• Monday MakeUp- January Ipsy Bag


    Do you love trying new products? Do you like getting a little surprise every month, like a pretty present all in pink bubble wrap? Then you need to give Ipsy a try. Each month they send you a fun package, full of 5-6 beauty samples. Some times those are deluxe sample sizes and some times you get full sized products. You fill out a little survey and all of the picks are based off of your likes. Each month, they get better and better, since they listen to your feedback on the items that they have sent you. All for only $10 a month, you simply can’t go wrong.

    This month I got way more then my monies worth AND they are ALL full sized products!!!! I think that is a first for me. To have them ALL be full sized. It was amazing, and I really love all the items in my bag.

    In My Bag-

    • BellaPierre Eyeshadow in Whesek- Full Sized $15.00-
      • I love BellaPierre. It is an all mineral line of makeup, that has great coverage, that lasts forever, and is actually good for your skin. Whesek is dark shimmery gray. I like to use this an either an eyeliner color with a flat slanted brush or on the outer corners of my eyes for a dark smokey look.
    • Pacifica Eyeshadow in Treasure- Full Sized $7.99-
      • This is a golden brown shimmery eyeshadow. It has a really warm tone, that helps brighten and open your eyes. I like to use this all over my lid.
    • Malin+Goetz Mojito Lip Balm- Full Sized $12.00-
      • This is the best lip balm ever! It is thick, but not sticky or greasy at all. It coats my chapped winter lips nicely and provides instant relief. Plus the smell and taste is exactly like a Mojito, a nice little reminder that spring and summer are on their way.
    • Elizabeth Mott All Over Shadow Brush $9.99-
      • I knew that I was going to love this brush the moment that I saw it. It is a fun bright pink, not just the handle but the bristles too. It is super soft and applies your eyeshadow perfectly. It has quickly become one of my daily go to brushes.
    • Probelle Nail Polish in Into The Blue- Full Sized $6.00-
      • I adore blue nail polish. I know I know, I am in my 30’s and should have given up the blue, in exchange for more “adult” colors. But I am digging the blue. And this was a great polish, it does need two coats, but even after a week it has not chipped at all. Plus it is a great sky blue color. LOVE it.
    • This Months Bag-
      • The thing that sets Ipsy apart for me, and makes it my favorite subscription, is that each month it comes in a reusable makeup bag. We (my little ones and I) use them for all kinds of things. But they never go to waste. Some months are awesome, and some are not my favorite. This month was a bag that is not our favorite, but it was still cute and simple. One side is a solid blue and the other is a solid white; with an orange interior.

    With everything being a full size, this month’s bag is worth $50.98!! That is right over $50 worth of products that I am loving. Is it worth the price? I think so!! Do any of you guys use Ipsy? What are your thoughts on monthly beauty subscriptions?


  • Monday MakeUp- November Ipsy Bag


    Where is the month going?? Can you believe that this week is Thanksgiving (or as we call it in our house Turkey Day)? This year, I am hosting our very first Thanksgiving dinner. While I am super excited, I so need an extra week. We moved into our new house like yesterday. There is so much unpacking to do, setting up to do, plus the contractors are still working on the house. To top it off, I have yet to shop for everything for dinner; well lets be honest, I have yet to even PLAN what we will be having for Thanksgiving dinner. I have no idea how this will all come together and be pulled off by Thursday.

    So instead of facing my HUGE to-do list, I am playing with some makeup and telling you about this awesome Ipsy bag that we got this month!! Good distraction? I think so..

    For those of you who have not heard, Ipsy is a wonderful monthly beauty subscription. You recieve 4-5 beauty samples (and sometimes full sized samples). Plus, you get a reusable makeup bag every month. Over here, we end up using these little bags for all kinds of things: mu daughters have swiped (that sounds better then stolen some lol) for purses or toys, I have used some for my hair ties and bobby pins (cause those always get lost), we have used them to separate different types of products, and so on. The best part of this is that it is only $10 a month!! Can’t go wrong there.

    I ADORED this month. The products were great, everything was either travel size or full size.

    • SeaRx Moisturizing Lotion– I have received this before, in a BirchBox, and while it is not my favorite product on the market, it is a great light facial moisturizer, that smells wonderful.
    • Starlooks Eyeliner in Ultra Olive– This is a brand that comes in a lot of Ipsy bags. They always send full size products too!! So nice, the value of this eyeliner alone is $17. Almost twice what I paid for the whole bag! Plus I really do like green eyeliners. So this was one of my favorite products this month!!
    • Oil of Morocco Hairspray– This was a great hairspray, lots of hold, without being crunchy, also it has Argan Oil in it, so my hair was super shiny. It made my curls last all day! (Be sure to check out tomorrow for the newest way to curl your hair, quick and simple too)
    • it Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye– This brand is really growing on me, then this product comes over and wow, I am so impressed. This under eye concealer is certainly full coverage. It is very similar to Kat Von D concealer. You seriously need like the worlds smallest bit to cover both eyes. It is crazy good, plus it does not shift or settle at all!
    • J.Cat Wonder Lip Paint– Another full size product this month!! It retails for about $5 at Ulta. While I am not a huge fan of the color, it is a great cranberry color that will look great for the holidays. It was a bit hard to apply, and needed some touchup through out the day. But over all, I did like it.
    • Bag– Lets not forget the best part: the bag! I loved this months bag. It is a silver glittery bag, with a bright pink zipper. So cute!!

    Overall I am very happy with my bag this month. It retails close to $30. So very much worth it.

    What about all of you? Do any of you have a beauty subscription?

  • Ipsy October Review

    Ipsy is a monthly beauty subscription. When you sign up, they have you fill out a survey informing them of your preferences. Then every month, they send you a pretty pink present, full of five to six samples; ranging from makeup, to nail care, to skin care, to hair care, and other fun items. These are not your normal foil packet samples, these are mini sized products to full size products. Some bags you will love everything in them and some you may have an item or two that your thrilled with. Ipsy is my favorite beauty subscription for one main reason; it comes with a re-usable makeup bag. It is only $10 a month, so even an off month is well worth it and you are getting your monies worth.

    This was by far the best Ipsy bag that I have gotten. I know it seems like I say that a lot, but they are getting much much better. Maybe because the holidays are approaching, so the samples that they are getting are much better; or because you rate your samples when you get a bag so they pick better items for you. Who knows, but I really like this trend and hope that they keep getting better.

    Oct Ipsy

    This month, in my bag:

    • Rogue By Rihanna– Sells for $45.00 Full Size
      • Normally I am not huge on getting perfumes. I have what I like, and I don’t like mixing up my scents. This one though is a very nice size (half of a full size bottle), and it smells…. sexy, for lack of a better word. It has notes of suede, musk, amber, and a hint of vanilla. Not my normal scent, but very nice. It is pretty strong and lasts for a long time.
    • Lip Gloss by StarLooks– Sells for $12.00 Full Size
      • The color of this was amazing. It is a light pinky mauve color, and applies the color it shows. However, it is way to sticky for me to wear. My lips end up sticking together. My daughters though, had no issue with the stickiness and love it.
    • MakeUp Removing Wipes by Skyn Iceland– Sells for $15.00 Full Size
      • I did not like these. They irritated my skin, and stung a bit when using them. On the flip side, they did work really well. And removed all my makeup.
    • Mineralized Baked Eyeshadow by Jesse’s Girl– Sells for $3.00 Full Size
      • This was a full size sample (love when that happens). The color is a silvery taupe. It was just a very light shimmer when I first started using it, and was about to hand off to the girls to play with, when I broke through the top layer. Now it is a great silver color. Stay patient with it, and it will pay off.
    • Protein BB Hair Cream by Ecru– Sells for $12.00 Full Size
      • This was another full size product. It is AMAZING. After getting out of the shower apply this to wet/clean hair. Then blow dry and style like normal. It made my hair so soft, fuller, manageable and took care of all of the frizzy ends that I have from coloring my hair. Even my hubby noticed how great my hair looked. Then as a side note, I was able to even have a great second day hair day. This never happens, my thin/fine/oily hair needs to be blow dried every day or it is an oily flat mess. But not when I use this. While it is a small package, it will last a long time.

    Then we have the reusable makeup bag. I normally LOVE the bags, they just come in so handy. This bag was just not my cup of tea. HOWEVER, Belle saw it the moment I pulled it out of my package and fell in love with it. It is a shiny blue-green tiled bag. She takes it everywhere, her toys fit perfect in it. She was over the moon when I let her have it.

    If you account for the sizes that I got, this bag was worth about $30.00. Pretty good value this month. How about you guys, do you have any subscription services that you love? Would this be something that you would be willing try? What would Ipsy need to do to get your business?

    If you want more information or want to sign up. Just click here!

  • August BirchBox Review

    photo (49)

    Yup, so I officially missed getting my August BirchBox review posted in August. Late is better then never, right? At least I hope so, since that has been my life lately. Seems like everything has been a day late. At least things are never boring over here. I promise that it does not take away from how much I absolutely adore this month’s box. It was great, and you can tell the efforts that they put in towards getting the box just right based on your preferences.

    For those of you who don’t know, BirchBox is a monthly beauty box. Every month, they send you a pretty box packed full of samples. Everything from fragrance, to soaps, to makeup, to skin care, even snacks once in a blue moon. They go above and beyond compared to other boxes, because they don’t just include the samples, they include a post card that has all kinds of information about each product. It really helps when you get a new product that just baffles you, to have this card telling you how to use it. And all of this for only $10 a month, you can’t go wrong.

    This month we received:

    • Noir Long-Wear Black Eyeliner– This is a great full size eyeliner. It goes on so smooth, doesn’t pull or tug your lash line, and it lasts until you take it off. And is by far my favorite item in this box. Can’t get enough eyeliner!!
    • Catherine Malandrino Style de Paris– What an amazing scent. It is fruity with a hint of floral. A little bit goes a long long way, the sample that they sent will last a long time with how strong this is.
    • Marcelle BB Cream Golden Glow- I am on the fence about this one. It really does a great job, very light coverage but evens everything out beautifully. It is 100% natural you look, but 100% better. The only downfall: it has a very dewey finish.
    • Not Soap Radio– This got swiped before I was able to try it. My daughter came into my bathroom to steal my shampoo (since I apparently have better shampoo then she does) and she saw it in my shower. Next thing I know, she is telling me how great it is and that I need to buy more lol. But she did smell amazing and even with her extremely sensitive dry skin, it did not irrate her at all.
    • Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion– I was not a fan of this on my face. It broke me out a bit, plus left my skin very shiny (not dewey full on shine). However, it was amazing on my hands. Not greasy, left my hands super soft and even helped with my poor cuticles. Loved it for that.

    Overall I loved this box!! Great products and great value. What about you guys, do you subscribe to any monthly beauty boxes? Do you like the idea of them, or do you like picking out your stuff before you buy? If you need any more information, or want to sign up; just click on the link below.

    I Want In


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