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  • Skincare Habits That Are Making Your Acne Worse

    Are you carefully treating your acne but still getting new breakouts? Your skin care habits could be the culprit. How many of these things are you doing with your skin care routine? Here are some skincare habits that can actually make acne worse, and what you should be doing instead.

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  • Monday MakeUp: December Ipsy Review

    December Ipsy

    Monday Makeup on Wednesday… Cause that is how my week is rolling so far. Actually it has been a good week, the kids have been very into their school work. Which is wonderful, but my attention has been over that direction. Please forgive the tardiness of this post. But I am sure that many of you would understand. So without any further delay; here is my December Ipsy Review (I am catching up). 

  • MakeUp Monday: October Ipsy Review

    October Ipsy

    Well Hello Monday!! Anyone else ready to just go back to bed and ask for a weekend redo? We had a great weekend, don’t get me wrong, but where did it go? It seemed like it was Friday, then a blur and now here we are at Monday ready for another whole week. Anyway, let’s get down to another AMAZING Ipsy bag. October Ipsy was a fantastic little bag (and a bag that my girls fought over). Plus the lip gloss/liquid lipstick is a perfect pink for Valentine’s Day this weekend. So while a little late getting this out, time wise it works out perfectly.

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  • MakeUp Monday: Easy Thanksgiving Look

    Can you believe that Thanksgiving is this week? It is coming up so fast. Hopefully you all are getting ready, and planning on seeing loved ones. And if you are hosting, that you have put the turkey in the refrigerator this morning to thaw. Don’t want to serve still frozen turkey. That never goes over to well.


    Have you guys seen the movie from a few years ago, Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn? They have to run around and see both sets of divorced parents. Anyway, that is our Thanksgiving. We will be having four Thanksgiving dinners. (With three kiddos in tow, this will be no easy feat) We won’t need to eat again for a month.

    Easy Thanksgiving Makeup

    Today,  I thought that I would walk through a great simple Thanksgiving makeup look. Something to make you look all put together, yet festive. And the best part, it will look great on everyone; no matter your skin tone.

  • MakeUp Monday: Sept Ipsy Review

    September Ipsy Review

    Woo Hoo we are getting there! Today, I am going to share with you my September Ipsy bag. And I have to admit it was another kinda blah bag. I seem to be in a streak of not to exciting bags, which is kinda sad. While the over all value of the bags have been amazing, the actual product is what has been leaving me empty.

    In case you have missing my last several posts, Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription service. It will send you every month a variety of samples; ranging from hair care, to skin care, to makeup, to tools (think makeup brushes, hair ties, tweezers and so on), to nail polish and even more. You will receive 4-5 samples of a variety of items. Samples can range from a size that they would hand out in a store, to a full size item. Ipsy has been going all out lately with LOTS of full-sized items. This making the value of the bag much high then the $10 a month that it costs. Plus, what makes this service above and beyond for me, is that it comes in a reusable makeup bag. For a house full of girls, these bags are the jewel and everyone wants it.

    What was in the September bag?

    • NYX Eyeshadow Trio- Full Sized– I was so looking forward to this item. NYX has a reputation for being a low-cost makeup (that you can pick up at any Target or Walmart) but high quality. This particular trio was designed exclusively for Ipsy. However, once trying it, I was disappointed. It had a ton of fall out, the colors did not blend nicely, and there was almost to much pigment for the blending ability. Even Tink (a teenage girl who loves all things makeup) brought it back to me saying that I could keep it. Boo
    • City Chic Lipstick in One Night Stand- Full Sized– Ok, I am going to admit something, I don’t like lipsticks. Yes, we all know that they can finish off a look, they can make you look more awake and polished. But I just don’t feel comfortable in them. Especially not in hot pink, bright reds, or purple colors. And Ipsy keeps sending me these colors. Needless to say, this is still in the plastic wrap.
    • Pixi Brow Powder Trio- Full Sized– This product was better than expected. I don’t need help with my brows, as I am a muppet to start with. That being said, this was a great little trio. With the colors given (a very light brown, a very dark brown and a highlighter) you can create any shade to match your natural brow color. It is very easy to blend, looks natural, and over all a great product. Even though I don’t use the color, I am in love with the highlighter.
    • Crown Brush Concealer Brush– This is a great, let me repeat great, concealer brush. It picks up quite a bit of product and applies evenly. It can leave brush strokes so you might want to pat your skin when done.
    • Vasanti Brighten Up Cleanser- This is a fantastic brand. I love it when I get these samples. It makes your skin so smooth, bright (without being shiny), and not dry or tight. Highly recommend giving this brand a try.
    • Last but never least (as it is always our favorite part) the bag Gold colored textured bag. This month it was a big smaller than the normal bag, but looked so glamorous. It will look great in my purse to carry my daily use stuff that my purse has a tendency to eat.

    Even though I was not in love with September’s bag, it was a great value and the bag was cute. What about you guys, would you like a subscription service like this; or would you rather use the $10 to buy something that you know that you like? Do you have an Ipsy subscription?

  • MakeUp Monday: Aug Ipsy Review


    Holy cow it is November! Hope that everyone had a great Halloween weekend. My girls over here were so happy that it fell on a Saturday. A whole day devoted to Halloween Prep. We went to the pumpkin patch, carved said pumpkins, got all dressed up, did our trick or treating, then snuggled up to watch a late night movie, The Addams Family. What a great day. How about you guys? What did you do to celebrate the holiday?

    Are you all ready for several weeks of review? I am determined to get all caught up by December. We will see if that happens though. In case you have missed everyone blogging about Ipsy, it is a monthly beauty subscription service. For only $10 a month, you will receive 4-5 beauty samples (some of these will be full sized product). Plus, a reusable makeup/cosmetic bag. The bag is what really sets it apart from the other beauty services, in my opinion.

    But for August, it was the first bag in a long time that I was disappointed with. It seemed to have missed the boat for me. While I love getting eyeliner in the bags, cause who can have to much eyeliner, it was black and I am trying oh so hard to stop using my black eyeliners. (It makes you look so much younger using a brown instead, and I certainly want to look younger)

    What was in the bag:

    • Marc Anthony Hair Oil– I am always a bit disappointed to get hair oil in my bags. Yes, it is all the rage right now. Yes, people love it. Yes, for some people it has completely changed their hair game. But for my thin fine hair, I don’t need the weight of the oil to hold it down; making it look, well, oily. This was a full sized sample though.
    • Hikari Lip Gloss in Merlot– Ugh yet another lipgloss that I won’t use. I am a chapstick, or nude kinda lip gal. All of these super dark “fall” color lipgloss are just not my game. But it was another full sized lipgloss.
    • Doucce Eyeliner in Black– I was doing so well, not touching my black pencil eyeliners. Really I was. Then this one popped into my bag and I had to try it for sake of this review. (See all for you guys) It is a wonderful liner. Very creamy, no tugging or pulling, leaves a beautiful line. AMAZING eyeliner. And yet another full sized product. This bag was certainly was a great value, based on the size of the products that were in it.
    • Eco-Beauty good night cream– This is one of those products that I have heard a lot about. Making me very excited about receiving it. I tried it the first night that I got it. It was a decent cream; not a lot of smell, and thick enough for a night cream without drowning your skin. But not OMG I look amazing in the morning moments; maybe for someone a bit younger, without any lines it would be worth it. So while I liked it, I won’t be trading in my trusted night cream for this product any time soon.
    • Trust Fund Beauty in Elegantly Wasted– One more full sized product. This was a cute lavender colored nail polish. I like that it was a muted, matte type color. It went on very well, but you certainly needed two or more coats.
    • Bag– My favorite part of each month is the bag. Between myself and my three girls, these bags are highly coveted. They get used each month. This months was a great bag. It was a black and white star meets chevron pattern (which we all love), with a hot pink zipper and interior. We may have resorted to rock, paper, scissors to decide who gets this one.

    How many of you guys Ipsy? What are your thoughts on the service? Would you pay $10 a month for a selection of beauty samples?

  • MakeUp Monday: July Ipsy Review


    Holy cow, it is October and I am just now getting to my July Ipsy review. Can you believe that it is already October? And to blow your mind a bit more, next week is Halloween. Wait…. What?? Where has this year gone. One day I will get these up the same month, but that is not today.

    In case you have missed it, Ipsy is an amazing monthly beauty subscription. You receive four to five samples (and a lot of time these samples are full sized products) of different beauty products. They can be makeup, skin care, hair care, or accessories. What I love about Ipsy that sets it apart, in my book, then the other beauty subscription services, is that you also receive a reusable makeup bag. Which we end up using for EVERYTHING at my house. Plus it is only $10 a month, so way less then a lot of other subscriptions.

    So this month’s loot was amazing! And valued way over the $10.

    • Eau Thermale Avene-
      • LOVED this cleanser. It claims to be soapless, therefore it is suppose to be non-drying, non-harsh, yet still very effective. It totally lives up to the hype. It left my face super clean, but not dry or tight. It came in a travel size sample, think hotel size.
    • Octavio La Playa-
      • The verdict is a bit out on this. It gave me some texture, but on my thin fine hair it gave me no, and I mean no, volume. In fact it kinda did the opposite. So maybe if I used it with some moose or something. But alone, I would not be buying this product again.
    • City Color HD Powder-
      • If you like HD powder then you will like this. It is really really fine, doesn’t leave a white shadow (so no looking like you just dipped your face in baby powder), and leaves a great matte finish. However, it has a tendency to settle into the fine lines around my eyes and some reviews say it leaves a white mark in photos. Use with cation would be my advice.
    • Be A Bombshell Chapstick-
      • This was amazing chapstick!!! I got the color French Kiss color which is what I was so hoping for. It is a very sheer wash of light pink. The chapstick aspect works amazing well, leaving your lips soft and pretty. Plus it was a full size sample! A win in my bag this month.
    • Tarte Bronzer-
      • Also another full sized product in one of my favorite brands. Tarte is one of those brands that always lives up to its name. This bronzer was in their classic shade of Park Avenue Princess. It does have a slight sheen to the bronzer. So not completely matte.
    • Bag-
      • While the bags are always nice to have, this particular one was not my cup of tea. I am just not huge on the Aztec themes. But as always it will come in very handy.

    Overall I was beyond pleased with this month’s bag. Have you guys tried Ipsy? What did you think about it? If you are not an Ipster what would you want to see to sway you to sign up?

  • Easy Ways To Look Younger

    Eays Ways To Look Younger

    In my head I am going to age gracefully. That one day, I am going to wake up and embrace my wrinkles and gray hair. That I am going to love seeing a wise woman in the mirror looking back at me. I am going to see a beautiful face, full of the life she has lead.

    But lets be real, that is not happening today or any time soon. Movie stars, models, and the like age (cause we all do) but without any outward sign of getting older. That is going to be me. While I probably won’t be getting any plastic surgery or botox, only because I am to worry about having some weird rare reaction. Then I will really be hosed.

    There are some very simple makeup techniques that can give you the appearance of a younger face. Best part, there is no crazy contouring to learn how to do, no “only a professional makeup artist can do this without looking like a clown” ways to apply it. Simple, do today, every one can do these, techniques; that are not going to take you any longer then you already spend doing your makeup.

    Now some of them are going to seem a little odd. And some you might fight me on (I know this because it took me a while to come around on a bunch of these). Some of it is even going to seem counterproductive. But I promise that they will all work and having you looking younger in a few moments.

    Lets start by thinking about what makes a face look young?

    • Big Eyes
    • Full lips
    • No Dark Circles
    • Rosy Cheeks

    Let’s break out how to achieve that look-

    • Big Eyes
      • Put down the black eyeliner and back away. This was the hardest for me, I am/was addicted to my black eyeliner pencil. Not only that, I was a line the waterline all the way around type of girl. While, my eyes always stood out, and it was the first thing that people saw; they looked small. Black line around anything will make it look smaller. Swap that black out for a dark brown. I actually use MAC- Brun now for my eyeliner and it looks perfect.
      • Don’t line all your eye. Again this was a hard one. For the longest time, I struggled with feeling weird without having any eyeliner under my lower lashes. But I promise you, it will open up your eyes without it.
      • Only line the outer half to two-thirds of your upper lid. And even a slight, super super slight, wing will pull your eyes upward. Mini eye-lift thank you very much.
    • Full Lips
      • This seems to be the one that I argue with people the most about. Don’t use a dark lip color during the day. Yes a bold red lip is always chic, but just like lining all around your eyes will make them look smaller, a solid dark lip will make it look smaller too. Now people will notice your lips, but they won’t have that pouty full look, that is associated with a younger face. If you have a lot of pigment in your lips, go easy with just a chapstick or a light, non-sparkly, gloss. If you are losing the pigment (cause we all will) ease up on the color and move to a light pink or a color that was close to your natural color.
    • No Dark Circles 
      • Okay here is one that you are going to argue with me again on. Stop using mascara on your lower lashes. While in theory, it would make your lashes stand out; making your whole eye area look bigger, this is not what happens. It can send dark shadows under your eye giving the appearance of dark circle.
      • Find a great highlighting concealer. Highlighting doesn’t have to mean having a sheen to it, but it will be designed to lighten the area. I LOVE No7 Radiant Glow Concealer and use it daily. While it is quite light, just blend it in and it is amazing. Plus it stays put all day, without any creasing.
    • Rosy Cheeks
      • Ditch the tera cotta colored blush. I am not totally sure where this trend started, but it seems like a vast majority of women have this brownish, orangish, reddish blush color. It is not a natural flush color and does not help your rosy glow. Instead opt for a blush with slight highlighting capabilities and something that is way more on the pink side. I use Laura Geller Baked Blush in Pink Grapefruit. It has a bit of bronze in there, way more natural pink, and a hint of shimmer. Also, Tarte has a great new blush in Glisten. It has a lot of the same properties of the Laura Geller.

    So what are your thoughts? Which of these are you going to fight with me over? Do you have any tips or tricks to looking young? Do you even try to look younger, or is that a weird me thing?


  • Monday MakeUp- YEA BirchBox!!!


    I am so sad to say that this is my last month of BirchBox. While I have loved getting this everything month, it seems like lately I am getting a lot of hair products and moisturizers. Which is good for most people, but I am a blow dry and put into a pony type of girl. And while I love trying new skin care, it is a big over the top. All these samples just get put in my guest room, for my guests to use when they come up. And if I am just stocking the guest room, then I don’t nee to be spending ten bucks a month. It is still a great service and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking into a subscription.

    This month I did get some great product, it just wasn’t my cup of tea. So into the box:

    • No4 Prep and Protect– Now don’t get this confused with the No7 skin care/makeup line. They are two completely different companies and products. This is a great leave in conditioner. It instantly detangles even the most rat nest of hair, leaves your hair super shiny but not oily, and doesn’t weigh it down.
    • Paula’s Choice Resist Barrier Repair Moisturizer- It claims to hydrate and firm, repairs signs of aging and reduces wrinkles on the face and around the eyes.
    • Dr Jart Ceramindin– It is a super light weight moisturizer that delivers deep moisture. It does have a strong scent, not a bad smell, but it is to strong to apply to my face. Plus it does not have any anti-aging properties, so not the best facial cream. HOWEVER, it is amazing on the other rough dry areas on my body. I use a pea size amount on my knees and they are now are looking great; same for my elbows. But it is quite expensive for a body cream.
    • Coola Sport Sunscreen- I LOVE LOVE LOVE this sunscreen. The bottle size is perfect to throw in your purse, it smells amazing like mangos, and it works awesome. This time of year you can’t get enough sunscreen.
    • Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner- Any other eyeliner addicts out there? This is a deep purple color, which I love. If you have brown eyes purple will make them pop; if you have hazel eyes the purple will highlight the green in them, and if you have green eyes then watch out purple will have them shining like emeralds. This eyeliner glides easily and has major staying power.
    • Then last, Pura Vida Headband– It was a lace trimmed light green headband. I say was, because my girls have already claimed this and fight over who gets to wear it. It does not sit well on my head, with it being like a big rubber band it doesn’t stay on it just slides back; but on my girls it stays perfectly and looks super cute. While I would not spend the cost for the pack of these, I am thrilled to get one in my box.

    Sad to see it go, but I am excited at the thought of finding a new monthly beauty subscription. How about you guys, do you have a subscription to BirchBox? What are your thoughts on it? Would you spend ten dollars a month on these samples?


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