• Fashion Friday- How To Wear Boots

    how to wear boots2

    It is boot season!!! Personally, I wear boots year around. My cowboy (or should I say cowgirl) boots are out and about no matter the time of year. But fall seems like when the rest of the country pulls out and dusts off their boots. Whether they are thigh high boots or ankle boots, suede or leather, heeled or flat; there are several rules to follow to make your boots look great. Keep in mind that these are just my “rules” and rules are made to be broken. If you wear boots differently then I have listed here, leave me a comment and let me know how you rock the boots this season.

    1. Wear Boots with Jeans
      • Skinny Jeans There is no argument that a great pair of skinny jeans tucked into a pair of jeans is a classic look. It is pretty simple for everyone to pull off too.
      • Boot Cut Jeans There is a reason that these are called boot cut. They are designed to give you enough room to wear outside your boots. Don’t try to tuck them in, it always looks odd.
    2. Layer Your Boots with Cute Socks
      • Once the weather gets a bit cooler, it is nice to wear some thicker socks in your boots. Well the good news is, you don’t have to worry about hiding them in your boots. If you are wearing some fun socks, let them show. Pull them up over your skinny jeans (Or tights/leggings) and let about an inch or two show out the tops of your boots.
    3. Wear Your Boots with Skirts
      • Looking for a way to make the look a bit more girlie, then you can always pair them with a skirt. Both a pencil and an a-line look great with boots. You can keep your legs bare or if it is a bit chilly pair it with tights or leggings; just be sure to keep the color solid.
      • Just be sure to keep them the skirt at your knee or slightly above; to avoid any touching, weird skin showing issues.
    4. Wear Your Boots with Dresses
      • Want to make it even more girlie and feminine? Then pair your boots with a dress. Everything from simple cotton dresses, to lace, to red carpet can be paired with boots. Same as a skirt, have the hem hit your knee or slightly above it. Or unlike a skirt, you can wear a full length dress and still be able to pull off the boots. And again you can wear the dress with or without leggings/tights.
    5. Wear Your Boots to Weddings
      • Not if you are a guest, even to a country wedding, boots are not appropriate to attend a wedding. HOWEVER, if you are the bride of a country wedding, there is nothing better than a great pair of cowboy boots under that big beautiful dress. And your bridesmaids will love you for letting them rock a par of comfy boots, as opposed to horribly uncomfortable heels on the grass.

    Something to keep in mind is that if you are wearing your boots to be shown, it adds a lot of bulkiness to your outfit. Counter act this by adding some bulky up to draw the eye back to your face, away from your feet. You can do this simply with a chunky necklace or a scarf.

    No matter how you choose to wear your boots, there is not a wrong way to rock the boots.


  • Fashion Friday- Simple White Dress

    Great Brunch Outfit

    I love a great white dress. Someday when I don’t have three little princesses always running around, I will invest in buying a few. I figure I will have a window once all my kids are out of the nest, to wear pretty white dresses. Do you mama’s brave wearing them with little ones in the house? If anyone does, I am totally impressed.

    About this outfit:

    • Dress– This is the perfect white dress. The top has a bit of structure to it. Love the cap sleeves and the V-neck. Perfect for wearing a small necklace with it. Pull it in around your waist with a small belt, then let it flare out a bit with an A-line skirt. Such a simple dress, but it would be so flattering on. This is one of those dresses that would look amazing all dressed up too.
    • Shoes– In my mind, I wear my white dresses with pink shoes. Again stick with simplicity, and just a simple pink heel with a classic pointed toe.
    • Purse– Is it just me or is this clutch just to cute. I love that it has all the charm and whimsy of a younger girls purse (with the dark polka dots), but looks classy and chic.
    • Hair– With as structured as the top of this dress is, I think mixing it with the unstructured look of a messy bun would top this look off. Plus a messy bun is so “in” at the moment. And lets be honest, that look is not going anywhere anytime soon. They look great on everyone; plus they are so simple to achieve. So here is to the messy bun.

    What are your thoughts? White dresses a good thing, or just to much work?

  • Fashion Friday….. Bumming It

    Bumming Around

    Ever have those days, where you just don’t want to get all dolled up? Where you just kinda want to bum around. I have those days more then I want to admit. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting all girly; the skirts and summer dresses, a cute pair of wedges. But you know what? Its a lot of work, and some days I just don’t have it in me. Or, I am taking the kids to the park and its just not practical. What to do on those days? I call it a “bumming day”.

    • Jeans– Yup, I have them again. I love jeans. I don’t think that you fully grasp my obsession with them, but that’s ok. While I normally like a capri cut better then the bermuda style, these particular ones are fabulous. There are a few great things about them; first, they are a skinny style. This is going to help hold in your thighs (if you are like me and carry a little weight in them), plus they will make your behind look great. Also, the distressed look is very in and is probably not going to be going anywhere for a while. If you are going to bum it, then go all out, and commit to the look by ripping up the jeans a bit.
    • Shirt– V-Necks are so controversial. Some people love them, some are completely against them. I like that this shirt, while technically a V-Neck, is very minimally one. You get the style, without showing off any cleavage. V-Necks will make you look thinner by elongating your neck area. I like that this shirt has the very smallest amount of sleeves possible. I tend to have that little roll of… stuff… you know, between your body and your arm. I LOVE tank tops, but they are not the most flattering, unless you are very thin. This, you get the benefit of a tank but it covers that problem area. Also, with is being a loose fitting, it will hide any mommy-pouches in the tummy area. Come on, I can’t be the only one with these problem areas. Right??
    • Sneaks– To really play up the bumming attitude you gotta rock the sneaks. (Do people still call them sneaks or am I showing my age here?) Love that the gray in these ties in the gray of the shirt. They almost have a distressed feel to them as well.
    • Bag– I love my Coach and Louis Vuitton bags, but lets be honest they just don’t hold a whole lot. Also┬áit is kinda odd pulling out baby toys and diapers out of them. So on the days where I am more mommy duty, I like to just a grab a big backpack style bag. They hold a ton, so I can pack everything that I know I am going to need: toys, snacks, diapers, wipes, cups and well you know everything. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories, so I am loving this bag. How fun!!

    What about you guys, do you always get put together? Or do you have days where you might bum it too?


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