• Holy Grail Foundation

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    I have finally found it! The absolute perfect, no crease, flawless skin, covers everything you want it to and nothing you don’t foundation. And to seal the deal even more.. it is a drugstore brand; no $100 price tag here. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

    So I am normally a BB Cream type girl. Simple, not to heavy, minimal coverage has been my go to for a while now. The issues that I have with foundation are: cakey, settles into fine lines, to much coverage and heavy. I don’t have perfect flawless skin, I am covered in freckles and I love them. I need something to cover the lines around my eyes, and the redness that pops up around my nose. But other then that, I want my skin to show. I like my “imperfections”. Up to this point, I have not found a foundation that fit the bill; that was also affordable.

    Yesterday I posted a great fall look using the No7 drugstore line of cosmetics. I used their Lift and Luminate foundation, and have to admit I am in love with it. Based on the back of the bottle it claims-

    “Firmer, even skin with a youthful glow,
    visibly firms, lifts, and brightens for
    a more luminous complexion.”

    This is a big claim for a drugstore (aka- inexpensive) bottle foundation. I have to admit that when I was at Walgreens, I passed on trying this because I was so worried about the possibility of it being “dewey” (aka shiny) look. If you read my post yesterday, you know that I was able to attend PHX Fashion Week preview event, that Boots No7 was hosting. I was able to ask Sasha, an amazing makeup artist, all my No7 Foundation questions.

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    She was able to not only assure me that I would not get that look, but that it really did live up to all the promise. (It is even her choice of makeup when she is not “on the job”). Very tentatively I let her give it a try. It was great, she used their makeup wipes to remove the makeup that I wore to the event and a bit of their moisturizer; then went to work.

    Boots No7 has the coolest tool ever. It is a handheld devise that takes a few small photos of your skin (on your jawline, on your cheek, and the last on your forehead). Then compares that pics, analyzes them, then tells which shade of foundation to use. Mind blown.

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    It came back that I should be wearing the shade Calico. Sasha was a bit worried that it was to light for my skin (since I have a strong olive undertone). What was the solution? Put it on half my face, then put the shade that she thought on the other half and compare them side by side. Turns out Calico was a bit light (for me is fine, I would rather have it a bit light heading into fall, over being a bit dark). But the shade that she picked was a tiny bit dark (at the beginning of summer would be fine, since I would have tanned a bit). HOWEVER, when I use half a pump of Calico and half a pump of hers it is the PERFECT color!!!!!

    When using this a little bit goes a LONG way. Seriously one single pump will cover your entire face, and you will still have a bit left over. I like to stipple the lighter color on under my eyes before mixing the two together to give myself a small highlight. Then I mix the left over with the darker color and stipple over my face. Then blend using small circular motions. It gives a great airbrushed effect.

    Has anyone else tried this brand? What are your thoughts on it? What does it take for you to try a new foundation brand?

  • Amazing Mineral Foundation

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    *This is a sponsored post. I received all the makeup I am reviewing
    at no cost, in exchange for this post. But as always
    all the opinions and thoughts are my own*

    Lets start by saying that I love mineral makeup. It gives a great, flawless, matte finish, plus it is so much better for your skin. When it is a good mineral foundation. It is so easy for a loose powder foundation to go wrong and become cakey, chalky, or just plain weird-looking. Can we say hello pancake face? Not good. So when I find a really great mineral makeup, I want to totally stalk up and then tell you all about it.

    Clear Skin Minerals- Healthy Face Minerals has come out with an amazing foundation line. It is a loose powder base consisting of: silk, clay and pearl (yes pearls). But also vitamin E and jojoba oil making it really good for your skin. It is designed to sit on top of your skin so it wont clog pores, or cause irritation.  Since it sits on top of the skin it will also, minimize the appearance of fine lines, pores and provides a great natural SPF.

    They sent me samples of both Ivory and Light Beige. When they tell you that a little goes a long, they mean a little goes a long way. My first time using this foundation, I used WAY too much. Thank goodness it is just makeup, so I could wash it off and start over. Attempt number two, was much better. I tapped my powder brush into the loose powder and then tapped it off until no more would tap off. Then stippled it under my eyes, around my nose and on my forehead (yes all without re-dipping into the foundation). Then using my buffing brush I started buffing it in. Re-tapped stippled it onto my checks and jaw line. Then with my buffing brush blending it in with large circular motions. I do think that I buffed it into my skin, versus letting it sit on top of my skin. But it looked (and felt) amazing.

    This turns out to be a full coverage foundation. It covers EVERYTHING!!! All of the little red spots around my nose and on my chin were gone. It even covered all my freckles. A totally different look on me, since I normally let them peek through. It even covered my dark circles under my eyes, no concealer needed. All of my little lines were covered, the large pores by my nose were gone. Gave a remarkably matte finish.

    I love that they sent me two shades. After using them for a while, the lighter shade is simply to light for my skin. HOWEVER, it is great to contour with. It brightens up under my eyes (while covering my dark circles), and on my forehead a bit. Since they are only one shad apart it is a very subtle highlight. Not something that I do often, but it is fun when we go out.

    What are your thoughts? Have you used a mineral powder foundation or do you like liquid foundation? Why?

  • Amazing Drugstore Find….. Foundation

    almay smart shade

    Recently I bought Clinique’s Better Then Makeup foundation, to say I was disappointed is an understatement. It was expensive, it settled into my pores and lines, it was the wrong color (after having them match my skin), and made me look older. Just over all wrong. After this experience I swore off liquid foundation. I decided it was not my friend and I was not its.

    HOWEVER, after seeing so many commercials about Almay’s Smart Shade- Skin Tone Matching MakeUp (wow that is a mouth full) I was so intrigued. How in the world can a makeup change color to “natural tones and textures to intuitively transform to your skin tone”? With only three colors: light, light/medium, and medium; it seems easy to pick a color to match your skin. None of this trying to decide if you have warm/neutral/cool undertones, none of this trying to see what the difference is between two colors through a bottle. Just simply: Are you light, light/medium, or medium? I can handle that.

    I choose the light/medium shade. That part was easy, I am not completely fair and have some olive in my color. Took it home and forgot about it. Oops!! But, when I remembered that I had this, I tried it immediately. To be completely honest, it was not anything that I expected. I put about the size of a pea on the back of my hand, and stared at it for a bit. It was completely white, with a few tan and brown color beads. Very cautiously I used my foundation brush to pick up some product and stipple (dab) it on my skin. As expected it went on white. Then something amazing happened. When I went to blend it in, it started to change color. It actually matched my skin exactly.

    Not only did it match my skin color perfectly, it really did match my texture too. It looked like my skin, but way better. It covered my lines and pores. It is a full coverage foundation, so it covered all of my freckles and little red splotches. It is seriously way better then all of the more expensive products that I have tried. My face looked flawless, smooth and airbrushed. Without any makeup look. Impressed does not even cover what I think of this.

    So the million dollar question: How does it work? The honest answer: I have no freaking idea lol. And I am okay with that. This will be a staple in my makeup bag for years to come!!

  • CC Cream Better Than a BB

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    Last week, I tried out Maybelline’s BB Cream. I was not impressed, (you can see that review here) so I had this great idea. Well if I don’t like the BB cream, why not go out and try a CC Cream? Seems reasonable, right?I thought so too.

    In hindsight, I should have gone to a major makeup outlet and tried a brand that I knew I would like. But I didn’t really want to spend that kind of money, so I went to the drug store and picked up Loreal Visible Lift CC Cream. I really thought that this would be amazing, since I only have little tiny, only I notice lines. Maybe it would totally undo them. It says it would brighten skin, so I thought that it would help with some of my under eye circles. Just over all really high hopes.

    The product itself is actually pretty good. It really brights my face, the little lines are filled in, gives a very smooth finish, actually helps color correct (any redness is removed). However, I think that it is mis-marketed (or my understanding of a CC Cream is off), but this would work much better for me as a moisturizer. There is absolutely no color to this, it is white. Making any use of it a substitution for foundation non-doable. Also, it makes me very shiny. So a setting powder is needed. (I am able to use the NARS Setting Powder and it looks amazing, not cakey at all.)

    While my thoughts going in as to what this product was, and how the product turned out are vastly different; I was pretty happy with it. But I have learned my lesson, no more drug store buys for this type of product. Go to a major cosmetic store and try the items first.

    PS- Don’t forget, this Monday we will have another Monday Morning MakeUp Madness Linky Party!! This party will be all things beauty: makeup, fashion, hair, nails, style, trends, lifestyle, health, anything that you can link to beauty!! Be sure to come join the party and link up.

  • BellaPierre Mineral Foundation

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    I love makeup. I love wearing makeup. I love just about all things makeup.

    However, I do not love or even like foundation. I don’t like the way it looks, it is either to full coverage and covers my freckles (I know I am a weird one that actually likes my freckles and like that they show), or they don’t offer any coverage. When I do wear it, not only does it have to cover but not cover, I don’t want to feel it on my face. So go find something like that. Ready and… GO!

    The answer, BellaPierre Mineral Foundation. This gives a great coverage, without completely covering your natural look. Once applied, it is completely lightweight, meaning you won’t feel it on your face. It gives a smooth finish that won’t let any shine through, plus it lasts all day.

    The down-fall, it does have a heavy price tag that goes along with it. At about $60 plus tax, it is on the high end for foundation. You really only need a tiny bit, so it lasts and lasts. On the other side, with it being a loose powder base, it is easy to spill. So beware and be careful when it is open.

    How much are you willing to shell out for a good foundation? Do you use a powder foundation or only cream based?


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