• Should You Consult Your Kids Before Deciding To Move House

    Moving to a new house can be a big step in your family’s life. It means a complete change of scenery in the home – and it could also mean you move to an entirely new setting. A lot can be different after a move, so it’s not a decision to take lightly. 

    Naturally, you’ll have so many things to think about before deciding if a move is right for you. With that in mind, a lot of parents wonder if they should consult their kids about this sort of thing. Should you ask for their opinions and see how they feel about potentially moving? Or, is this a decision that’s strictly for the adults to make? 

    You can make arguments for or against this, so let’s look at both sides of the equation!

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  • Is There Such A Thing As A Clean House When You Have A Newborn?

    Overloaded kitchen sides and a living room brimming with new toys are prerequisites for the first days and months of life with a newborn. Cleaning naturally slides as you spend every waking minute either sleeping with, feeding, or just staring at your new bundle of joy. Nothing beats it but, if you’re a naturally clean person, it’s surprising how stressful a messy house can become quite quickly. 

    Yes, you’re lost in your happy newborn bubble and the house doesn’t really matter, but before you know it, you might start feeling a little claustrophobic amongst the mess. And that’s not to mention all the visitors who are likely to be in and out! But, how exactly do you manage to juggle cleaning when you’re already so busy with your baby? 

    The good news is that, as many moms will tell you, there is such a thing as a clean house with a newborn in tow. All you need to do is change your approach in the following ways. 


    # 1 – Find ways to keep your baby distracted


    Cleaning is never going to happen if you have a baby in one hand and a brush in the other. Trust us; that’s a juggling act that will only end badly. That said, most moms find that they’re only able to put their baby’s down during nap time which, as we all know, should always be reserved for catching up on your own precious sleep. 

    With that in mind, you need to turn to solutions that allow you to put your baby somewhere that they’re happily distracted while you tackle whatever needs doing around the house. There are a few options that can make a huge difference here, with playmats proving fantastic at keeping even tiny babies distracted while you get on. Buying a baby bouncer could also allow you to go hands-free while your baby entertains itself. Do note that these options do still require a watchful eye, but taking these items around the house with you as you clean can be a fun way to keep your baby close, while also tackling that growing pile of laundry, washing up or whatever else. 


    # 2 – Make sure to clean as you go


    While you will likely have a large pile of cleaning to tackle as you first leave that newborn haze, it is possible to tackle cleaning as you go when the initial onslaught is behind you. After all, you have limited time on your hands now, so cleaning for a few minutes at a time here or there is guaranteed to work best. 

    Get into the habit of unloading the dishwasher every morning so that you can put plates and dishes straight in as they get dirty, or wipe down the side while you’re waiting for baby’s bottle to reach drinking temperature. Even just wiping down the bathroom after you’ve had a shower saves you from ever having to take longer than ten minutes or so away from the all-important task of playing with your baby. 


    # 3 – Develop a rota


    Unfortunately, some cleaning chores, like making the bed and vacuuming, don’t exactly arise on an ‘as-you-go’ basis, making them easy to overlook with your attention so occupied. 

    To overcome this, develop a rota that helps you to keep on top of these tasks too. Something as simple as a list of to-dos that you roll from one week to the next is all it takes. That way, you can refer back whenever you find yourself with a spare moment, and ensure that you get straight on with whatever task comes next on that list. 


    # 4 – Don’t be afraid to ask for help


    Even if you have the best of intentions, there are going to be days where your baby doesn’t want to be put down, or where you’re just too tired from the night before to even think about the house. In this instance, asking for help with your chores is the best possible thing you can do. After all, you might as well make the most of those visitors!

    Even if you’re embarrassed to breach the topic, those guests are there to help you as much as they can. By simply asking if they would mind putting a load of laundry on or running a wet cloth around the kitchen, you can take a great weight off your shoulders. And, given that it frees you to focus on your baby 100%, that’s got to be a good thing.


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  • How To Keep A Clean House


    Isn’t this what every person wants? To come home and have a clean (and presentable house)? Now in my fantasy, I would have the little cleaning fairies come in and clean my house for me. That way I don’t have to do any actual cleaning. Cause lets be honest who likes doing that? But alas, the fairies have lost my address and don’t visit me. This forced me to come up with a system to keep my house acceptable, without it being all that I do.

    There are two ways to tackling cleaning your house. First, you can pick a day and have a once a week cleaning day. This is what we did growing up, and it was always Saturday morning. Trust me it stunk to waste my Saturday scrubbing bathrooms. The second, is what I prefer now and what I will be showing you, break it out into little bits every day.

    I am a HUGE fan of breaking things up. As you could tell from my post How To Prepare For Overnight Guests, which you can find here. It makes it easy to check it off your list and move on. Plus, your house will always be ready for people to pop by. Well in theory, it will always be ready.

    How To Clean


    There is my break out. I have a few items to do every morning, and a few items to do every night. Easy, quick, little things that make life a little easier and prettier.

    My daily chores are the bigger items, the ones that you don’t really want to do but have to do. The breakout is:

    • Monday
      • Meal Plan
      • Grocery Shop
    • Tuesday
      • Bathrooms
    • Wednesday
      • Dust (including blinds, shutters and so on)
    • Thursday
      • Vacuum or Mop
    • Friday
      • Scrub Kitchen (including cleaning out the fridge)

    And you can see that I am boycotting cleaning on the weekends all together now as an adult. There is no need to waste your precious downtime scrubbing the floor. My girls have to take care of their own bedrooms and the school room.

    That is my plan, how do you tackling cleaning your house? Did I miss any big chores that need to be done? Let me know.

  • This House Needs A Mouse


    This House Needs A Mouse has to be one of the cutest books out there. It starts:

    “This is the story of a house. An ordinary house with ordinary windows and ordinary doors. Ordinary ceilings and ordinary floors…. and three families.”

    But even before we started to read it, they loved it. When I got it out of the mail I placed it on our coffee table, before I could go get my cup of tea, the girls were fascinated with the illustrations. Every page was full of color, and more then that… life. There is not an inch ANYWHERE in this book that is dull, or not filled with amazing drawings of what is going on. It immediately sparked the interest and imagination of my little girls. They were making up stories to go along with each page before I was back with my cup of tea.

    Then once we started into actually reading this book, they were hooked. They simply fell in love with this little mouse. (They were very upset though, no where in the story did he get a name. So we named him Pip) They were happy when we found a house, they boo-ed when the family was mean, and cheered at the end.

    It was wonderful to see my girls so excited about a book. And even last night, when we went to read a bed time story, they didn’t want the princess books, they didn’t want to re-read Frozen.. They wanted to read……. This House Needs A Mouse.. WIN!!

    What are your kids favorite books? What kinds of things do they like to read?


  • 6 Ways Your Home Could Be Making You Sick

    It might shock you, but your house could be making you sick right now as you are reading this. That might sound a tad dramatic, and you should definitely not run out of your home screaming or anything so drastic, but if you read on, you will see that there are lots of things that could be going on in your home right now, which are not optimum for your health.

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  • Why You Can Never Have Enough Sheds in Your Backyard

    When it comes to backyards and gardens, one of the most useful features you’ll ever have on your plot of land is a shed. Yes, a lot of people have bad images of sheds in their heads. They’re usually dank, dark, and often infested with bugs and debris. But with a bit of love and care, your backyard sheds can be extremely practical, useful, and even beautiful spaces that you’ll want to spend more time in. How do you reach this point? It all depends on what you plan to use your sheds for.

    Some people have sheds for raising chicks, others use them as outdoor offices, and some just use them for storage purposes. But whatever you decide, there are always good reasons to start adding more sheds as long as you have enough space in your backyard. So without further ado, here are some things to consider.

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  • Keeping Your Home Safe Means Always Being On The Lookout

    Keeping your home safe means that you have always got to be on the lookout for things that aren’t quite right, or things that could be potentially dangerous. It’s important that you are always keeping an eye on things, even when you’re not actively watching them. If you don’t know what kind of things we’re talking about here, that’s okay because we’re going to be looking at a few of them down below. By the time that you have finished reading, you will know exactly what to do to keep your home safe, so keep reading to find out more.

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  • Keeping Your Home Safe When You Homeschool Your Kids

    If you are homeschooling your children, this means that they are going to be at home practically 24/7 unless they are out somewhere with friends. You need to ensure that the home is completely safe and secure for them to be in if this is the case. Of course, your home should be as safe as possible anyway, but it’s even more important if everyone is home throughout the day. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you should be doing in order to keep your home safe. Keep reading down below if you would like to find out more.

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  • 4 Things To Remember When You’re In The Market For A New Home

    Four Things To Remember When You’re In The Market For A New Home

    If you are in the market for a new home, there are some things that you should make sure to keep in mind. Many people think that they can find any old house and be happy with it, but this is not always true. Here are four factors to consider when looking for your new home. 

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  • Feeling Involved In Your Child’s Education

    As a parent, it’s your prerogative to be involved in your child’s education. But for a lot of parents, that can feel very hard to do. Even when you’re home schooling, you can often feel like there’s a disconnect with your children’s studies and your role as both their loving parent and their responsible teacher. 

    It can be hard to get the kids engaged after the ‘school day’ is officially over, and you can often wonder if you’re making the right amount of progress with their education. And we want to squash these kinds of worries before they really take over! So what should you do? 

    Have a Daily Catch Up

    When your children have finished up in the home school classroom for the day, make sure to sit down with them for about 20 minutes afterwards and talk about how it all went. But remember, you’re no longer teacher in this moment!

    Now you’re a parent again, and your children should be able to notice that. As such, they’ll be more likely to open up and be honest! And you’ll be able to have a constructive conversation about how your efforts are taking off. 

    Use At-Home Online Access Tools

    Why not allow a bit more crossover within your home school environment? Sure, you’ve got a ‘classroom’ somewhere in your house where the bulk of learning takes place, but being more flexible with your learning tools is never a bad thing. And one of the best areas for fostering this attitude is the online world. 

    Of course, it’s a good idea to limit your kids’ screen time. But if you also teach them that the online world can be both an educational AND fun place, you may find both you and your kids becoming more engaged. 

    Indeed, programs like ABCmouse are a great jumping off point for families to get involved as one, thanks to just how accessible the online tasks, games, and reports are for both adults and kids alike. And it’s just nice to be able to crowd around something together, like you would a film or a good book! 

    Don’t Let the School Day End 

    Of course, the school day needs to end at some point! It’s not fair to keep your kids locked inside the classroom all day long, but it is fair to allow educational activities to cross over into normal family life. 

    This is especially true of the weekend; don’t let your kids spend 48 hours without thinking about school. Instead, introduce them to some fun yet educational activities that make total sense within the home. 

    Healthy baking, for example. Or PE lessons outside that aren’t structured, but your children get taught about their body limits and how to keep fit. And hey, a simple kick about in the garden can accomplish that! 

    If you don’t feel involved in your child’s education, take some time to think about why. Then, try some new activities that get the whole family involved. 

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