• LOTW- 5 Minute MakeUp

    photo (36)

    I am loving all of the tutorials on all of the LOTW (Look of the Week), but they can be a lot of work and time consuming. Lets be honest, while I LOVE these looks and I do wear them often; any time we are going out with my hubby I crank it up a notch. For my normal, daily stuff I have a five-minute makeup routine. With all the girls, and everyone with more then one will understand, there is just no time to spend 20 minutes on makeup. Wish there was, wish that I had this luxury of quiet me time in the bathroom, and I could take my time with my makeup without any rush. And I would always leave the house in perfection. But alas, that is so not the case. Typically I have at least one daughter needing help with something, one asking me for the millionth time what I am doing and one MIA. If I remember to get mascara on both eyes, it is a success lol. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin your image of me to to much there.  So below is my 5-Minute MakeUp Routine:

    MakeUp Needed-

    • Naked Basics Pallet
    • Black Eyeliner
    • Maybellines Big Eyes Mascara
    • Maybellines BB Cream
    • Bobbi Brown’s Antigua- blush
    • BellaPierre Vanilla Pink Lipgloss

    Super Easy Steps:

    1. Line your upper lash line with your black eyeliner. By lining them first you will get the benefits of lining them, but it will be covered with eyeshadow to tone down the harshness of black eyeliner during the day.
    2. Apply Foxy to entire eyelid; lash line to eyebrow.
    3. Apply Faint on the outer third of your eye.
    4. Apply Naked 2 on your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Apply your Maybelline BB Cream all over your face. Blending with circular motions.
    6. Apply Bobbi Brown’s Antigua blush along your check bones. Again blend with circular motions.
    7. Apply BellaPierre’s Vanilla Pink Lipgloss
    8. And last but not least, curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    Super easy, super quick, and totally do-able. Even with three kids needing your attention (even if that is just to find out what they are into). How about you? What is your normal, daily makeup routine?

  • LOTW- Quick Classy Daytime Look

    LOTW Quick Classy Daytime

    Anyone else love a quick and simple; yet classy day-look? Something that won’t take to terribly long, but will have you looking all pulled together. Me too, there is something so great about knowing that you are looking your best without a ton of makeup on your face. Here is a quick yet classy daytime makeup look.


    Materials Used:

    • Studio Gear- CC Cream
    • Chocolate Kohl Eyeliner
    • MAC- Brule Matte Eyeshadow
    • MAC- Hoodwinked Shimmer Eyeshadow
    • MAC- Shroom Shimmer Eyeshadow
    • MAC- Omega Matte Eyeshadow
    • NARS Orgasm- Blush
    • Rimmel Mascara
    • BellaPierre Vanilla Pink- Lipgloss

    Step 1-
    Again I always start with my eye makeup. Any other makeup artist that you speak with, will tell you to start with foundation. There is a reason why it’s called foundation. And you certainly can. Personally I don’t like it. If I run into fallout, it frustrates me to no end to have to wipe off foundation and re-do it. So I start with applying my eye-makeup. Line both upper and lower waterlines with the chocolate pencil.

    Step 2-
    Apply Brule eyeshadow to your entire lid; lash line to eyebrow.

    Step 3-
    Apply Hoodwinked eyeshadow to all over the football shape area of your eyelid; lash line to crease.

    Step 4-
    Apply Shoom eyeshadow from the inner corner blending outward about half way.

    Step 5-
    Apply Omega to your crease, starting at the outside corner and blending inward.

    Step 6-
    Apply the CC Cream all over your face. Apply it by stippling it under your eyes, around your nose, between your eyebrows, and on your chin. Blend it in with large circular motions.

    Step 7-
    Apply NARS Orgasm blush starting at your hairline, brush the blush down your cheek bone. Stopping about two finger widths from your nose. Then blend using circular motions back up your cheekbone. Blend it into your hair-line up to your temple.

    Step 8-
    Apply Lipgloss to your lips.

    Step 9-
    Last but not least (feels like I say that every week), curl and apply your mascara.

    What about you guys, do you have a full face of makeup every day or do you have a quick makeup routine? What are your most important items to feel pulled together?

  • LOTW- Purple Smokey Eye

    photo (33)

    Everyone loves a smokey eye. I have touch on a daytime smokey eye (you can check out that look here if you have a moment), and most everyone is familiar with traditional smokey eye. Since the color of the season is Orchid, or as most of us call it…purple. I thought that I would so a purple smokey eye. Last week I did a green eye look, but purple is my favorite color to play with. I use it a lot in my looks, with my hazel eyes, it makes the green in them really pop.

    Materials Needed:

    • Too Faced Boudoir Eyes
    • Black Eyeliner- A kohl pencil
    • Mascara
    • Maybelline BB Cream
    • Bobbi Brown blush in Antigua
    • Bobbi Brown lippy in Pale Beach #15


    Step 1-
    Apply “In The Buff” all over eyelid; from lash line to eyebrow. This will give us a nice base (canvas) to work with.

    Step 2-
    Apply “Voulez-Vous” on your eyelid; from lash line to crease. You will want to start the color on the outside corner and work your way in, take it about two-thirds of the way in.

    Step 3-
    Apply “Birthday Suit” on the inner third of your eyelid; from lash line to crease.

    Step 4-
    Apply “Lap Dance” in your crease. You will use this to smooth out any harsh lines, and to blend everything together. Using windshield wiper motions.

    Step 5-
    Apply “French Tickler” along your top lash line.

    Step 6-
    Line your lower waterline with the Black Kohl pencil.

    Step 7-
    Apply “French Tickler” along your lower lash line; starting at the outer corner bring it in about a third of your lower lash line.

    Step 8-
    Apply your BB cream by stippling it onto the areas that need more coverage (under your eyes, around your nose, the area between your eyebrows, and your chin). Then blend in with large circular motions. I apply my BB Cream or foundation AFTER my eye makeup on darker looks like this, in case of fallout. While I have very little fall out with Too Faced in general, it drives me nuts when I get my foundation perfect, to then have it ruined because I have dark fallout that won’t just sweep off. 

    Step 9-
    Apply Bobbi Brown Blush in “Antigua”. You will apply a very light layer of this starting at your hair-line, and sweeping down your cheek bones. Then using circular motions blend it in. Then take the color up your hair-line towards your temples. You will want a very light blush, that will frame your eyes.

    Step 10-
    Apply Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Pale Beach #15”. If you are going this heavy on your eyes, then keep the look balanced by keeping those lips a nude color.

    Step 11-
    Last, but never least, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. 

    This is a look that I wear often, when the hubby is taking me out. How about you? Is this something that you would wear, or is it a bit to dark for you? Let me know. Also let me know if there is a certain look that you would like me to talk about. 

  • LOTW- Green With Envy

    photo (31)

    LOTW- Green with Envy

    This week, lets play a bit with some color. We have done a “Pretty in Pink” look and a “Golden Goddess” look. Both were very pretty, but they didn’t really let us play with very much color, since they were both more natural looks. Green is a color, that looks good on everyone. It will flatter blue eyes, it will make brown or hazel eyes stand out, and it will really pop making a striking statement on a super fair redhead. So, lets play!!!

    Materials Needed:

    • Green Kohl Eyeliner
    • Natural at Night- Too Faced Pallet (see review on this here)
    •  Big Eyes- Maybelline Mascara (see review on this here)
    • CC Cream- Studio Gear (see review on this here)
    • Bronzing Powder- Wet N Wild (see review on this tomorrow!!!)
    • Forever Young- LUSH Cosmetics (see review of this here)
    • Truffle Tease- Maybelline Lipstick (see review of this here)

    All of the products that I am using in this tutorial have all been reviewed by me!! Pretty cool!! You can click on any of the links to see my thoughts on each of the products being used.

    Step 1-
    Line eyes with the Green Kohl eyeliner.

    Step 2-
    Apply Spotlight all over your lid. From lash line to eyebrow.

    Step 3-
    Apply Full Moon on the inner third of your eyelid.

    Step 4-
    Apply Night Fever on the outer third of your lid. From the lash line to crease.

    Step 5-
    Apply Moon Stone in your crease and slightly above. You will want to start on the outside of your eye moving towards your nose, you will want to bring that about two thirds of the way into your crease.

    Step 6-
    Apply the CC Cream cream to your face. Stipple in on under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin and in between your eyebrows. Then blend in using circular motions. Always be sure to end your blending by using downward motions.

    Step 7-
    With the green of the eyeshadow, I am not a huge fan of using bright or pink blushes. I like keeping everything else very neutral and natural. So keep things simple with just a little bronzer and highlighter. Brush the bronzer on the hallows of your cheeks, about a third of the way into your face from your hairline, up along your hairline to your temples.

    Step 8-
    Apply a tiny amount of LUSH Forever Young just above your cheek bones. By having the bronzer under and a little bit of highlighter above you will make your cheek bones look a little more pronounce without a whole lot of effort.

    Step 9-
    Apply your lipstick. I like the nude line of Maybelline’s The Buffs.

    Step 10-
    Last but certainly not least, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara.

    Now step back and admire how gorgeous you are. People will be “Green with Envy”. Do you like playing with different colors? Is green a color that you would wear out and about?

  • Super Easy Daytime Smokey Eye

    photo 3 (17)

    Yesterday I wrote about what exactly a smokey eye is. (If you missed it, you should check it out here) Today, I thought that we would use that technique for a daytime look. Something really light and pretty for spring. It will give you a fresh face look, with the effects of a smokey eye without all the harshness.

    I am going to use the Naked 2 pallet. While this is not my favorite pallet, it has come great colors. We are going to use: Foxy, Chopper, Tease and BootyCall. A black kohl eye pencil and some mascara.

    photo 1 (35)

    Line both upper and lower waterlines with the black pencil.

    Apply Foxy all over lid: from lash line to eyebrow. This is serve as a base.

    Apply Tease only in your crease. Start with the outer corner and move inwards. You will want to take the color about two thirds of the way across the crease.

    Apply Chopper to out corner of eye. From lash line to crease. Be sure not to go above crease. You can take this color in as far as your want. I typically take it in between 1/3 and 1/2 of my eye lid, moving from the outer corner towards the inner corner.

    Apply BootyCall just above the crease. This will help blend any sharp lines, as well as, blend the darker colors.

    Last but not least, curl your eye lashes and apply mascara.

    Super fast and easy look. Let me know how you like it, or what other color combinations that you use out of this pallet. I am super exited to share with you a look that I use with suspect/snakebite and with YDK/Busted. While I have other makeup favorites, this pallet is without a doubt growing on me.

  • Every Day MakeUp Look

    photo 2 (32)

    How do you do your makeup everyday? For the days when you are just running errands, grocery store, bank, kids activities. Is it the same every day? Do you like to change it up? I thought that I would start a weekly post about the makeup that I am using that gives you some ideas; from everyday mommy makeup, to going out makeup, to black tie/formal makeup looks. If this is something that you guys like and want to hear more of, let me know 🙂

    So here is my go to, I only have a few moments to get made up, going to be in mommy mode for the day, look. Well it is one of the many, I get bored easily and don’t like my makeup to look the same every day. So it is my go to today look hehe.

    Items Used:

    • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation
    • Baby Face Primer
    • Kohl Eyeliner in Green
    • MAC Eyeshadows in: Hoodwinked, Brule, and Omega
    • Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer in Antigua
    • BellaPierre Lipgloss in Chocolate Creme
    • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

    photo 1 (33)


    1. Apply pea sized amount of Baby Face Primer all over face, focusing on problem areas.
    2. Shake out small amount of mineral powder from container, dip brush into it and shake off excess. Apply on face using big circular motions. Continue until you have desired coverage.
    3. Using a blush brush (say that ten times fast lol) apply blush to your cheek bones up to your hair line. More on how to apply blush coming in the next few days.

    photo 2 (33)


    1. Using the Kohl pencil, line your lower lash waterline.
    2. Apply Brule all over eyelid, from lash line to brow.
    3. Apply Hookwinked from lash line to crease. Be careful not to go above the lash line. It is your call, you can cover the entire football shape of this area. I normally go from the outside corner of my eye and blend inwards about two thirds of the way.
    4. Apply Omega to your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    photo 1 (32)


    1. Apply lipgloss to both upper and lower lips

    You are done. Not to hard, and doesn’t take forever. What do you think? What is your go to look?


  • Eyes… Its All About the Eyes

    eyes 1.jpg

    Our eyes are some of our most attractive parts of our face. Yes having a great completion is noticeable, yes have high cheek bones are said to show beauty, yes having a full lips will get you noticed. But lets be honest, its all about the eyes. They show our soul, they show our emotions, they can get someone’s attention across a full room. So what are some quick easy things you can do to make those beautiful eyes pop?

    • Conceal any dark circles under your eyes. They will make you look tired, and older then you are (no body wants that). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller. (I found this at the drugstore and will have a full review on it later this week)
    • Line your eyes. I like a black liner, with olive skin and dark hair I can pull it off in the daytime; even though all the “experts” say it is to harsh. I like to line my waterline (the little ledge around your eyes) with a black pencil. If this is to harsh for you, brown is a great softer alternative. You can get it in a range of shades, everything from a very light sand/beige to a dark brown black. Pick whatever shade you like. Lining your eyes will give them definition making them stand out. There are pencils, gels, liquid there are lots of options. Want to know the benefits/perks of each, check out here.
    • Curl your lashes!!! There is a lot of ways to do that. You can use a traditional curler, you can use a curling iron (not the kind for your hair but a heated eye lash curler), you can even use a spoon. By curling your lashes you are making them look longer, and making your eyes look bigger.
    • Last but not least a little mascara can go a long long way. It can do everything from making your lashes longer/darker to having them look fuller. See here for a post about drugstore verses designer mascaras. A great mascara can make all the difference. Again, I use a black mascara day and night. But there are awesome brown shades that are less harsh. Have red eyes, or bloodshot eyes, try a blue tinted mascara. No, you won’t be rocking overly advert blue lashes, but the blue tint will help cancel out the red in those peepers.

    A few simple easy steps, can make all the difference.

  • How to Primp for a Date Night

    photo 1 (21)

    You have been reading about how fun makeup can be. You have gone out and bought all kinds of new makeup; or pulled out all of yours that is collecting dust. Now what??

    Here is my going out, date night with the hubby makeup look. I am going to use (this is in no particular order): Naked 2 by Urban Decay (eyes), Pink Peony by Bobbi Brown (blush), Maybelinne Big Eyes (mascara), High Tea by MAC (lips), Stay Matte Foundation by Rimmel (Face), Forever Young by Lush (for highlight), Baby Skin by Maybelline (as a primer), and last but never least, Black Cherry by Zethina (gel eyeliner). This is going to sound way way harder to apply then it actually is.

    1. Apply Baby Skin to your entire face. You only need a pea sized amount to cover                everything.

    photo 4 (4)

    2. Apply your foundation to your entire face. Apply with a foundation brush for best           results, you will stipple (dot it on) it on then blend it in with circular motions.
    3. I start with the top and move down… So eyes, checks, then lips.
    4. Eyes-

    photo 3 (10)

    • Apply Foxy to entire lid. From lashes to brow
    • Apply Snakebite in your outer V area. (To get that outer V, you will apply Snakebite along your upper lash line starting at the outside corner towards your nose about a third of the way along your lash line. Then starting at the outer corner again, take Snakebite into your crease about a third to half of your lid based on how big your lid is.) Blend Blend Blend
    • Apply Suspect in your crease and just above it, following your crease line.
    • Apply Blackout with a thin angle brush along your lower lash line
    • Apply your gel eyeliner, I used Black Cherry, along your entire top lash line.
    • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.

    5. Blush-

    photo 2 (20)

    • Put a small amount of Lush Feeling Younger on your ring finger, and dot this along the top of your check bone. You want to take it below your eye and up around to your temple. This will highlight your eyes.
    • Starting at your hair line sweep, using curricular motions, Bobbi Brown Pink Peony along your check bone stopping about two fingers width away from your nose. Then take it up around your eye towards your temple by your hair line.

    6. Coat lips with MAC high tea
    7. You are ready!! Beautiful as always


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