• LOTW- Chasing Life

    chasing life

    Did anyone see the premier of this show, Chasing Life? It aired last week, and I have total mix feelings about it. This is odd, normally I know pretty quick if I am going to like something or not. But this show, I liked parts of it. I really disliked other parts of it.

    The show is about April (Italia Ricci), a twenty something reporter that is working her way up the corporate ladder. She lives with her widowed mother and her troublesome younger sister. It follows her life and her trials. Then an uncle, that is not well liked, had to break the worst news possible: April has cancer.

    The one thing that I LOVED about this show, was how they did April’s makeup. It is dramatic and brings all the attention to her eyes. Without being heavy. It actually is a pretty natural look. Talk about natural but better look!! It is soft and romantic; all while being totally day time wearable. Actually, I have been trying to perfect this look all weekend. Not only have I been able to nail it; I was able to duplicate it with my Too Faced- Chocolate Bar pallet!!! (See I told ya that this was the best pallet ever)

    MakeUp Needed (I linked these to Amazon if you want the exact product that I used):

    Step 1-
    Apply “White Chocolate” all over your eyelid; lash-line to brow.

    Step 2-
    Apply “Milk Chocolate” in your crease.

    Step 3-
    Apply “Salted Caramel” over your eyelid; the football shaped area from your lash-line to crease.

    Step 4-
    Apply “Triple Fudge” in a V-shape on the outer corners of your eye. You will do this by lining your lower lash line; then follow up into your crease. Take it in about a third of the way through your crease.

    Step 5-
    Apply the BB Cream to your face by stippling it under your eyes, around your nose, on your chin and on your forehead. Then blend with large circular motions. Be sure to blend under your chin and down your neck too.

    Step 6-
    Apply the bronzer under your cheek bones. When looking straight into the mirror, trace from the edge of your eye down your cheek till you reach just under your cheek bone. Then sweep it along the bone, to your hairline. Blend in with circular motions. Apply a small amount to your temples, blending in with circular motion. And finally, apply some along your jaw line.

    Step 7-
    Apply blush to your cheek bones. Starting at your hair line, sweep down your cheek bone (staying on the cheek bone). Be sure to stop no close then two finger widths to your nose. Then blend using circular motions, back up your cheek bone.

    Step 8-
    Apply lipstick, make sure that you cover your entire lip so no pink is showing through.

    Step 9-
    Then to achieve her shiny pouty look, apply the lipgloss on top.

    Step 10-
    Like always, last but not least, curl your lashes and apply mascara.

    There you go!! Let me know your thoughts. Do you like this look? Is this something that you would be able to wear out and about?


  • LOTW- Purple Smokey Eye

    photo (33)

    Everyone loves a smokey eye. I have touch on a daytime smokey eye (you can check out that look here if you have a moment), and most everyone is familiar with traditional smokey eye. Since the color of the season is Orchid, or as most of us call it…purple. I thought that I would so a purple smokey eye. Last week I did a green eye look, but purple is my favorite color to play with. I use it a lot in my looks, with my hazel eyes, it makes the green in them really pop.

    Materials Needed:

    • Too Faced Boudoir Eyes
    • Black Eyeliner- A kohl pencil
    • Mascara
    • Maybelline BB Cream
    • Bobbi Brown blush in Antigua
    • Bobbi Brown lippy in Pale Beach #15


    Step 1-
    Apply “In The Buff” all over eyelid; from lash line to eyebrow. This will give us a nice base (canvas) to work with.

    Step 2-
    Apply “Voulez-Vous” on your eyelid; from lash line to crease. You will want to start the color on the outside corner and work your way in, take it about two-thirds of the way in.

    Step 3-
    Apply “Birthday Suit” on the inner third of your eyelid; from lash line to crease.

    Step 4-
    Apply “Lap Dance” in your crease. You will use this to smooth out any harsh lines, and to blend everything together. Using windshield wiper motions.

    Step 5-
    Apply “French Tickler” along your top lash line.

    Step 6-
    Line your lower waterline with the Black Kohl pencil.

    Step 7-
    Apply “French Tickler” along your lower lash line; starting at the outer corner bring it in about a third of your lower lash line.

    Step 8-
    Apply your BB cream by stippling it onto the areas that need more coverage (under your eyes, around your nose, the area between your eyebrows, and your chin). Then blend in with large circular motions. I apply my BB Cream or foundation AFTER my eye makeup on darker looks like this, in case of fallout. While I have very little fall out with Too Faced in general, it drives me nuts when I get my foundation perfect, to then have it ruined because I have dark fallout that won’t just sweep off. 

    Step 9-
    Apply Bobbi Brown Blush in “Antigua”. You will apply a very light layer of this starting at your hair-line, and sweeping down your cheek bones. Then using circular motions blend it in. Then take the color up your hair-line towards your temples. You will want a very light blush, that will frame your eyes.

    Step 10-
    Apply Bobbi Brown Lipstick in “Pale Beach #15”. If you are going this heavy on your eyes, then keep the look balanced by keeping those lips a nude color.

    Step 11-
    Last, but never least, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. 

    This is a look that I wear often, when the hubby is taking me out. How about you? Is this something that you would wear, or is it a bit to dark for you? Let me know. Also let me know if there is a certain look that you would like me to talk about. 

  • Every Day MakeUp Look

    photo 2 (32)

    How do you do your makeup everyday? For the days when you are just running errands, grocery store, bank, kids activities. Is it the same every day? Do you like to change it up? I thought that I would start a weekly post about the makeup that I am using that gives you some ideas; from everyday mommy makeup, to going out makeup, to black tie/formal makeup looks. If this is something that you guys like and want to hear more of, let me know 🙂

    So here is my go to, I only have a few moments to get made up, going to be in mommy mode for the day, look. Well it is one of the many, I get bored easily and don’t like my makeup to look the same every day. So it is my go to today look hehe.

    Items Used:

    • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation
    • Baby Face Primer
    • Kohl Eyeliner in Green
    • MAC Eyeshadows in: Hoodwinked, Brule, and Omega
    • Bobbi Brown Blush/Bronzer in Antigua
    • BellaPierre Lipgloss in Chocolate Creme
    • Maybelline Big Eyes Mascara

    photo 1 (33)


    1. Apply pea sized amount of Baby Face Primer all over face, focusing on problem areas.
    2. Shake out small amount of mineral powder from container, dip brush into it and shake off excess. Apply on face using big circular motions. Continue until you have desired coverage.
    3. Using a blush brush (say that ten times fast lol) apply blush to your cheek bones up to your hair line. More on how to apply blush coming in the next few days.

    photo 2 (33)


    1. Using the Kohl pencil, line your lower lash waterline.
    2. Apply Brule all over eyelid, from lash line to brow.
    3. Apply Hookwinked from lash line to crease. Be careful not to go above the lash line. It is your call, you can cover the entire football shape of this area. I normally go from the outside corner of my eye and blend inwards about two thirds of the way.
    4. Apply Omega to your crease and slightly above it.
    5. Curl lashes and apply two coats of mascara.

    photo 1 (32)


    1. Apply lipgloss to both upper and lower lips

    You are done. Not to hard, and doesn’t take forever. What do you think? What is your go to look?


  • How to Primp for a Date Night

    photo 1 (21)

    You have been reading about how fun makeup can be. You have gone out and bought all kinds of new makeup; or pulled out all of yours that is collecting dust. Now what??

    Here is my going out, date night with the hubby makeup look. I am going to use (this is in no particular order): Naked 2 by Urban Decay (eyes), Pink Peony by Bobbi Brown (blush), Maybelinne Big Eyes (mascara), High Tea by MAC (lips), Stay Matte Foundation by Rimmel (Face), Forever Young by Lush (for highlight), Baby Skin by Maybelline (as a primer), and last but never least, Black Cherry by Zethina (gel eyeliner). This is going to sound way way harder to apply then it actually is.

    1. Apply Baby Skin to your entire face. You only need a pea sized amount to cover                everything.

    photo 4 (4)

    2. Apply your foundation to your entire face. Apply with a foundation brush for best           results, you will stipple (dot it on) it on then blend it in with circular motions.
    3. I start with the top and move down… So eyes, checks, then lips.
    4. Eyes-

    photo 3 (10)

    • Apply Foxy to entire lid. From lashes to brow
    • Apply Snakebite in your outer V area. (To get that outer V, you will apply Snakebite along your upper lash line starting at the outside corner towards your nose about a third of the way along your lash line. Then starting at the outer corner again, take Snakebite into your crease about a third to half of your lid based on how big your lid is.) Blend Blend Blend
    • Apply Suspect in your crease and just above it, following your crease line.
    • Apply Blackout with a thin angle brush along your lower lash line
    • Apply your gel eyeliner, I used Black Cherry, along your entire top lash line.
    • Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both your top and bottom lashes.

    5. Blush-

    photo 2 (20)

    • Put a small amount of Lush Feeling Younger on your ring finger, and dot this along the top of your check bone. You want to take it below your eye and up around to your temple. This will highlight your eyes.
    • Starting at your hair line sweep, using curricular motions, Bobbi Brown Pink Peony along your check bone stopping about two fingers width away from your nose. Then take it up around your eye towards your temple by your hair line.

    6. Coat lips with MAC high tea
    7. You are ready!! Beautiful as always

  • Bobbi Brown.. Uber Pink

    photo 1 (19)

    Am I the only one that has been barraged with Bobbie Brown Uber Pink Collection ads? Maybe it is because all I do is look at makeup online hehe. But I have to admit, that it worked. I had been marketed to enough that now I am needing to find out what it is all about.  That, along with, the fact that my amazing Aunt FaceTimed me into her Bobbi Brown makeup party, and I got to watch how wonderful all the girls looked.

    I finally have a Bobbi Brown counter that recently opened in the mall by my house. (Sorry I don’t buy much online, just books and that needs to be a whole other blog to talk about that addiction.) It was a great day, so the girls and I thought that it was a perfect day to go play with and look at makeup. Off we went.

    It was a great, not just a counter, but a whole corner of my Dillards. There were huge screen with Katie Holmes (who can’t love that girl. I mean come on Joey was the typical girl next door that we all wanted to be) laughing, smiling, looking as beautiful and graceful as always. I was hooked.

    photo 4 (3)


    Very proud that I only picked up both the blushes of this set. They are made to wear together, so come on, how could I only get one of them… Really, you NEED them both. 🙂

    photo 3 (9)


    First we have Pink Peony. It is a VERY VERY bright pink, with Be Bold pressed into the compact. I was very intimidated with this shade. With my fair, olive skin I thought that it would be a little to Barbie-ish. With me being a mom, and not a 20-something any more, I thought that it would be to bright for me. I mean, I don’t really even like blush and this was certainly blush. But it goes on beautifully. Light, sheer, it is very pink, but nothing to harsh or bright. I was very surprised. It makes me look like I have a slight blush going on, like someone just told me a dirty joke, and I am trying not to be embarrassed by it.

    photo 2 (19)

    Next up we have Antigua. I am totally digging this color. It is a pinky, peach. My picture does not do this justice. It is just the perfect shade for my skin (and really anyone’s skin tone). It has Be Pretty stamped into the compact also, with a mirror. There is a slight, and I mean very slight, shimmer to it. It is very very light and sheer also. Once applied there is nothing that pops, it melts right into your skin. Making you look like you have a natural glow about you.

    You apply Antigua on your cheek bones, up towards your temple and along your hairline around your eye. Pink Peony goes on the apples of your cheeks blending into your check bones. Together they make you look awake, refreshed and ready to kick the days butt. It really does give you an amazing look. What do you guys think of this collection?


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