re going to look at some tried and tested tips that’ll help to make the process much more smooth.

    We have certainly been expanding the Ryan Farm here. If you have been reading for the last year, you can tell that we have added: Chickens, Rabbits and Alpacas!! (Along with the new greenhouse for all the veggies so the raccoons won’t get back into the veggie patch this year). Here are the tips and tricks that we have learned along the way. Hopefully, they will help you out if you are getting started.

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  • The Ups and Downs of Raising Chicks ~ Weeks 0-1

    We FINALLY got chicks!!!! Let me tell you how incredibly excited I am about these little babies. We (well me) have wanted chickens for years. Seeing them in the feed stores this time of year, every year, and not being able to get them has been heartbreaking. Okay okay; I “MAYBE” going a bit far, its wasn’t really heartbreaking but I did really want them. After years of hinting at wanting them, my amazing husband. Gave us the go ahead!

    We researched everything. From what types of chicks, to the types (and how many) eggs, to the types of food that they would need, to what we would need at home for them to be happy healthy chicks. We KNEW everything about chicks and about raising chicks. Yep we got this.

    Till it came time to order, then everything went sideways

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  • Owning Alpacas

    Life always takes us in unexpected directions. It can certainly be an adventure, and is something that you have to be flexible with. There is a saying, “You plan…. God Laughs”. Whether you believe in a higher being or not, that is a saying that rings true to us. This is yet another example of how we “planned” and the universe kicked us in the butt saying “nope, not gonna wait. Life happens now.” And we went from your pretty typical small town people to “almost” farm life overnight. With the addition of two little boy alpacas. Now I know the question on your mind…. Do alpacas make great pets?


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