• Penguins Can’t Fly

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    Who doesn’t love penguins. Let’s be honest, there is nothing cuter then a little baby penguin. So when I saw this book, I had to buy it. For the girls of coarse, not for my huge hoard of penguin stuff. I really wasn’t expecting much from the book; I got it cause it was penguins and has a really cute cover.

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    After reading this, I am totally in love with this book. It is about two little boy penguins. They have known each other since they were eggs. Even though they have been best friends their entire lives, they are very different penguins. Billy was a rough and tumble type of penguin; and Quentin liked to know things. They both have their own challenges to over come in this book. Billy gets caught out in a snow storm and Quentin learns that penguins can’t fly. With each others help and friendship, they are able to over come their obstacles.

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    Such an adorable book. Themes of: friendship and thinking outside the box. While the story line is not missing anything, the illustrations are what make this book. Every page is beautiful, with lots of colors and gorgeous details. I won’t spoil the book by giving away any more, but it is worth the read.

    Penguins Can’t Fly
    Written By: Katherine Sully
    Illustrated by: Rebecca Elliot


  • Bows, Bows, and More Bows


    With three princesses in the castle, we have hundreds of bows. This fact did not stop Baby from announcing that she needed yet another bow. In fact, another pink bow. She did not want one of the many many pink bows that we already have, but a brand new one that is just hers. Sorry, hubby refuses to spend any more money on bows. BUT…. I can MAKE a bow. Out comes the pink yarn and the crochet hook.

    Materials Needed:

    1. Yarn
    2. Crochet Hook
    3. Alligator Clip

    Chain 21. This will be how long your bow is, so you can make it bigger by adding another few chains or make it smaller but taking out a few chains. Totally up to you.

     photo 1 (25)

    Turn over, starting in second chain from hook double crochet across. If you are using my size, you should have 20 double stitches. Chain one

    Turn over and repeat step 2 a total of 5 times.

    photo 2 (24)

    Tie off and sew ends into rectangle. At this point you should have a nice rectangle.

    Cut off a long piece of yarn for the middle of the bow. This can be the same color as the bow, or you can mix it up a bit and choose a different yarn. Pinch your rectangle in half and tie the yarn on the pinch. I put my pinched bow in the middle of my long piece of yarn. Tie off.

     photo 3 (13)

    Wrap the long ends of the yarn around the middle of the bow. And tie when you reach the ends.

    photo 4 (5)

    On the under side, slide your alligator clip into the “knot” of the bow. Fluff and perfect your bow.

     photo 5 (1)

    So easy!! I seriously made this sitting in front of the TV, during one show. Baby was so happy to get it the next morning. And both Tink and Belle needed some too, so we ended up making all the girls new bows.

    photo (23)

    This was the first time that I put together a crochet tutorial. Was it easy to follow? How did your bows turn out?

  • Homeschooling Reality


    We have a “school room” in my house. This was our formal dining room, that we converted (or basically took over and refused to give up when the hubby started to complain), to hold all of schooling stuff. Any homeschooling mom know how much stuff you collect, especially when you school more then one. We have this great room, big table (yes the original dining table), we have book cases, we have places for pens/pencils/markers/art supplies. In my mind, we have this great place, for serious studies, that all work gets completed, and all stuff gets contained. All four of us have space to work (my three princesses and me), and it will keep my house clean because there is no reason to work anywhere else.

    The reality, as I look around my downstairs: I am sitting at the kitchen table with my morning tea and laptop, Tink has brought all of her Algebra work to come join me on the kitchen table. Belle has taken all of her art supplies to the living room, to complete her art project in front of Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, and Baby has taken her blocks, aka math manipulatives, and made a mine field going from the front door to the back door. So much for keeping school in the school room.

    Smiling and continuing to drink my tea.

  • New Years Eve- Family Style

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    New Year’s Eve with the kids…. Family fun?? Lets make this holiday at home, as fun as going out.

    This is the first year that we will be at our house, with the kids for New Year’s Eve. I was on a mission to make it enjoyable and memorable for not only all three girls, but for us adults too. How is that possible? Well, this little craft  will give the kids something to look forward to at each hour mark, and kept them busy so the adults can enjoy some down time. Each hour the girls will open one of the bags; it will have some candy (or other treat) and a card with an activity that we will be doing for that hour. Things like: game time, watch a movie, make desserts and so on. It is super quick to put together, seriously took me an hour, and you will have all the needed materials already. How great is that?

    photo 4 (1)

    Materials Needed:

    • Paper Bags
    • Card Stock/or any other colored paper you wish to use
    • Blank Clock Template
    • Tape
    • Marker (I am a fan of Sharpies. Who doesn’t like Sharpies?)

    Let assemble the “Surprise Bags” (yea I know the name needs a little help. I am taking suggestions):

    1. Attach a piece of the card stock to the front of a paper bag. I used tape, but you can use glue if you prefer.   photo 3 (2)
    2. Attach one of the blank clock templates to the middle of the card stock.photo 2 (7)
    3. Draw the hands of the clock on the clock face. photo 1 (7)
    4. All that is left is to fill the bag with whatever you want, and leave a little note as to the activity that will be going on. photo 2 (9)

    Your little ones will be so excited to see these set out and the anticipation of getting to open each one will keep them excited about the night. Let me know how it turns out for you or what goodies you choose to put in each bag.

  • Christmas Traditions

    Gotta love Christmas! Even the most grinchly person, can get into Christmas lights. This year instead of driving around, stuck in the car trying to find neighborhoods that have nice displays up. We opted to go downtown, to the city court house. Which ALWAYS goes all out for Christmas. Baby, got so into it. She just thought that all the lights were the best thing ever.

    They were such good sports and never complained about the cold. (It was about 34 with a slight breeze). Tink was happy to break out all the winter accessories. She has been dying to wear all the hats, scarves, and mittens again. Belle was all about being able to jump in the leaves and kick the small piles of snow that were left laying around.

    Lets be honest, the best part of the night is coming home and baking the cookies. I am a total cheat when it comes to the baking of the cookies. There is no home-made, grandma secret recipe action going on over here… BUT I do make my own icing. And even with the cheater cookies, Tink and Belle had a blast frosting and decorating them.

    What are your favorite holiday traditions?

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  • Mason Jar Snow Candles


    Who loves mason jars?? The better question should be who doesn’t love mason jars? They are so versatile and can be used for so many things. As you know, I like crafting things that the kids can help with and that will turn out nice enough for around the house. I like win-win things!! So we are off crafting again. These candles are so cute, when lit they look like sparking snow.

    This is a super easy, so cheap, fast, really cute idea when done. All you need is:

    • Mason jars
    • Cookie Sheet
    • Glue (we are fans of the Elmers School Glue)
    • Foam paint brushes
    • Epson salt
    • Tea Light candles

    Okay lets make some candles!!

    1. Take the lids off the mason jars
    2. Pour salt onto the cookie sheet
    3. Use the foam brushes to spread a thin layer of glue all over the mason jar
    4. Lay the mason jar on its side in the cookie sheet and roll it to get the salt applied all over it
    5. Set the jar up to dry
    6. Once the jar is dry, fill the bottom of the jar with salt to make a holder for the tea light candle
    7. Place candle in the middle of the jar
    8. And your done

    Tink had a blast making these. Belle was very into making it perfect: that all the sides were evenly covered and there were no bare spots. She took the longest to make hers. Baby just liked to play with the salt.

    Post pics of how your candles turned out and how you personalized yours. Can’t wait to see them all

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