• LOTW- 5 Minute MakeUp

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    I am loving all of the tutorials on all of the LOTW (Look of the Week), but they can be a lot of work and time consuming. Lets be honest, while I LOVE these looks and I do wear them often; any time we are going out with my hubby I crank it up a notch. For my normal, daily stuff I have a five-minute makeup routine. With all the girls, and everyone with more then one will understand, there is just no time to spend 20 minutes on makeup. Wish there was, wish that I had this luxury of quiet me time in the bathroom, and I could take my time with my makeup without any rush. And I would always leave the house in perfection. But alas, that is so not the case. Typically I have at least one daughter needing help with something, one asking me for the millionth time what I am doing and one MIA. If I remember to get mascara on both eyes, it is a success lol. Hopefully, I didn’t ruin your image of me to to much there.  So below is my 5-Minute MakeUp Routine:

    MakeUp Needed-

    • Naked Basics Pallet
    • Black Eyeliner
    • Maybellines Big Eyes Mascara
    • Maybellines BB Cream
    • Bobbi Brown’s Antigua- blush
    • BellaPierre Vanilla Pink Lipgloss

    Super Easy Steps:

    1. Line your upper lash line with your black eyeliner. By lining them first you will get the benefits of lining them, but it will be covered with eyeshadow to tone down the harshness of black eyeliner during the day.
    2. Apply Foxy to entire eyelid; lash line to eyebrow.
    3. Apply Faint on the outer third of your eye.
    4. Apply Naked 2 on your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Apply your Maybelline BB Cream all over your face. Blending with circular motions.
    6. Apply Bobbi Brown’s Antigua blush along your check bones. Again blend with circular motions.
    7. Apply BellaPierre’s Vanilla Pink Lipgloss
    8. And last but not least, curl your eyelashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    Super easy, super quick, and totally do-able. Even with three kids needing your attention (even if that is just to find out what they are into). How about you? What is your normal, daily makeup routine?

  • LOTW- Golden Goddess

    LOTW- Golden Goddess

    LOTW- Golden Goddess

    With spring and the warmer weather I was inspired. This week’s LOTW (Look Of The Week) – Golden Goddess. I thought that we would do something fun, natural and a will give you a subtle glow. There is nothing prettier then a fresh face.

    MakeUp Used:

    • MAC Eyeshadow: Brule, Woodwinked, Shroom
    • Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet- HalfBaked
    • Physicians Formula- Black eyeliner
    • Maybelline Big Eyes- Mascara
    • Studio Gear CC Cream
    • BellaPierre Sunshine- Bronzer
    • Maybelline The Buffs Sin-a-mon- Lippy

    I know I know, it seems like a really long list of product used this week. And it is, I realize that. But I promise you that it is no more difficult than any other look. I did try to use a mix of high-end makeup and drugstore finds. One day, soon-ish, I will do a look all on drugstore finds. Maybe.

    Step 1-
    Cleanse and moisturizer your face. MakeUp always looks best on a clean face.

    Step 2-
    Apply Physicians Formula eyeliner, in black, to both upper and lower lash lines. Trick here is to only line the outer third of both top and bottom. This will give the illusion of wider, more innocent eyes. (I was really excited to try this product, and am looking forward to reviewing it for you.)

    Step 3-
    Apply MAC Brule all over the eyelid, lash line to brow. Everyone asks why I do this. I like having a uniform canvas to work on. It is just a great flesh tone matte color.

    Step 4-
    Apply MAC Shroom onto the inner third to half of both eyes. If you want the other colors to pop a bit more, you can apply this to the entire eyelid lash line to crease.

    Step 5-
    Apply MAC Woodwinked on the outer third of both eyes, again lash line to crease.

    Step 6-
    Apply Urban Decay Naked 2 Pallet in HalfBaked into the crease and slightly above it. By applying Woodwinked, which is slightly darker than HalfBaked, you will achieve the benefits of a smokey eye. Even though it is a very light golden look.

    Step 7-
    Apply Studio Gear’s CC Cream on face. I stipple it on with a foundation under my eyes, around my nose, in between my eye browns and on my chin. Then using circular motions rub it onto the rest of my face. And blend, blend, blend. I am LOVING this product and the more that I use it the more that I am in love with it. It is a go to staple in my bag now. If you want to see my full review, check it out here.

    Step 8-
    Apply BellaPierre Starshine Bronzer. You will apply it across your cheek bones, like blush, up along the hair-line to the temples. If you are comfortable with bronzer then gently sweep some across the top of your forehead again next to your hair-line, on the tip of your nose and under your chin.

    Step 9-
    Apply your lippy. I personally don’t like to use a liner, or lip primer. But my lips absorb the lipstick like no other. So if yours tends to bleed or migrate then you might want to a liner. If you do line your lips first, then fill in your lips with the liner before you apply your lipstick. This will give your lipstick something to hold onto, and make it last longer. I used Sin-A-Mon from Maybelline’s The Buffs line. I did a review on it a few weeks back, and my love of this line has only grown. I am now the proud owner of all the lipsticks in this line. (Truffle Tease is still my favorite, but with this being such a light look, it needed a bit stronger lip color.)

    Step 10-
    Last but certainly not least, curl your eye lashes and apply your mascara. I love Maybelline’s Big Eyes. It is a cheap drug store find that works better than any expensive brand that I have purchased. Please see here as to how to apply mascara.

    See no more difficult than any other look. Just mixing and matching more products. Hopefully, it was easy enough to follow along. During the spring and summer months, do you wear a lighter makeup look? Or are you the same makeup year round? Do you use a bronzer at all or is strictly blush? Let me know your thoughts.

  • Every Day MakeUp Look

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    How do you do your makeup everyday? For the days when you are just running errands, grocery store, bank, kids activities. Is it the same every day? Do you like to change it up? I thought that I would start a weekly post about the makeup that I am using that gives you some ideas; from everyday mommy makeup, to going out makeup, to black tie/formal makeup looks. If this is something that you guys like and want to hear more of, let me know 🙂

    So here is my go to, I only have a few moments to get made up, going to be in mommy mode for the day, look. Well it is one of the many, I get bored easily and don’t like my makeup to look the same every day. So it is my go to today look hehe.

    Items Used:

    • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation
    • Baby Face Primer
    • Kohl Eyeliner in Green
    • MAC Eyeshadows in: Hoodwinked, Brule, and Omega
    • Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer in Antigua
    • BellaPierre Lipgloss in Chocolate Creme
    • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

    photo 1 (33)


    1. Apply pea sized amount of Baby Face Primer all over face, focusing on problem areas.
    2. Shake out small amount of mineral powder from container, dip brush into it and shake off excess. Apply on face using big circular motions. Continue until you have desired coverage.
    3. Using a blush brush (say that ten times fast lol) apply blush to your cheek bones up to your hair line. More on how to apply blush coming in the next few days.

    photo 2 (33)


    1. Using the Kohl pencil, line your lower lash waterline.
    2. Apply Brule all over eyelid, from lash line to brow.
    3. Apply Hookwinked from lash line to crease. Be careful not to go above the lash line. It is your call, you can cover the entire football shape of this area. I normally go from the outside corner of my eye and blend inwards about two thirds of the way.
    4. Apply Omega to your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    photo 1 (32)


    1. Apply lipgloss to both upper and lower lips

    You are done. Not to hard, and doesn’t take forever. What do you think? What is your go to look?


  • Eyeliner… Pencil, Gel, Powder


    Eyeliner, seems like a simple concept. You line your eyes, move on. But, what you use to line your eyes will make a HUGE difference in your final look. The main/major options would be pencil, gel or powder. Each one has a very different look and applies very differently. So what to use? Lets break each down a bit.

    Pencil. This is the most basic, the go to for every day look. Until I started really playing with makeup it was my go to product. Seemed easy enough, you use a pencil in every day life, and you have been writing since you were about 5. It has to be the easiest. Right? Actually, in my experience, it is the hardest of the three to use on your upper eye line. It can tug and pull, resulting in a skipped look. You can pull the side of your eye, making the skin more tight to help avoid this. But really, who wants to be tugging at the delicate skin around your eyes. However, to line my water line (the little shelf area just outside of your eye), I only use a pencil. It handles the best, for me. So what does that leave, if you are to stop using a pencil?

    You have gel. This is applied with a flat angled brush. You dip it in the gel and run the brush along the lash line. This leaves a more dramatic, bold line. Perfect for many looks. It is the go to for a night out without the kids. I know this is intimidating, I was scared for years to try this. This is probably the easiest option once you get the hang of it, though. The trick, with any liner, is to get it right against the lash line. Unlike a pencil, since it is applied with a soft (compared to a pencil) brush, there is not tugging or pulling. It glides easily across the eyelid. You can line your eye first and then apply your eye makeup. This will soften the look a bit. Or you can use it after every else is applied giving it a much bolder look, especially in a black. What about those days that you are wanting a really soft look, or are on mommy duty where a bold line would be to much?

    Powder. Powder is probably my favorite to use. It is almost as easy as the gel. There is no liquid, so it doesn’t slide quite as easily as the gel. It is still applied with a flat angled brush, so there is no pulling or tugging. It gives a softer look, while still adding definition. This method is very forgiving, you can have a very thin line or a big thick line, the look will still be much softer then gel. And the color options are just about unlimited, you can match it perfectly to your eye shadow colors. I like using a matte, light, neutral colors on my eyes with a pop of green or purple for the liner. Gives some color without being over the top. For added wow-ness, I might only line my lower lash line with the pop of color. It gives you the option to really play around, without having a huge change to your look.

    Eyeliner is one of the most versatile ways to subtly change your look without having to buy a bunch of new makeup. Small changes can dramatically change your look.

  • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation

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    I love makeup. I love wearing makeup. I love just about all things makeup.

    However, I do not love or even like foundation. I don’t like the way it looks, it is either to full coverage and covers my freckles (I know I am a weird one that actually likes my freckles and like that they show), or they don’t offer any coverage. When I do wear it, not only does it have to cover but not cover, I don’t want to feel it on my face. So go find something like that. Ready and… GO!

    The answer, BellaPierre Mineral Foundation. This gives a great coverage, without completely covering your natural look. Once applied, it is completely lightweight, meaning you won’t feel it on your face. It gives a smooth finish that won’t let any shine through, plus it lasts all day.

    The down-fall, it does have a heavy price tag that goes along with it. At about $60 plus tax, it is on the high end for foundation. You really only need a tiny bit, so it lasts and lasts. On the other side, with it being a loose powder base, it is easy to spill. So beware and be careful when it is open.

    How much are you willing to shell out for a good foundation? Do you use a powder foundation or only cream based?

  • Lush- Charisma Review

    photo 1 (2)

    This little jar of perfection, should be on everyone’s wish list this year. Normally I am not a fan of cream based… well anything. I find them hard to blend, use, and general dislike. On my last trip to Lush, the sales girl talked me into trying this. It went on a little dark I have to say. I was a bit nervous, the last thing that I wanted was to walk around the mall looking like a clown. She laughed at my reaction and told me to blend it in using small circular motions with my ring finger. Once it was all blended in, it gave my face a wonderful glow. Not as harsh as most bronzers are on my fair olive skin. But just the right amount of sun kiss. It blends into your skin, so does not have any make-up like appearance. I use this on the days that I am not wearing a full face of make-up. When I just want some mascara and a little color to my cheeks.

    For foundation, I use BellaPierre mineral foundation; and it seems that Charisma does not like to play nice with this. It might be trying to put the powder under a cream. Don’t know, but since most days I don’t wear foundation, this is not a big problem for me. But is noteworthy to those who use a powder foundation every day.

    photo 2 (2)

    Have you guys tried this yet? What are your thoughts?


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