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  • Monday MakeUp- Love My Ipsy


    I have been so slacking on these updates. I realize that. But it is because I get so excited about them coming, that I rip them open and go play with my samples. Then before I realize it, my samples are no good to take pictures of; thus no post. I will be working much harder to contain my 2-year-old response to ripping open packages and playing. It is a perfect monthly present, and one that we will actually want. Not that other monthly present.

    Ipsy if you are not familiar is a monthly beauty subscription service. You will get between four and six samples each month (and some months you get extras). Sample sizes can be any where between a foil, at the counter type sample, to a full size item. This month I got almost all full sized items! YEA!! Each month, not only do you get all these samples, you get a reusable makeup bag. That is what set this service apart from the rest. We use those bags for everything and anything. And best part it only costs $10 a month.

    Lets get to the exciting party, my June bag was full of all kinds of goodies:

    • Lipitide 24/7 Lip Stain– This came as a full sized item; and the color pay off is great, it lasts forever, and doesn’t dry out my lips (although I still put Chapstick on top of it). But I really don’t like the actual color. I am just not into the bright, Barbie pink color. Guess I am getting old.
    • Trestique Mini Eyeshadow in Kona Coffee– Another full sized item! I am loving this crayon, it is super portable, easy to use, stays put, and the color is amazing (dark coffee color, hence the name). You could probably use this all over your eyes, but I use it as a thick eyeliner.
    • Smashbox Photo Finish Primer– I have gotten this a few times now, while most people complain about getting the same sample over and over again, I am thrilled to get it again. This is hands down the best primer on the market. Smashbox has a full range of primers, and they all rock! A must try for sure.
    • NYC Liquid Eyeliner– Another full size one! I am terrified of liquid eyeliner, especially black liquid. This one comes in a pen form, and has really great reviews about being able to glide along the lid. Now most of those reviews are from twenty-somethings without any wrinkles or extra skin on their eyelids, so we will see.
    • BioRepublic Fiber Masks– Yea for more full sized products! Gotta admit I am so excited to try these. They come as a face sheet; ie nothing to scrub off or try to peel off once the timer dings. Makes for using masks super easy. They came in a pack of three: Aloe Rescue (revitalizing), Green Tea Detox (purifying) and Cucumber Breeze (soothing). Update- I have tried these and they left my skin AMAZING!! They are a must have for EVERYONE. Do yourself a huge favor and check them out here.
    • Last but not least the bag– This is the best part for me, I love their bags. The girls and I fight over them every month; they use them for toys and purses, I use them to organize my makeup and jewelry. This month bag is right up there with some of my favorites. It is an all black bag with a pop of orange for the zipper. The feel is almost a spongy type material. Very cool!

    This month I way more product then the $10 that I spent. Very happy with it!

    Do any of you guys have an Ipsy subscription? Do you like it? If you don’t have one, is this something that you would pay $10 a month for? What do you think of the samples?

  • MakeUp Monday- Poppy Picnic


    So I have had a thing for Tarte since I picked up their last pallet, Tartlette. They are just a fantastic company, that produces amazing makeup. Talk about excitement when I heard they came out with a summer pallet, that also includes a blush!

    Just like with Tartlette, all of the eyeshadows are matte. Which is my preference. Now before you jump on me, I like a little shimmer every once in a while. But for an every day look, or a smoldering night eyes; I prefer matte shades. But to balance out the matte eyes, the blush has a little shimmer in it. Not enough where you look like you were making out with Tinkerbell; but enough to give you a nice little highlight. And who doesn’t need a little highlight?

    It comes with six all new shades, a brand new blush, and so perfect for summer.

    • Summer Breeze– Is a yellow based nude color. This works great as a base color.
    • Sweet Tea– Personally my favorite color in the pallet. It is a milk chocolate color.
    • Ice Cream Cone– This is a very dark cool brown color. It works great for an eyeliner.
    • Barefoot In The Grass– This is a very light peachy nude color. It works great in the inner corner of your eyes
    • Peach Poppy– This was one shade that I was worried that I was not going to like. But it is an amazing peachy orangey color. It makes everything pop. Blue eyes will stand out, brown eyes will deepen, and green eyes will dazzle. It is by far my favorite shade.
    • Picnic Basket– This is a dark warm brown. Which looks amazing as a liner next to the Peach Poppy.
    • Glisten– Is the blush. In the packaging it reminds me a lot of Nars Orgasm. Applied though, it is not at all the same. It is a peachy pink, with just a hint of gold shimmer. It really does look like the sun kissed you.

    Plus this pallet took a clue from Too Faced, and included a sheet with a few different ways to wear these colors. I always like it when they include some ideas. It makes it super easy to use.

    What kind of pallets do you use? Do you like it when they give you step by step instructions or do you like to play on your own? What are your best summer colors?

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  • Full Skincare Routine Or Simple MakeUp Wipes

    NN Influencer
    *I received a trial of the Neutrogena Naturals from Influencer at no charge.
    I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions are mine.*

    Are you a full skincare routine kinda gal, or are you a wipe everything off with a makeup wipe, slap on some kind of moisturizer and call it good kinda gal?

    I fall somewhere in between, most days. If we are going to be completely honest though, at night I am never a full routine girl. By the time that bedtime rolls around, I am done. And the lure of just climbing into bed is far to great to pull out all the stops. Yes I realize that at night, would be the best time to get a really good routine; then your skin can absorb it throughout the night. You would get a greater benefit from sleeping with the serums and moisturizer on your skin. However, that is not going to happen. (Now in the morning is a different story. I like my full skin routine when I am getting out of the shower.)

    Knowing that I am a makeup wipe kinda girl, I am assure you that I have tried a lot of different brands. You name it and I have most likely tried it. Some have been decent, some have been ok, some have been down right horrible. The main issue that I have with most of them is their ability to remove mascara. It seems that no matter what I do, I wake up with  raccoon eyes. It is not a pretty look, plus it seems to stain my skin making it appear that I have dark circles under my eyes, even once I remove it. Not exactly what I am going for.

    Neutrogena though was a brand that I have not tried. It is a drug store brand, but it is kind of expensive when you are looking at a bunch of them in the store aisle. When there are so many options, and this on the higher price point, it was one of the few that I have not tried. Holy cow, was I surprised.

    The wipes themselves are not as moist as many of the others. I thought that this would be an issue, however it wasn’t. In fact, with the lower amount of “solution” it does not dry out my skin as many of the other ones do. The material it is made out of is more of a cotton like material, then a paper towel material. And is very soft on my face, without any threads coming out. My skin looks great; it is completely blemish free, every trace of dirt is removed, and even that pesky mascara is completely gone. From now on, these will be my go to makeup wipe. I actually went to to Target today and purchased another pack of them.

    How about you? Are you a makeup wipe girl, or do you cringe at the thought? What are your favorite brands? Do you get them at the drugstore or always from Sephora?


  • Skin Need a Pick Me Up



    **I was supplied samples for this post at no cost. All opinions are my own.
    Post does contain affiliate links**

    After a long winter, and the change of seasons, I know that my skin could use a little pick me up. A little TLC. While I love my No7 line and am very loyal to it, I feel like I needed to try something new; in the name of science, for all of you. In case you are not as in love with No7 as I am. Yea, that is why I wanted to try a new product. Strictly to help you all out. Hehehe.

    Well I happened to get an awesome (full sized) sample to try just for that purpose. Radhad Beauty was able to send over their Vitamin C Serum, their Retinol Moisturizer, and their Eye Gel. I think the best way to tell you about each product will be to explain them, in the order that you would apply them.


    Vitamin C Serum-
    It seems like Vitamin C Serums are all the rage at the moment. Just about all the lines have one. I have tried others in the past, and I do notice a difference in my skin on the days that I wear them. This one is quite nice, and slightly different then the others. There in no color (most of the others have a yellow to orange color to them) and it has no scent (again others have an orange scent to them). However, it is almost water like, so when you pump the bottle it can spill out if you are not careful, making it a bit harder to apply. Overall though, it is a great serum if you are sensitive to color and scents. It absorbs very quickly into the skin.


    Eye Gel-
    It claims to provide intensive eye care; focusing on dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. This is a plant based gel and applies a lot like an aloe gel, same slightly sticky formula, very cooling and you can feel it working. Personally I don’t see a lot of help in the way of dark circles. But it gets rid of all puffiness and fills in the little wrinkles. If you are ok with using a concealer for dark circles, then this would be a great eye gel.


    Retinol Moisturizer-
    From the bottle it claims to immediately and long term release to promote radiate skin. I really like the way that this feels on my skin, and the way that my skin looks when I use it. Radiate skin is going a bit far, but my skin looks better then normal. If you have more wrinkles or fine lines, this would be a great product! Something to keep in mind with this, it is on the thicker side. As the temps are warming up here in AZ, it might become to much to wear year round. It might get moved to a nighttime routine product, but it will stay in the rotation.

    Overall I am very impressed with how these products work. Below are the links to Amazon, that way if you are interested in giving them a try you can find them.

    What are your thoughts? Do you like to give new skin care products a try? Or if you found something that works, do you stick with it? What brand/line/products are you using?

  • Monday MakeUp- Tarte

    Tarte 2

    This is a pallet that I have been eyeing for a long.. LONG… time. There are so many reasons that I have been watching this one. First and foremost, I love that it is an entire pallet that is matte. It seems that all the pallets on the market have some shimmery shades, and while those are fun, personally I don’t wear shimmery shades everyday. I only wear them on date nights, so I get a new pallet and only wear a few of the shades on a regular basis. Also, I loved that the range of color. Yes they are all neutral shades, they are all browns. BUT.. you are getting warm shades, you are get cool shades, you are going to get that pop of color with the pinks. It has everything that you are going to need.



    These colors are AMAZING. One of the reasons for my delay in getting this was the middle row is very pink. I was more then worried that I would have a third of the colors that I would not use. Let me tell you, that this is so not the case. While yes, it had a pink tone; it is not overly pink. It is more of a muted pink-brown when applied. While, that row is not my go product, I can and do use it for a night out. The shades are perfect to draw the green out of my hazel eyes.

    I love how this pallet laid out. Each row are perfect shades to be used together. They really placed a great amount of time to find the best shades to be used together. They make it really easy to use, and completely fool proof. Then while those shades are great to use together, the entire platte can be used together.

    The colors are all matte, they are all in very neutral tones and they can give you a very wide range of looks.

    Starting at the top left corner the colors are as follows:

    • free spirit- it is a light yellow color, great for a base color.
    • force of nature- it is a very warm, almost peachy medium brown
    • dreamer- is a dark warm chocolate brown
    • multi tasker- is a very dark brown
    • caregiver- is a light, pale pink shade
    • natural beauty- is a perfectly named it is a mutted medium pinkish brown
    • best friend- it is the most pop of color shade in the pallet. It has a berry tone.
    • super mom- this is very similar to free spirit but instead of a yellow under tone it has more of a pink tone
    • wanderer- it is a very cool light brown
    • power player- it is a  cool medium brown with a gray undertone to it
    • fashionista- a black

    Since I got this pallet, it has been my go to. All of the shades are creamy. They are a clay based formula, which has more creaminess then a traditional powder. They are so pigmented, you only need a little bit of shadow to make a great eye. A huge perk is that it has major staying power, you can apply in the morning and it won’t budge or smudge at all.

    Was it worth the price? Yes, every single penny!! Has anyone else tried this pallet? What are your thoughts? Would you like a full pallet of just matte shades or do you like having the shimmery ones in there? Let me know

  • MakeUp Monday- ScentBird



    Yes I do have a thing for subscription services. They are awesome little presents that get sent to you every month.

    I have BirchBox, and Ipsy. They are both beauty based, and there are lots more on the market just like them. But ScentBird has something new and different. They are a monthly subscription service that sends you a 30 day supply of a designer perfume.

    Just like all the other services, when you sign up you fill out a survey. On there you will fill out what you scents you like, perfumes that you are currently using, things like that. Once you are done, they will make a lot of suggestions; Versace, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbanna, just to name a few. Then you get to go through and get see a full description of the different scents. You select the ones that you want to try, and they send them to you.


    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the packaging that they send them to you in. It is a purse perfect size AND dispenser. It is a sleek, black cylinder. The sample slides down into it. Then you twist, like a lipstick, to push the spay pump up. Then use is just like a normal perfume bottle. Once you are done spraying, you simply twist it back down. When you are done with your sample, you just pull the sample vial out and toss it. Pop the new one right in. Also, with your first order, they send you a velvet black, drawstring bag to keep it in. There is no chance that this will be spraying in your purse, no chance of leakage or wasted product. Whoever thought of this way to package perfume is a pure genius!

    When it comes to perfume, I have what I wear. I like that, but I don’t venture to to much. My sample they sent was Versace Crystal Noir. This stuff retails for $90. There is no way that I am going to be buying it for myself. Through ScentBird though, I was able to get a whole vial of it. And it is wonderful. Seriously it is the best scent I have smelled in a long, long time. It makes me actually want to venture out and try some other ones. My husband even commented on how great I smelled. 

    Is Scentbird something that you would give a try? Would you like it more then a monthly makeup subscription? What are your thoughts on it? What would be one perfume that you would want them to send you.

  • Monday MakeUp- January Ipsy Bag


    Do you love trying new products? Do you like getting a little surprise every month, like a pretty present all in pink bubble wrap? Then you need to give Ipsy a try. Each month they send you a fun package, full of 5-6 beauty samples. Some times those are deluxe sample sizes and some times you get full sized products. You fill out a little survey and all of the picks are based off of your likes. Each month, they get better and better, since they listen to your feedback on the items that they have sent you. All for only $10 a month, you simply can’t go wrong.

    This month I got way more then my monies worth AND they are ALL full sized products!!!! I think that is a first for me. To have them ALL be full sized. It was amazing, and I really love all the items in my bag.

    In My Bag-

    • BellaPierre Eyeshadow in Whesek- Full Sized $15.00-
      • I love BellaPierre. It is an all mineral line of makeup, that has great coverage, that lasts forever, and is actually good for your skin. Whesek is dark shimmery gray. I like to use this an either an eyeliner color with a flat slanted brush or on the outer corners of my eyes for a dark smokey look.
    • Pacifica Eyeshadow in Treasure- Full Sized $7.99-
      • This is a golden brown shimmery eyeshadow. It has a really warm tone, that helps brighten and open your eyes. I like to use this all over my lid.
    • Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm- Full Sized $12.00-
      • This is the best lip balm ever! It is thick, but not sticky or greasy at all. It coats my chapped winter lips nicely and provides instant relief. Plus the smell and taste is exactly like a Mojito, a nice little reminder that spring and summer are on their way.
    • Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush $9.99-
      • I knew that I was going to love this brush the moment that I saw it. It is a fun bright pink, not just the handle but the bristles too. It is super soft and applies your eyeshadow perfectly. It has quickly become one of my daily go to brushes.
    • Probelle Nail Polish in Into The Blue- Full Sized $6.00-
      • I adore blue nail polish. I know I know, I am in my 30’s and should have given up the blue, in exchange for more “adult” colors. But I am digging the blue. And this was a great polish, it does need two coats, but even after a week it has not chipped at all. Plus it is a great sky blue color. LOVE it.
    • This Months Bag-
      • The thing that sets Ipsy apart for me, and makes it my favorite subscription, is that each month it comes in a reusable makeup bag. We (my little ones and I) use them for all kinds of things. But they never go to waste. Some months are awesome, and some are not my favorite. This month was a bag that is not our favorite, but it was still cute and simple. One side is a solid blue and the other is a solid white; with an orange interior.

    With everything being a full size, this month’s bag is worth $50.98!! That is right over $50 worth of products that I am loving. Is it worth the price? I think so!! Do any of you guys use Ipsy? What are your thoughts on monthly beauty subscriptions?


  • Monday MakeUp- Pure Glamour Easy Day Look

    Who doesn’t love a great pallet. Then take it a step further and not only send over the eyeshadows, but lets add the blush, eyeliner and throw in a great brush!! Plus jot down a few different ways use to use the kit. Who would LOVE and want that? I know I do.


    This little box come with all those goodies. It’s from my current favorite brand Boots No7. Seriously if you have not popped over to Walgreens (I know odd place to buy makeup), to pick up some of there products; you are sorely missing out. Their makeup line is just as good, if not better, then the more expensive brands. They have a fantastic range of colors and products to choose from. To see more reviews of No7 see here and here.


    In this box you are going to receive:

    • Light Gray Brown Eyeshadow- This has a satin finish
    • Dark Gray Brown Eyeshadow- This has more of a glitter finish. Not overly sparkly though.
    • Blush in Soft Damson- This is a super soft pink matte blush
    • Nude Pink Lipgloss- This has lots of shine, subtle color and NO stickiness.
    • Black Pencil Eyeliner- Complete with a smudger at the end.
    • Last but not Least A Directional Powder Brush- I thought that this would be way to big for a blush brush, and there was no powder that came with the set. But after giving it a try, I love it. It gives a big wash of soft color. Totally my go to brush now with my matte blushes.

    So here is my favorite look with this kit. We do need to add MAC Brule eyeshadow and your favorite mascara.

    1. Apply MAC Brule all over eyelid, from lash to eyebrow (If you are luck enough not to have lots of veins on your eyelid you can skip this step, but I need a little help)
    2. Apply the No7 light gray brown shade on eyelid; from lash to the crease and corner to corner.
    3. Apply the No7 dark gray brown shade along the lash line.
    4. Use the No7 eyeliner and line upper lash line, then using the smudge side smudge the line into a soft line.
    5. Apply your favorite mascara to both upper and lower lashes
    6. Using the Directional Powder Brush apply blush to cheeks sweeping up to hairline and up to temples.
    7. Apply the lipgloss and you are all set

    Great kit, easy to use, lots of ways to go from a simple day look to an evening out on the town. Plus the entire kit is only $25. You can’t even get two shadows at MAC for that price.

    Who all has given this brand a try? What is your favorite brand? Or what is your go to look?

  • Monday MakeUp- Paula Dorf Blush

    paula dorf ecstasy blush a

    I am on HUGE blush kick right now. Once I started to find the right shades and formulas for my face (skin tone, complexion, and coloring), it is like this crazy world opened up. Where I am looking younger, healthier and more awake then ever before. And it was as simple as changing the blush that I am wearing.

    My favorite blush (at the moment, because we all know that my favorites change often), is Paula Dorf’s blush in Passion. You may remember that I have tried some of her other products before with amazing results. (You can find them here). This blush is simply perfect. So perfect, that most days now I skip the foundation all together, and just apply this blush. It is a bit brighter then what I normally wear, so while it is great for winter; I don’t know how it will work with my summer makeup. But even with it being brighter, it is a great natural flush. Seriously it looks like you have just enjoyed some time out in the winter air with a loved one.

    For the best results, I apply it a little differently then my normal blush routine (you can see that here). Here is how I apply it:

    1. Tap my blush brush on the blush a few times. You want to be able to pick up some color, but you don’t need very much at all
    2. Look in the mirror and imagine a space about two fingers width from your nose, start stippling it there. Gently tap the blush up your cheek bones and up your hair line to your temple. The color should be less intense with each tap.
    3. Blend, Blend, Blend

    While I am not normally one to push the blush on the apples of the cheek person, with this particular shade and for winter, it does give a great natural flushing. Seriously you look like you just enjoyed the day out in the crisp winter snow, without also having your nose and eyes all red.

    Right now, they are also offering a 20% off any cheek color. Just use code CHEEK.

    What about you all, do you wear heavier blush in the winter time? What is your current favorite?

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  • Christmas Eve Look

    Is everyone ready for Christmas? Are all the stocking hung by the chimney with care?Can you believe that tomorrow, like TOMORROW is Christmas Eve? Where did December go? We are mostly ready over here, I do try to get things lined up well in advance; because I don’t like the added stress of racing around to find things that have long been sold out. BUT….. I have yet to start wrapping anything. I am a major procrastinator when it comes to wrapping. Anyone else? Well since tomorrow is Christmas Eve, then lets not waste any more time and get to the point.. A great Christmas Eve makeup look


    I know that I have talked about Boots No7 before, but it is by far one of my favorite brands. Everything that they do from lipsticks to skin care, is just of the highest quality. It out preforms (in my opinion) the majority of the higher priced brands. That is why I was THRILLED when they sent me this mini pallet to try. So this post will have a review AND a quick easy Christmas Eve Eye Look.

    It has 8 wonderful shades that all blend so easily and work well together. It is a bit on the neutral/cool side, but for winter that is right on trend. I love all the gray and purple tones.

    1. Is a very slightly shimmery white. Great for highlighting
    2. Is a minor glittery gray.
    3. Is a pearl peach color. This is great as your base color.
    4. Is a highly glittery purple/gray color.
    5. Is (the only) matte light brown color. I love this for blending.
    6. Is a dark glittery purple, think eggplant.
    7. Is a shimmery nude color. This is actually my favorite in the set.
    8. It a dark shimmery black. Perfect for lining your eyes with.

    All of this for only $10. Yup that is right, go to any Walgreens or some Targets, you can get this awesome pallet for only $10. And it has the same staying power, and intensity of any of the luxury brand. A great makeup.

    Onto the easy Christmas Eve look, now for me I tend not to go to dark for Christmas and Christmas Eve. I like staying in the sweet side.

    1. Apply #3 from lash to brow.
    2. Apply #7 starting at your outer corner, working in. Bring color in about halfway. Making sure not to bring above your crease.
    3. Apply #5 in your crease and slightly above.
    4. Apply #1 just under your eyebrows.
    5. {Optional} I like to line my upper lash line with my Kajal Eyeliner in Rose Gold.
    6. Coat with No7 Mascara

    Super easy and still festive for the holiday. What about you, what is your look for Christmas Eve? Do you go Naughty or Nice?


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