• The S Word… ShapeWare


    Lets talk about ShapeWare. I know I know, it is a touchy subject and one that no mom wants to admit to actually using. Because, well we are all perfect and never actually need help to hold things in, or push things up, or anything like that. Plus, they are so uncomfortable, who actually wants to wear them? Well, this post is about to get real; lets face it, there are times where a little extra help (especially after Thanksgiving but before the big company holiday party) to make sure that dress looks the absolute best on you. 

  • What To Wear Wednesday- Valentines Wish List

    Tatiana_Chebotareva_ retoucher


    *This is a sponsored post. While I was paid to write about Candela, it has in no way
    changed my opinions. All of the pieces were hand-picked by me
    to chat about.”

    Oh my, can you believe that it is already Valentine’s Day. I can’t get my head around how fast this year is just flying by. Anyone else feeling that way? Do you all celebrate Valentines Day with loved ones? We do, but we normally just do small things. Maybe flowers, or a nice new mug. Nothing fancy, just small tokens to say I love you.

    I recently came across Candela, out in New York and have simply fallen in love with her style. Her entire collection is so feminine. Lots of bows, lace and sheer material; it is exactly what I would I would be wearing. Even though we don’t do anything to huge for Valentines day, I girl can dream.  Here would be my Valentines Wish List (or more practically, my Birthday list. But that is quite a ways off),

    shoe 2


    I am loving these shoes. They are without a doubt, my favorite item on her site. The color is my all time favorite color, plus the bow and how over all they are so simple. They could be worn with just about everything.  shoe 1

    And lets be honest, there is nothing better then the perfect shoe in black. Personally I would love these with a pair of jeans. It would really dress up your favorite pair, without making you look like you are trying. earings 1

    How cute are these earrings? Again, I am a fan of simple; yet elegant. I love how they are mis-matched. And would wear these often. Would you rock the mis-matched pair, or do you prefer them to match?

    top 1

    This is one of those tops that I just adore. How girlie can you get? For me (cause I am at heart a jean and tee kinda gal), I would wear this with a pair of skinny jeans, and those perfect blush flats from above. Wouldn’t that make just a great out and about outfit?
    dress 2

    There is something about this dress, I can’t pull my eyes away from. It is elegant, modest, yet you would look sexy in. If you click through to the site, you will see that the back of this dress is cut out, not quite to a backless dress, but really making a statement.

    Dress 1And lets end my wish list with this amazing, summer party dress. In my head I would wear this all the time. To just about everything. But the reality is, I would be so afraid of spilling on it lol. There is something magical about being able to wear a white dress I think.

    So this is my wish list. What are your thoughts? Would you want to wear any of these? What is your favorite piece?


  • What to Wear Wednesday- How To Wear Plaid

    Plaid, plaid, plaid everywhere. Everywhere I look people are wearing plaid. (Mostly not well) Let me start by saying that I didn’t like the plaid trend back in the 90’s and I am not a fan of it this go round. That being said, there are ways to stay on trend with this; without looking like a lumberjack.


    How to Wear Plaid-

    • Think accents, not full outfits. I have a great purple plaid infinity scarf that I actually like. It is nice to wear with my boots, some skinny jeans, a black tee and then using the plaid as my pop of color. It ties into the boots, for an urban cowboy look. It is small enough to not be to over the top, but still trendy.
    • What about your sneakers? There are tons of great plaid sneakers. Again this adds a small bit of plaid to stay on trend, but not so much to over power your outfit.
    • Last week, I posted about wearing boots. (You can check that out here) The other day, I saw a girl wearing some pink plaid socks out over the top of her boots with some black leggings. It was a really cute look, and even I would wear some plaid socks with my boots and leggings.
    • With a headband, there are so many options here. I have seen simple headband with a plaid bow, to full wraparound headbands that are solid plaid.
    • If you must wear a full collared, button up, cuffed, plaid shirt. Then wear it with a pair of jeans and either a simple black jacket or single colored hoodie. This way the only plaid that you are seeing is the collar and then cuffs.

    I think the main thing to take away here, is think of plaid as an accent; not the main look.

    What about you all, do you wear plaid? Were you into it in the 90’s? Let me know what you think of this trend.


  • Fashion Friday- How To Wear Boots

    how to wear boots2

    It is boot season!!! Personally, I wear boots year around. My cowboy (or should I say cowgirl) boots are out and about no matter the time of year. But fall seems like when the rest of the country pulls out and dusts off their boots. Whether they are thigh high boots or ankle boots, suede or leather, heeled or flat; there are several rules to follow to make your boots look great. Keep in mind that these are just my “rules” and rules are made to be broken. If you wear boots differently then I have listed here, leave me a comment and let me know how you rock the boots this season.

    1. Wear Boots with Jeans
      • Skinny Jeans There is no argument that a great pair of skinny jeans tucked into a pair of jeans is a classic look. It is pretty simple for everyone to pull off too.
      • Boot Cut Jeans There is a reason that these are called boot cut. They are designed to give you enough room to wear outside your boots. Don’t try to tuck them in, it always looks odd.
    2. Layer Your Boots with Cute Socks
      • Once the weather gets a bit cooler, it is nice to wear some thicker socks in your boots. Well the good news is, you don’t have to worry about hiding them in your boots. If you are wearing some fun socks, let them show. Pull them up over your skinny jeans (Or tights/leggings) and let about an inch or two show out the tops of your boots.
    3. Wear Your Boots with Skirts
      • Looking for a way to make the look a bit more girlie, then you can always pair them with a skirt. Both a pencil and an a-line look great with boots. You can keep your legs bare or if it is a bit chilly pair it with tights or leggings; just be sure to keep the color solid.
      • Just be sure to keep them the skirt at your knee or slightly above; to avoid any touching, weird skin showing issues.
    4. Wear Your Boots with Dresses
      • Want to make it even more girlie and feminine? Then pair your boots with a dress. Everything from simple cotton dresses, to lace, to red carpet can be paired with boots. Same as a skirt, have the hem hit your knee or slightly above it. Or unlike a skirt, you can wear a full length dress and still be able to pull off the boots. And again you can wear the dress with or without leggings/tights.
    5. Wear Your Boots to Weddings
      • Not if you are a guest, even to a country wedding, boots are not appropriate to attend a wedding. HOWEVER, if you are the bride of a country wedding, there is nothing better than a great pair of cowboy boots under that big beautiful dress. And your bridesmaids will love you for letting them rock a par of comfy boots, as opposed to horribly uncomfortable heels on the grass.

    Something to keep in mind is that if you are wearing your boots to be shown, it adds a lot of bulkiness to your outfit. Counter act this by adding some bulky up to draw the eye back to your face, away from your feet. You can do this simply with a chunky necklace or a scarf.

    No matter how you choose to wear your boots, there is not a wrong way to rock the boots.


  • Fashion Friday- Asking YOU!!!

    fashion friday


    With fall in the air and the change of seasons, there is a change of fashion. Our makeup becomes darker and heavier. Our clothing changes to warmer clothes of sweaters and scarves.

    And it seems that this season, we are having a lot of returning fashions from yesteryear. So today, fashion friday is asking YOU…..

    • What fashions have you baffled?
    • What fashion questions are on your mind?
    • What item has you scratching your head?

    I am looking forward to hearing from you. Lets get those questions started!!!

  • Fashion Friday- Do’s And Don’ts Of Denim Jackets

    Jean Is Back!!

    Whether you want to admit it or not, jean is back. And back with vengeance. Seems like a lot of the 90’s trends (be sure to check in next week to talk about plaid), are making it to the table this season. Most of my high school days were spent in jean jackets. Living in a small town now, where it is perfectly acceptable to go to dinner in jeans and cowboy boots, this is great. Get to be stylish, and warm!!

    But there are a few rules about wearing jean, you want to make sure that it is helping you look pulled together; not just lazy. So here is my list of the “Do’s and Don’ts” of wearing jean.

    Top 10 Rules To Wearing A Denim Jacket

    • Do– Pair it with a dress and cowboy boots. This is a great way to extend the life of your summer cotton dress for a least a few more weeks.
    • Don’t– Be afraid to have more then one. A dark one to go out with the hubby and a light one to run around with the kids.
    • Do– Make sure it has a bit of structure to it. It will help pull the waist in, making you look more hourglass shaped.
    • Don’t– Go the vest route. If you are rocking the jean jacket, then rock the jean jacket.
    • Do– Wear your jacket with a shirt that has a pattern on it, think stripes or polka dots. This will give the outfit a fun bit of pop.
    • Don’t– Wear denim on denim. I know that all the “it” stars are doing it, but it just looks odd to me.
    • Do– Wear it with the black on black outfit. I LOVE wearing my black pants, with my black tank, a pair of black heels, and my jean jacket.
    • Don’t– Have a liner. While it’s very helpful on the farm to have a fur liner, while in the city… Don’t.
    • Do– Add a fun scarf to add interest. Particularly in that black on black outfit.
    • Don’t– Be afraid to have fun and try something new.

    I am loving this trend. Loved it as a teen too (so glad mom kept all those old jackets after all. She always said, “Good styles will always come back into fashion.” Thanks mom). How about you guys, are you getting into this trend. Did I miss any “rules” that you follow?

  • Fashion Friday- Chic WorkOut Gear

    photo 1 (61)


    It is FRIDAY!! I do love friday’s!! My normal Fashion Friday posts have cute outfits, trendy items and so on. But this week, I thought that I would do something a little different. How about what we wear to all of our “keeping us looking fit” stuff (aka- exercise)? Influencer VoxBox had teamed up with Victoria Secret to help spread the word about their new workout line of clothes.

    While I don’t get to workout as much as I like, I do like workout gear. And on the rare chance that the hubby and I get to go rock climbing, I like looking cute. Yes, I am going to get all chalky, sweaty and stinky. Still, I like looking good anytime I get alone time with the hubs. Because I can admit to being vain like that, I will also admit that I was stoked when Victoria Secret came out with this line. Even more stoked to get it for free in my VoxBox. (While I got this box for free, all opinions are my own and are not influences by Victoria Secret or Influencer).

    In my pretty pink Victoria Secret box-

    • VSX Incredible Workout Bra– “A truly Incredible maximum support sport bra that’s perfect for running, boxing and high-impact workouts. With Body-Wick fabric to keep you cool and dry, and bonded, seamless technology for extra comfort. Plus, a super-soft elastic band and racerback. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport. (per Victoria Secret site)”
      • This is by far the best sports bra. I love that it has actual cups, instead of just smushing your girls up against you; and it has major support for them. Also, the straps are padded which makes it so comfortable.
    • VS Knockout High Rise Capri– “Second skin fit, sexiest butt ever: the VS Knockout capri pant flaunts the same body-loving fit and ultra-stretchy fabric of the cute crop, for maximum movement and style. Get a runway body in performance workout gear from Victoria’s Secret Sport. (per Victoria Secret site).
      • Wow. Is all that I have to say. These really do fit like a second skin. They are nice and snug, without being tight. I love that they are a little higher rise; instead of getting some cupcake action, it holds you in without being uncomfortable. It does give your butt a little lift.

    photo 2 (61)


    The downside to this line, it is incredibly expensive. If you were to walk into a store the bra will cost you around $49.50 (and up) and the capris will run $62.50. Per outfit it will run you a grand total of $112 + tax. Even with the 25% off coupons they sent with the VoxBox you are looking at $100. While I am in love with it, I personally don’t workout enough to justify going out to buy it. How about you guys? What do you spend on your workout clothes? Is this really what it costs to have good quality exercise gear? Let me know, cause I was a little floored at the price tag.

    This is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.

  • Fashion Friday- Fun Flirty Find

    Pretty in Pink

    Yes I have a slight issue with black and pink. Yes just about ALL of my outfits are black and pink. But no I will never tire of black or pink. Any ideas where you would wear this? While I have no idea where I would wear it to, I just can’t get enough of this skirt.

    • Skirt– I am in love with this tulle skirt. It is completely impractical, but it just takes my breath of away. This is one of those items, that when wearing it, there is no doubt that you will feel like a princess. It just screams I need a tiara to. Don’t you think?
    • Shirt– With as full and detailed as the skirt is, you need something snug and very simple on top. This will help keep a bit of a balance. Instead of going full princess, cause there are only very select times where a grown woman can go full on princess.
    • Clutch– To me this is the perfect clutch: simple, yet has detail. No more needed.
    • Shoes– These may have to magically appear in my closet. There is nothing better then a classic pair of black pumps, then a splash of pink on the sole. They would seriously match everything that I own. (You guys really have no idea about my fascination with black and pink) Plus they would great with a pair of jeans; think skinny jeans (enjoy those while you can, cause they are going to be making an exit this fall), with a black fun top. Or a tiny little black dress. The options are endless.

    Again no place to wear this outfit, but man oh man I want it in my closet. Having major clothes envy over here. What about all of you guys? Is this something that you would rock or just admire through the store window?

  • Fashion Friday- Top 10 Fashion Mistakes

    FF Top 10 Mistakes

    Normally on my Fashion Friday posts, I have great little outfits. Some are super easy ways to pull together your normal look. Some are meant to inspire maybe a date night. But they are all pretty much what you should be wearing type posts. This week I thought that I would mix it up a bit; and post a what not to wear list. Here is my personal list of the Top 10 Fashion Mistakes. Why is it a personal list, not just a universal list? Because I have made each and every one of them. While there is a whole host of fashion faux-pas, these I know from personal experience are just bad.

    1. Wide Leg Cropped Pants– Who doesn’t love a capri pant? They are so summery, a nice little shift away from a winter of pants; without having to be in shorts. But a wide leg cropped pant, will not flatter many body types. They make your legs look shorter, they don’t give any definition so you end up looking more box like, and lastly they make your calf look larger. So ditch the wide leg capri, and grab a pair of tighter ones. Skinny capris, with a loose fitting top, and a pair of kitty heels will make you look pulled other and still be comfortable.
    2. Jersey Fabric– There is nothing more breathable or comfortable then a little sun dress in a jersey knit. But that jersey knit, tends to hug the skin; and not necessarily in the right places. I have a little mommy pouch, you know that extra skin under your belly button, and this fabric will just accentuate that. Got a little bit more in the back side, this will hug and flaunt that too. So unless you are going to wear Spanx with it (and that just defeats the whole point of comfortable clothes) then stay away. Stick with cotton, your figure will thank you.
    3. To Tight– How great do you feel when you are able to zip up the back of a dress in a size smaller then you normally wear? I know that I have bought a dress (or two) simply because I was able to fit into a small. Just because it has some stretch in the material, does not mean that it should be stretching. Wearing something that pulls just a little bit because it is a big snug will instantly make you look a few pounds heavier. Instead, get something that is slightly to big and taylor it to fit your body. You will be amazed at how much better you look when it actually fits you.
    4. Printed Pants– Let me start by saying that I don’t like these. I personally don’t think anyone looks good in them, but they seem to be very popular. My daughter even as tiny as she is, has a hard time pulling them off. Anything with a loud print will add dimension to your frame. It will draw the eye, typically to the thighs, and is never slimming. If you want to be trendy, try a pair of dark colored skinny jeans. The dark color is slimming, and a pair of green jeans is very “in”.
    5. All Baggy– Lets be honest, there are days when all you want to wear is that pair of boyfriend jeans, with an over size tee. This will make you look slumpy and boxy. Boyfriend jeans are great, so much easier to wear on the daily basis running around with the kids; try pairing them with a close fit tank or a snug V-neck. That loose fitting tee, that is so great, make sure it hangs past your bum, and pair it with a pair of leggings.
    6. To Many Layers– Tying in with number 5, layers always look great; but be sure you are not adding to many. Want to wear that great new scarf? Then layer it over a close fit top, sans jewelry. Keep layers to a minimum to stay looking chic.
    7. Full Length Skirt– Can we say ” hello maxi”? I can say that I LOVE my maxi skirt and that I will continue to wear mine, while waving my mommy flag. And yes I am breaking two of these rules at one time and LOVING it! Mine are typically a jersey knit too. Yup they are jersey and full length; and I have no plans of giving them up. They are simply to easy to wear and a step up from my mom-jeans. But they add bulk to your lower half and they don’t flatter your backside. This makes you look shorter and heavier. Raise your hand if, even knowing this, you will continue to wear yours? <Hand proudly raised over here>
    8. Jeans have to much stretch– We all have had that pair of jeans that fit great in the dressing room, and after a few hours they are to big. Drives me nuts. Jeans with a bit of stretch are a great thing, they are so much more enjoyable to wear. But ones that have to much stretch, will give you that sagging mom butt look. When buying jeans make sure they have no more then 2% spandex to avoid this.
    9. No Neck– While it is summer time and no one is thinking about turtle necks yet, I could not pass this one up. Turtle necks are no one’s friend. When you eliminate your neck, you make your shoulders look closer to your chin this optical illusion packs on the pounds. Plus the single color from high up on your neck through your shoulders makes you look like you are slouching. Want to cover your neck? Pair a pretty scarf with a v-neck shirt.
    10. To Geek Chic On The Glasses– I am a huge fan of the heavy black frames. The geek in me cheers whenever I see a girl wearing them correctly. However as we get older, these will make our faces droop, show off those bags we try so hard to cover, and be to heavy for our more mature faces. For those of us that need to wear glasses, keep them light and delicate to keep us looking young.

    And because I love my readers so much here is an extra one for you: Animal Print. There are very few people that can pull off an animal print. My cousin’s amazing girlfriend can like no other. Between her teeny tiny size and the color of her skin, she has mastered it. But still only on a rare occasion does she break out a cheetah dress. So unless you are her, please just don’t do it. I promise you it’s not doing you any favors.

    What are your thoughts? Are you guilty of making any of these? Will you say “screw it” and continue to make them?

  • Fashion Friday- Classic Ballet Look

    Edgy Yet Classic Ballet Look

    Happy Friday!!! How was everyone’s week? Did anyone do anything fun? My girlfriends tease me, cause my entire wardrobe is white, black and pink. And 90% of what I wear is black with a pop of pink. My absolute favorite is a light ballet pink. It is so soft, so girly; to me just the perfect color.

    • Shirt– I do love a simple black tee. They are so easy to match with just about anything. I love the long-boat neck line. It will always make you look like you are standing up a little straighter and elongate your neck. The skirt has a black belt, so this shirt ties in nicely with it.
    • Skirt– You can never go wrong with a full length maxi. It will always make you feel put together. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of jeans. But you just feel different in a skirt. I love how full this skirt is, no worry of getting tangled up in it. The simple tie belt is such a great detail tying it into the rest of the outfit nicely.
    • Shoes– This is my favorite part of the outfit!! I LOVE these pink ballet flats. Seriously, I would wear them with anything and everything. Anyone else totally in love with them?
    • Bag– Again the tiny clutch makes an appearance. This outfit is something that I would be wearing chasing the girls around, and possibly taking them to their ballet classes. Making this tiny clutch completely useless and not what I would have. But a girl can dream, and one day I won’t need the mommy bag every where. Right?
    • Hair– How cute is this? Can anyone tell me how to do it? My girls would look so cute with this hairstyle. Makeup and clothes I can do; hair not so much. Help is always appreciated.
    • Makeup– I would do a soft smokey eye with this outfit; tie in a little pink and purple (instead of black). It would polish off the outfit nicely. Then a natural pink lip. Soft, romantic and classic would be the best way to play this up.

    What are your thoughts? Is this something you would wear running around with the kiddos or would you wear this on a date night out?


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