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    I will totally admit that I am horrible to my hair. I wash my hair every, single day. Do I use great expensive shampoo? Ha, I am a stay at home mama to three kids, there is no way that I am spending $40 a month on shampoo. So whatever is on sale is what I use. Now, if I wash my hair, then I have to blow dry it. Not much of a fan air drying, or wet hair. Then I curl it most days. Plus with it being summer time, I like a little lighter look. Like clockwork, I am at my salon getting all bleached out. Really I am amazed that I still have hair with how harshly I treat it. Do I have dried, died, fried hair?

    Nope. In fact, I get so many compliments on how soft, shiny, bouncy, and touchable my hair is. My girlfriends often ask me what I do, since they know that my habits are less then ideal. My response is always a smile, a thanks, then just a wave of the hand saying that I must have gotten great genes from my mom. (My mom has the exact opposite of my hair… I am straight, hers is curly; mine is fine, hers is coarse; mine is thin, she has more then what she knows what to do with. So exact opposite ends, but no one can argue with how fickle genetics can be) I am going to share with you all my secrets; but you have to promise not to be telling everyone.

    The big secret is just one word… LUSH. Yup, it is that easy. They have AMAZING hair care products. All of them, just like all of their products, are all natural, no testing on animals, and smell heavenly. This is my little army to fix all of the “stuff” that I do to my poor hair.

    The routine:
    1) Twice a week I use: Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Eaze. You put this on before you get in the shower. Rub it throughout all your ends, and all over. Don’t rub on your scalp, it takes FOREVER to wash off lol. Leave in for 10-15 minutes, then jump in the shower and wash like normal. It leaves my hair so soft and fluffy. The days that I use it, the hubby cant keep his hands out of it.

    2) On the days that I don’t use Fluff-Eaze, I use R&B. You apply a tiny, and I mean tiny, amount to clean hair. When I get out of the shower, I comb out my hair then flip upside and shake it all out so its loose. Then grab an amount that, at most, is the size of a pea. Rub into your palms then apply to the ends of your hair. This is full of butters and oils so you want to stay away from your scalp. Then blow dry and style as normal. It add so much shine and softness, plus it smell so wonderful. It keeps al the fly-aways and frizz completely away. That smell lasts too, going to bed I still get whiffs of it.

    3) After curling my hair, I use their Sea Spray. For the life of me, I can’t get curls to stay. My hair is so fine and so thin that curls just fall out. Not with this. No idea what they use to make my hair hold, and frankly I don’t care. After styling, just spray this on like hairspray. It really leaves your hair looking and feeling like you have spent the day at the beach, lots of texture and shine.

    Thats it. No other products, no other items. So what is your hair routine? Do you spend a lot on shampoos or products? What products do you live by?

  • And Lush Is Born…. Part 3

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    Out of the ashes that was Cosmetics To Go, a great company was born… LUSH

    Lush actually uses a lot of the same products that Cosmetics To Go did. Held most of the same principles too. In fact, LUSH even originally even had most of the same staff. After Cosmetics To Go literally drown, everyone went their own way. All landing great new opportunities, but they kept running into each other through out the upcoming years. Every time that they met, they would talk about how much they miss Cosmetics To Go. The fun work place, being able to create new and exciting products, being able to work not just with coworkers but with friends. They always left on the note of, “One day we should do it again”. One day came, and they left their jobs to come and create another company.

    LUSH (1)

    LUSH is born!!! They learned a lot about business and about what they wanted. They decided that instead of being a mail order company, they wanted to open stores. They wanted inter act with the clients, they wanted to be hands on, they wanted to see what people liked and wanted.

    For those of you who have not heard of this amazing global company, you are in for a real treat. This company is truly one of a kind. Everything they do, they do with purpose. Sometimes that purpose is “fun”, sometimes that purpose is for “karma”, and sometimes it is simply to be “gorgeous”. They are very open about their position on everything from civil rights, to animal cruelty, to using the very best products for their products. And off they went……

  • The Fall- Cosmetics To Go…. Part 2

    lush ctg

    The Phoenix is a fascinating bird. It is said that this bird will catch on fire, and burn to nothing but ashes. Once there is no life or anything left of this creature, that it will rise again. Out of the ashes will be born a new stronger bird. All great phoenix stories, have to start with an epic fail or death. And without the failure of Cosmetics-To-Go, we would never have the amazing company that is Lush.

    In 1977 the first company was born. Constantine & Weir was formed by Liz Weir and Mark Constantine. Liz was a beautician and Mark was a visionary obsessed with natural/herbal hair and scalp treatments. When Mo (Mark’s wife) would come home from work, her and Mark would stay up late working on different concoctions. They opened a small shop in Poole, and while money was tight they were growing and the three of them were happy.

    Around the same time, a little store was beginning to emerge as well. You might recognize it: The Body Shop. Very quickly The Body Shop became Constantine & Weir’s largest client. Within a few years, it was not enough to just be their client. The Body Shop offered to buy Constantine & Weir for a small price of nine million pounds, to be paid over the coarse of three years. Liz and Mark signed the deal. The only condition of the sale, is that they were not allowed to open any retail stores that would compete with The Body Shop.

    The solution: open a mail order company. On Feb 29, 1988 Cosmetics-To-Go is born. At the time typical mail orders would take 28-32 days to deliver once you placed the order.  Mark and Liz set up to have items turned around in a far quicker time frame. They were on top of the world. With problems of: to many orders, clients loving the product to much, having to hire more staff.

    While this seems like great problems to have, certainly the signs of a booming business, they ran into issues of: longer ship times, getting orders wrong, or not shipping orders at all. They began to over compensate their inventory shortage, by hiring extra staff to produce stock around the clock. They began to stock up for Christmas time. However, the orders started to slow. Clients were worried about not getting their presents in time for Christmas, or at all. The last payment from The Body Shop, was late. And fear that it was not coming was beginning to set in. To help save money, the company would turn off the heat system at night. Every penny that could be saved would be.

    Up on the top floor a small radiator sat, harmless really. And up there it was forgotten about. Christmas night, the temperature dropped lower enough to kick on this tiny little radiator. Late that night, Mark got a phone call saying that the alarms at Cosmetics-To-Go were going off, and water was seeping out the front door. He made a few frantic calls, and rushed to the factory.

    Normally the happy and upbeat workplace, looked like it was crying. There was water everywhere, on every floor. Everything was ruined. While it did not set itself on fire and burn to the ground, Cosmetics-To-Go simply drown. There was nothing to save. Mark and Liz left their crying factory, closed the front doors behind them. Never to be opened again. Cosmetics-To-Go was over.

    Be sure to check back next Thursday, to find out how the Phoenix rose into the beautiful strong company that we know today.

  • My Love Affair With Lush… Part 1

    lush vancouver

    Have you ever fallen in love with a product, or product line? Then found out about the company and fallen even more for how great the company is? For me that is Lush.

    My dad often summers in Vancouver Canada, and like a lot of parents when he comes back from a trip he would bring back little gifts for me and my sister. One year, many many years ago, he brought me back this fantastic smelling pretty package. I was so intrigued; it was bright, colorful, decorated with pure happiness is the only way to describe this box. I will never forget how that packaged looked. Before I was able to open it, he told me a little story.

    “I was walking around downtown Vancouver, looking everywhere for something for you. I looked in high end stores, I looked at purses, and leather jackets. I looked at jewelry and clothes. For once in your life, I was going to come, after being gone for the entire summer, empty handed. There was nothing that was saying, “Buy me!! I am perfect for Kat!!” Then I smelled it. The most amazing smell, drifting along the breeze. It was sweet, and spicy. It was like nothing I had ever smelt before, so I followed it. I tracked down the source of this intoxicating aroma. And there was this tiny little bath shop. I went inside and it was set up much like a farmers market. Full of baskets of soaps, lotions, bubble bars, and these balls called a bath bomb. I knew that I had found the perfect gift. This was saying “Buy me!!! I am perfect for Kat.” He went a head and purchased my gift. The amazing staff at Lush not only helped to pick out the items in this package, but wrapped it up so pretty right there in the shop.

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    Sitting in my hands was that gift. I could smell it through the wrapping. Eagerly, but very gently as to not actually hurt the wrapping, I opened it. Inside, nestled in colorful straw I saw four round balls. Each a different color; one pink, one yellow, one blue and the last green. Each a different smell. My daddy went ahead to tell me that they were called bath bombs. I was to drop one in my bath and see what happens.

    I was beyond excited. That night as I was running a bath, I dropped the pink one in. It started to fizz and bubble. The water in my bath changed from clear, to a light pink, to an incredibly dark sexy pink color. Then as the bomb started to get towards the end, it started releasing pink flower (rose to be exact) petals into the tub. By the time that the bomb was out, my bath was pink, full of rose petals, and smelled amazing (rose, champagne, with a hint of spice). After getting in I noticed that it was full of salt and oil. My skin has never known such luxury. I smelled like that bath until I went to sleep that night, and even still hinted of it in the morning. I was hooked. I knew that this was going to be a lifelong love. Every year I looked forward to when my daddy came home, and would bring me a package from Lush.

    Stick with me every Thursday as we explore this amazing company: their first company that failed, the birth of Lush, their stance on animal rights, their bath products and their new cosmetic (but not really) line. I invite you to fall in Lush, just like I did.




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